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 Knightstown Intermediate School Pours Recognition on Students

June 18, 2008 - Knightstown Intermediate School recently handed out dozens of awards to students who performed well in the 2007-2008 school year.


Highest Academic Achievement - Samuel Moore, Suzanne Drumm, Lea Suesz, Julie Vaughan, Carson Fort;

Outstanding Language Student - Bayleigh Peacock, Rachel Weiland, Samuel Moore, Suzanne Drumm, Kori Blair;

Outastanding Math Student - Suzanne Drumm, Nolan Hagy, Zach Manley, Spencer Roberts;

Outstanding Reading Student - Kelsey Fisher, Andrew Sorrell, Drew Underwood, Leah Heim, Caleb Davis;

Outstanding Science/Health Student - Samuel Moore, Lea Suesz, Lyndsie King, Macy Burton;

Outstanding Social Studies Student - Samuel Moore, Andrew Sorrell, Julie Vaughan, Spencer Roberts;

Outstanding Spelling Student - Kelsey Fisher, Kaleigh Ruble, Braderick Angel;

Outstanding Penmanship Award - Kori Biehl, Ben Haase, Erika Messer, Carson Fort, Spencer Roberts;

Super Readers - Curtis White, Cheyenne Gregorio, Rachel Weiland, Kaleigh Ruble, Matt Bowman, Chelsea Erwin, Lea Suesz, Addie Couch;

Citizenship (Boy and Girl, per classroom) - Derek Heim, Christina Clark, Ben Haase, Addie Couch, Carson Fort, Olivia Goodman, Spencer Roberts, Macy Burton;

Spelling Bee - Zach Allen, Broderick Angel, Christina Clark, Taylor Halcomb, Samuel Moore, Kyle Rayburn, Erika Messer, Matt Bowman, Chelsea Erwin, Lea Suesz, Addie Couch, Kaleigh Ruble, Leah Heim, Cody Hammonds, Lyndsie King, Whitney Mitchell, Olivia Locke, Shelby Patton, Spencer Roberts, Zach Silence, Sarah Simpson;

Most Improved Student (per classroom) - Dakota Reed, Larissa Shields, Alesa Swift, Austin Hilton;

Service Award (Boy and Girl, per classroom) - Kori Biehl, Kyle Rayburn, Jasmine Olivo, Sadie Hendrix, Jacob Kwisz, Devin Hamilton, Sarah Simpson;

SRI Lexile - Tristan Trueblood, Dylan Combs, Ben Haase, Arizona Davenport;

Perfect Attendance - Derek Heim, Dakota Reed, Mikal Clark, Ben Haase, Rahael Boyette, Kaleigh Ruble, Devin Hamilton;

Math Bowl - Samuel Moore, Taylor Halcomb, Dakota Reed;


Highest Academic Achievement - Cassandra Cox, Tiffany Hunsinger, Patty Jones, Madison Holder, Rachel Terheide;

Outstanding Language Student - Tiffany Hunsinger, Kaylee Loveall, Matt Beavers, Patty Jones, Ciara Kline, Shauntel Creque-White;

Outstanding Math Student - Tiffany Hunsinger, Abby Moles, John Smith, Emily Thomas, Patty Jones, Jacquelyn Hastings, Sydney Grizzell, AJ Fairchild;

Outstanding Reading Student - John Smith, Tiffany Hunsinger, Casey Back, Drew Jessup, Matt Beavers, Patty Jones, Emily Thomas;

Outstanding Science/Health Student - Cassandra Cox, Tiffany Hunsinger, Stephen Weiland, Chad Shock, Madison Holder, Rachel Terheide;

Outstanding Social Studies Student - Dakota Coates, Tiffany Hunsinger, Madison Holder, Rachel Terheide;

Outstanding Spelling Student - Lindsay Edwards, Tiffany Hunsinger, Casey Back, Emily Thomas;

Super Readers - John Smith, Bonnie Huckeby, Tiffany Hunsinger, Rachel McCaffrey, Austin Sawicki, Isiah Halicki, Cassandra Cox, Rachel Terheide, Kylie Walker, Stephen Weiland, Emily Thomas, Amber Pitts, Katie Kortz, Ciara Kline, Jacob Blower, Kayli Apollos;

