Genealogical Gleanings

Genealogical Gleanings' was a weekly column in The Banner's print edition that presented information on the people of the Knightstown area before 1930 based on research from available resources such as census and marriage records. The column was researched and written by Banner General Manager Stacy Cox. (**see below)

The columns ceased publication in early 2007 after other duties did not allow enough time in the week to do the research necessary to write the column. (Note: Information found in the columns should be verified with original documents and/or additional sources. Errors in early records are frequent.)

Please note that 'Genealogical Gleanings' evolved over the years. Initially, the columns mainly just listed individuals and families as they appeared in census records, starting with 1900. However, as time went on, the columns began including more history on each family as the research became more in depth. This has especially been the case with columns published after mid-2006. Also of note is that many of these later columns contain information on individuals from areas just outside of Knightstown or in surrounding counties as folks began to migrate when their families expanded.

You can browse or read through these columns by clicking on the links below or use our search function to find certain names.

You can also search for names from the 'Genealogical Gleanings' columns that have been added to an off-site database formatted to connect individuals to previous generations in a family tree type of file. There are two such local off-site databases. One database has been built with information garnered from old census records of Knightstown. Another database has been built with individuals listed as living in the town of Shirley in old census records. Choose a link below to see if your local ancestors are included in these files.

Click here to go to off-site file of individuals written about in Genealogical Gleanings as garnered from old census records for KNIGHTSTOWN, INDIANA

Click here to go to off-site file of individuals listed in old census records for SHIRLEY, INDIANA

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   **Please do not contact us regarding any person written about in these columns. These columns are included on our website only as an additional resource for those interested in family history. We are a two-person staff and do not have the time nor resources to make corrections or make additions.

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