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The form below is for current PRINT subscribers who already have an email address on file with us but have other people living at their residence who would like to sign up for access to The Banner's online edition with their own email address. The Banner encourages print subscribers to have others living at their residence to sign-up for their own online access rather than all persons logging in under the same email address and password. Not only is this more convenient for our subscribers but it allows us to have a more accurate count of how many online readers we have. (NOTE: The Banner does not and will never share, sell or otherwise distribute information we have on file regarding our subscribers. All such information gathered is maintained offline.) Following submission of this form, an email will be sent to the person being added to account with instructions on accessing the subscriber-only content on the website. Please allow 24-72 hours for email response.

 PLEASE ENTER CURRENT INFORMATION ON FILE (all lines must be completed)
Subscription Account ID (if known):
Name Current Subscription Is Under:
E-mail Address:
Street Address:
City / Town:
Zip Code:
To add another email address to your account for online access, please fill out the info below. Person being added must officially reside at the same residence as the print subscriber listed above. To add others, please submit this form again for each.
Full Name of person being added to account:
His/Her Current E-mail Address:
Relationship to Account Holder:
After clicking on the 'submit' button, you will be given the opportunity to review and confirm the information you submitted on this form. If there is any other information we need to know about this change, please tell us in the box below.
Additional Information:

If you have any trouble processing this form, please email