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 KHS Underclassmen Earn Plethora of School Awards

June 4, 2008 - Knightstown High School recently released its list of award-winning students in grades 9-11.


Perfect Attendance: Chassidy Hamilton, Justin Komendo, Zach Mullen, Jared Kayajan, Kelton Lane, Aubray Smitley, Ben Wright


Jacket (3 consecutive semesters of all A’s): Lindsay Kennedy, Nicholas Poling

Chevron: Brittany Driesbach, Crystal Heim, Cayla Simmermon, Mylee Simmermon

HOBY Award: Karsyn Mohler

Girls State Delegates: Cayla Simmermon, Mylee Simmermon Alternates: Crystal Heim, Samantha Maroska

Boys State Delegates: Anthony Hibbert, Jordan Moss

Academic Super Bowl: Katey Bilsky, Brittany Horth, Seth Stephens, Alexis Marsh, Sarah Trent, Crystal Heim, Anne Braunschweig, Kaylea Davis, Brittany Driesbach, Hannah Doubman, Ryan Hammer, Michelle Harsh, Cammi Peters, Cory Back, Ashley Wright, Michelle Wagner, Kaylon King, Jodi Grant


Dairy Judging: Micah Matlock, Cory Wisehart, David Winship, Brandi Lightner


Excellent Work Desktop Publishing: Savannah Goodpastor

Business Foundations Outstanding Achievement: Kathleen Weiland, Jordan Mullen

Computer Keyboarding Outstanding Students: Tabitha Fultz, Adam Carver

B.O.S.S.: Katey Bilsky, Zach Mullen, Cory Back, Jordan Mullen, Kathleen Weiland


Outstanding Achievement Nutrition: Nicholas Poling, Isaac Imel, Jamie Bush, Maddie Fender, Kanchanit Bangthamai (Nat)

Outstanding Acheivement Advance Nutrition: Megan Hall

Outstanding Achievement Culinary Arts: Sarah Shelton

Outstanding Achievement Interpersonal Relations: Megan Garner, Chelsea Hamilton

Outstanding FACS student: Jordan Ebersole


French I, All A’s: Abbi Haines, Katie Adkins, Kanchanit Bangthamai (Nat), Katie Washburn, Cammie Peters, Jared Kayajan, Crystal Heim

Outstanding Achievement French I: Crystal Heim

All A’s French II: Ashley Taylor

Outstanding Achievement French II: Ashley Taylor


Spanish 1 Academic Excellence: Drew Martin

Spanish 1 Outstanding Student: Kathleen Weiland

Spanish 2 Most Improved: Peter O’Donoghue

Spanish 2 Outstanding Students: Lindsey Kennedy, Nicholas Poling

Spanish 3 Academic Excellence: Hannah Doubman, Brittany Driesbach

Spanish 3 Outstanding Achievement: Mylee Simmermon, Cayla Simmermon

Completion of 4 years of Spanish as a Junior: Paige Sorrell

Spanish Club President: Mary Lindsay


9th Grade Outstanding Student: Samantha Baker

10th Grade Outstanding Student: Josey Fearin

11th Grade Outstanding Student: George Wainscott


Outstanding Achievement Speech: Katie Adkins

9th Grade English Outstanding Achievement: Amelia Bates, Cody Juday, Justin Komendo

9th Grade CP English Outstanding Achievement: Kayla Truax

9th Grade AP English All A’s: Katey Bilsky, Cory Back, Jordan Mullen, Kathleen Weiland

9th Grade English Outstanding Improvement: Ashley Wright, Heather Lynch, Carlie Harker

10th Grade English Outstanding Achievement: Chelsea Norfleet, Sam Fox

10th Grade English Highest GPA: Megan Hall

10th Grade English CP Outstanding Achievement: James McKinney

10th Grade English AP Highest GPA: Lindsay Kennedy

10th Grade English AP Academic Achievement: Nicholas Poling

11th Grade English Outstanding Achievement: Stephen Ferguson, Ethan Pearson, Amber McFarland, Jocelyn Sturgill, Ryan Donoghue, Ashley Kline

11th Grade English Academic Excellence: Ashley Goller, Brad Lynch

11th Grade English CP Academic Excellence: Brandi Lightner

11th Grade English AP Academic Excellence: Crystal Heim, Brittany Driesbach, Cayla Simmermon, Mylee Simmermon

11th Grade English AP Academic Achievement: Hannah Doubman, Chelsea Smith


Pre-Algebra Outstanding Achievement: Jessica Craig, Nicholas Hammer, Phillip Jackson

Algebra 1 Top Students: Kayla Truax

Algebra 1 Outstanding Achievement: Justin Komendo, Danielle Altman, Kim Jett, Shelby Rumple, Jake Tompkins

Algebra 1 CP Outstanding Achievement: Josh Back, Briana Bourdeau, Brandon Carrender, Jodi Grant, Kathleen Weiland

