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How Time Flies


'How Time Flies' is a regular popular feature in The Banner print edition. There are two separate 'How Time Flies' columns published, sometimes two in the same issue. One column highlights the general news events of various years in The Banner's history and the other column highlights the sports-related events during years past.

The columns, however, are only published as space permits and The Banner may frequently go a couple of weeks or more with no 'How Times Flies' column being published.

Knightstown's weekly newspaper, now called The Banner, has been in existence since 1867. The news in 'How Time Flies' columns are garnered from old newspaper copies from about 1930 to 1997.

The column archives include columns published from September 2006, when the column first began, through the end of 2008. Columns published after 2008 will be added in coming months. The columns have been researched and written by Ty Swincher.

'How Time Flies' columns include hundreds of names of local residents who have been involved in community groups and school teams and clubs as well as general news items about the events and people of Knightstown, Carthage, Shirley, Kennard, Charlottesville, and other nearby communities.

All the columns are interesting reads for they remind us of good and bad times, accomplishments, endeavors and just how fast time does fly by. So, choose a link below to go to the column archives for that period and enjoy a look back at the history of our area.





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 ► 2008 COLUMNS for "HOW TIME FLIES" in SPORTS          ► 2008 COLUMNS for "HOW TIME FLIES" in NEWS

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