Citizenship (Boy and Girl, per classroom) - Cassandra Cox, Chris Saunders, Casey McDowell, Casey Back, Kaylee Loveall, Austin Back, Jill Gross, Bayley Tinkle, Ciara Kline, Jacob Blower;

Spelling Bee - Dakota Coates, Cassandra Cox, Tiffany Hunsinger, Rachel McCaffrey, Casey Back, Austin Back, Mason Campbell, Madison Holder, Andi Bell, Rebecca Burchett, Rachel Terheide, Brittany Dean, James Anderson;

Most Improved Student (per classroom) - Bonnie Huckeby, Kim Osborn, Jacquelyn Hastings, Austin Craft, Amber Pitts;

Service Award (Boy and Girl, per classroom) - Abby Moles, Andrew Hammer, Dyllon Hendrix, Rachel McCaffrey, Hannah Morgan, Hayley Hardeman, Kiersten Hammer, Kylie Walker, Ronnie White, Hannah Gross, Sam Pugsley;

Perfect Attendance - Ben Sayre, Austin Back, Kaylee Loveall, Alyssa Guffey;

Presidential Awards - Cassandra Cox, Dakota Coates, Isaiah Halicki, Chad Shock, Emily Thomas, Madison Holder, Jacob Blower, Ciara Kline, Sydney Grizzell, Rachel Terheide; Science Fair - Tiffany Hunsinger, Stephen Weiland, Rachel McCaffrey, Ben Shephard, Kaylie Loveall;

Drama Club - Derek Heim, Tiffany Hunsinger, Rachel Weiland, Caroline Horth;

Newspaper: Editor's Award - Tiffany Hunsinger, Stephen Weiland;

Newspaper: Panther Press Award - Madison Holder;

Spell Bowl - Shelby Patton, Addie Couch, Spencer Roberts, Kayla Pruitt, Austin Sawicki, Tiffany Hunsinger, Erika Messer, Kayla Weddle, Julie Vaughan, Leah Heim, Ray Smith;


7th gr. Panther Pride Awards - Erin Bundy, Baylie Hochstedler, Caitlyn Cole, Grant Kennedy, Dean Thomas, Austin Darling, Alaina Schmidt;

7th gr. Parent Panther Pride Award - Suzee Neal;

8th gr. Panther Pride Awards - Lea Cline, Clay Ratliff, Katie Wilfong, Ashley Darling, Ariel Sturgill, Michelle Hochstedler, Maribeth Wells;

8th gr. Parent Panther Pride Award - Debbie Wells;

Lyle & Doris Bell Mem. Award - Garrett Jones;

WCTU Essay Contest Winners - Michelle Hochstedler (1st), Ariel Sturgill (2nd), Garrett Jones (3rd);

WCTU Poster Contest Winners - Baylie Hochstedler (1st), Cody Gray (2nd), Bryce Eoff (3rd);

Joyce & Ralph Skaggs Award (Highest 8th gr. GPA) - Bobby Wyatt;

Crystal McShurley Award (Spelling Bee Winner) - Nathan Drumm;

Girls PE Presidential Awards - Michelle Hochstedler, Lauren Shields, Ashley Darling;

Girls PE National Awards - Taylor Hardeman, Cheyanne Wilson, Charlie Smith, Madysen Smith, Kaleigh Burkman, Sarah Terheide, Megan Taylor, Margaret Pedigo, Katelyn Wilfong;

Parent's Auxiliary League (PLA) Award: 7th Highest GPA (Boy) - Dean Thomas

PLA Award: 7th Highest GPA (Girl) - Caitlyn Cole;

PLA Award: 8th Highest GPA (Boy) - Bobby Wyatt;

PLA Award: 8th Highest GPS (Girl) - Michelle Hochstedler;

PLA Award: 7th Most Improved - Cody Gray;

PLA Award: 8th Most Improved - Christian Blair;

Character Counts Awards - Jake Chew, Sam Blower, Morgan Helderbrand, Grant Kennedy, Chris Waldschmidt, Clynnt Connley;

