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Nearly every week in The Banner, Sports Editor Ty Swincher entertains and enlightens readers with his thoughts on local sports and other topics in his column "Inside the Chrome Dome."

The Chrome Dome column (originally unnamed) was first published on August 30, 2006 when life-long Knightstown sports enthusiast Ty Swincher couldn't hold his two cents any longer. As a kid growing up in Knightstown, he followed all the local sports teams and was a player on several teams throughout his youth. While in high school, he began submitting his stories on local teams and his coverage of their games to then Banner publisher Tom Mayhill. Over the next 20 years, Ty continued to work in the newspaper business with positions at publications in other states and in other towns in Indiana, but with family living in Knightstown, he stayed connected to what was going on in local sports. He returned as Banner Sports Editor in mid-July 2006 and was able to keep his opinion to himself for a little over a month - quite impressive to all those who've known him for years!

Listed below are Chrome Dome columns posted in recent weeks. Links to the archives for 2006, 2007, and 2008 are also included below.

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