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1908-2000 Banner Obituary Index  (~D~ names)

The obituary index for 1908-2000 is arranged alphabetically and includes nearly 30,000 names. Other sections of this index can be accessed here or choose a letter below to view names beginning with that letter. Links to obituaries published 2001 to present are available here. All info contained in this file garnered from actual newspaper unless footnoted (see source info). Additional information and/or corrections are welcome to make this file as complete and accurate as possible. Please email us with any additional information.

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PLEASE NOTE: As with all such projects, errors are bound to be found as a result of errors in the actual newspaper item, in the transcription process, or in building the computer databases.

The Banner does not guarantee total accuracy with this database and is available as a research aid only. Researchers should always verify records with other documents.