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   1908-2000 Banner Obituary Index   


The obituary index of nearly 30,000 names of those whose obituaries have appeared in the Knightstown Banner from 1908 through 2000 may no longer be made available online.

Hundreds of hours were spent making the index database available for free to website visitors. Unfortunately, there are simply too many obnoxious and inconsiderate people out there who think the two-person staff at the Banner should drop everything immediately to deal with their genealogy-related concerns. Pushy, ungrateful people who don't live anywhere near Knightstown and have never lived in Knightstown don't seem to understand that this is not a genealogy website but a website for a weekly NEWSPAPER.

We were trying to be generous and kind to those interested in Knightstown-area history and families by making the database available. We can no longer find the patience for people calling our office with their genealogy demands or the rude emails. Some folks just don't seem to understand that The Banner is not Our explanations never seem adequate to satisfy these people. The genealogy-related sections of our website do not and have never generated any income for our family business. 99.9% of those contacting us regarding the genealogy columns and/or obituary index were not now, nor never have been, subscribers to The Banner and do not care to support The Banner in any way. With our limited time and resources, we must always prioritize the tasks before us that help us pay our bills and feed our kids.

Of course, not everyone has been ungrateful and for that reason alone, we will continue to make the database available. But, a recent call from an out-of-state person to our office just hours before our press deadline yelling at Banner publisher Eric Cox regarding something they claimed was incorrect in the obituary/genealogy sections of our website has us considering removing all the genealogy/obituary resources from on our website. If the information is not available anymore, we can be guaranteed there will be no further problems.

So, please be advised, if you proceed on to the obituary index, that our focus is on publishing a weekly newspaper and the genealogy/obituary resources no longer receive any attention from us. Emails, letters or phone calls to us regarding the obituary index, the archived obituaries or genealogy columns will not be answered or acknowledged. These resources may contain errors (as even databases on expensive subscriber-based genealogy websites do) but we do not have the staff nor the time to answer your questions or to update these databases with your corrections. These resources are presented as a "take it as you get it" types of information.