Algebra 2 CP Outstanding Achievement: Dustin Asberry, Lucas Hochstedler

Algebra 1 CP Outstanding Achievement: Brittney Horth, Lucas Hochstedler

Outstanding Performance Algebra 2 CP: Nolan Hall, Jordan Mullen, Cory Back

Outstanding Performance Geometry: Nicholas Poling, Ashley Taylor

Pre-Calculus Outstanding Achievement: Hannah Doubman, Brittany Driesbach, Crystal Heim, Jared Kayajan, Cayla Simmermon, Mylee Simmermon


Kappa Kappa Kappa Fine Arts Award: Kyle Thomas, Anne Braunschweig


National Physical Fitness Award: Brittany Brown, Hannah Jackson, Brittany Osborn, Jami Freeman, Joey Wyatt, Zach Smith, Phillip Jackson, Cory Back, Jordan Mullen, Joshua Back, Brandon Carrender, Briana Bourdeau, Kayla Truax, Katy Bilsky, Maddie Fender, Kristen Florea, Haley Morgan, Austin Sharp, Cody McDowell, Dylan Rossman, Isaac Gosnell, Adam Nickel, Nathan Gaddis, Ethan Luck, Wes Hammer, Jeff Wagner, Nick Dalton, Nolan Hall

President’s Physical Fitness Award: Casie Conley, Danny Ortman, Colby Hartwig, Ruby Edwards, Amanda Silver, Jessica Craig, Adam Carver, Mindy Lusk, Hannah Smith, Kathleen Weiland, Lane Fields, Collin Kennedy, Jacob Tompkins


Earth Space All A’s: Sarah Trent, Danielle Altman, Kim Jett, David Winship, Aubray Smitley, Ashley Taylor

Earth Space Both Semester A+: Cayla Simmermon, Mylee Simmermon

Integrated Chemistry/Physics Outstanding Achievement: Jennifer Wentz

Biology 1 CP All A’s: Katy Bilskey, Ethan Luck, Kayla Truax, Cory Back, Jordan Mullen, Austin Sharp, Taryn Simpson, Nolan Hall, Collin Kennedy, Kathleen Weiland

Biology 1 Outstanding Achievement: Jamie Bush, Brandon Polk, Chris McGraw, Kayla Wagner, Chelsea Norfleet, Cody Juday, Justin Komendo, Jay Lines

Biology 2 All A’s: Brittany Driesbach, Lindsay Kennedy, Karsyn Mohler, Nicholas Poling, Chelsea Smith

Biology 2 Outstanding Achievement: Ashlee Northern, Bobbi Webb, Kaylon King

Biology 2 Straight A’s: Gabriella Frizzi, Megan Hall, Jordan Moss

Biology 2 Straight A+’s: Crystal Heim

Chemistry 1 Outstanding Achievement: Lindsay Kennedy, Karsyn Mohler, Nicholas Poling

Chemistry 2 Outstanding Achievement: Hannah Doubman, Crystal Heim, Jared Kayajan


US History All A’s: Cassie Hammer, Jordan Moss, Ashlee Northern, Nicole Ostertag, Ben Wright, Chelsea Hamilton, Sabrina Hatfield, Travis VanOsdol, Jennifer Wentz, Brandi Lightner, Bobbi Webb, Brittany Baggett

US History AP Outstanding Achievement: Cayla Simmermon, Mylee Simmermon, Brittany Driesbach

US History Outstanding Achievement: Aubray Smitley

World History Outstanding Achievement: Cory Back, Aubray Smitley, Danielle Altman, Lindsay Kennedy, Kathleen Weiland, Katy Bilsky, Megan Garner, Nolan Hall, Jodi Grant, Stephen Ferguson, Jordan Mullen, Kaylon King, Zachary Mullen


Oustanding Student (Drawing): Jodi Howard

Outstanding Student (Sculpture): Jessica Huffman

Outstanding Student (Painting): Ashley Kline

Most Improved Art Student: Jacob Wooldridge

Most Improved Painting: Cassie Hatfield

Outstanding Achievement 3D Art: Christopher Barber

Outstanding Achievement 2D Art: Melyssa Faulkner, Ethan Lucke, Shelby Rumple

Outstanding Handbook Design: Melyssa Faulkner


Juniors: Isaac Imel, Jocelyn Sturgill, Lydia Long

Parent of Junior Class: Cheryl Hammer

Teacher of Junior Class: Mrs. Rodeffer

Sophomores: Dillon Silver, Katie Adkins, Danielle Altman

Parent of Sophomore Class: Dan Titus

Teacher of Sophomore Class: Mrs. Mercer

Freshmen: Danny Ortman, Ben Angel, Casie Conley

Parent of Freshmen Class: Eric Cox

Teacher of Freshmen Class: Mrs. Shepherd


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