7th & 8th Gr. Perfect Attendance - Keith Barber, Kali Farris, Cheyanne Wilson;

Outstanding Art Student - Bobby Wyatt;

Three Sport Participants for 7th Gr. - Libbie Fender, Andre Loveall, Jack Adkins, Austin Darling, Zac Cleek, Grant Kennedy, Braxton Kortz, Baylie Hochstedler, Morgan Helderbrand, Walker Titus, Zach Crain, Erin Bundy, Lauren Shields, Dean Thomas, Madysen Smith;

Three Sport Participants for 8th Gr. - Shay Pope, Katie Wilfong, Bobby Wyatt, Maribeth Wells, Mahaley Hagy, Ariel Sturgill, Kaelee Kuhn, Michelle Hochstedler, Wil Milton;

Three Sport Participants for both 7th & 8th - Michelle Hochstedler, Bobby Wyatt, Katie Wilfong, Ariel Sturgill, Shay Pope, Mahaley Hagy, Kaelee Kuhn;

8th Gr. Science Awards: Top Students - Ariel Sturgill, Bobby Wyatt;

8th Gr. Tech Awards - Michelle Hochstedler, Ashley Darling;

8th Gr. Digital Communications Award - Katie Wilfong;

8th Gr. Math Award: Top Student - Nick Probst;

8th Gr. Math Award: Most Improved - Katie Kinser;

8th Gr. Math Awards: Pre-Algebra Top Student - Sarah Terheide;

8th Gr. Math Awards: Albegra I Top Student - Bobby Wyatt;

8th Gr. Math Awards: All A's - Bobby Wyatt, Ariel Sturgill, Michelle Hochstedler;

8th Gr. English Award: Most Improved - Katie Kinser;

8th Gr. English Award: English 8 Highest Average - Alysa Bradshaw;

8th Gr. English Award: 180 Highest Average - Charlie Smith;

8th Gr. English Awards: Accelerated English 8 - Bobby Wyatt (1st), Michelle Hochstedler (2nd);

8th Gr. English Awards: BPW Writing Contest - Shelbi Apollos, Kaelee Kuhn;

8th Gr. Social Studies Top Students - Michelle Hochstedler, Katie Wilfong, Russell Sparks, Bobby Wyatt;

7th Gr. Tech Award - Alaina Schmidt;

7th Gr. Highest Average Keyboarding - Erin Bundy;

7th Gr. Math Awards (85% or Higher) - Caitlyn Cole, Bryce Eoff, Jareth Hunter, Tommy Masters;

7th Gr. Pre-Algebra Awards (85% or Higher) - Keith Barber, Erin Bundy, Jacob Carter, Clynnton Conley, Zachary Crain, Ashley Dean, Nathan Drumm, Kali Farris, Elizabeth Fender, Baylie Hochstedler, Grant Kennedy, Jami LaFord, Trent McDonald, Alaina Schmidt, Dean Thomas;

7th Gr. Social Studies Awards - Dean Thomas (96%), Nathan Drumm (96%), Caitlyn Cole (95%);

7th Gr. Science Awards (98% or Higher) - Caitlyn Cole, Libbie Fender, Nathan Drumm, Austin Downey, Tommy Masters, Alaina Schmidt, Clarissa Loveall, Erin Bundy, Baylie Hochstedler, Dean Thomas, Keith Barber, Jacob Carter, Ashley Dean, Grant Kennedy, Brin Hall, Josh Sorrell;

7th Gr. English Awards - Top Accelerated English: Caitlyn Cole, Nathan Drumm, Baylie Hochstedler, Dean Thomas

Top Student Accelerated: Ashley Dean

Top Read 180 Student: Nate Crittendon

Most Improved: Danielle Hedrick

Top English 7: Jessica Goodman, Clarissa Loveall

Top English 7 Student: Trent McDonald

Academic Bowl Team - Shelbi Apollos, Lea Cline, Charma Cook, Sarah Terheide, Cheyanne Wilson, Nate Crittendon, Josh Sorrell, Lindsay Edwards, Chris Saunders, Blaine Weber


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