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 Letters Published in June 10, 2009 Issue




June 10, 2009 - Letter submitted by Knightstown Chamber of Commerce

 Dear Editor,

The Knightstown Chamber of Commerce would like to take this opportunity to thank the following businesses for making this year’s Citizen of the Year banquet a great success with all their many donations of door prizes … Angela Tielking’s Lia Sophia Jewelry, Boondocks Farms, Caldwell Gravel Services (CGS), Citizens State Bank, Cobalt Blue Press, Corner Bakery, Curves, Everything Engraving, Hancock Telecom, Hinsey-Brown Funeral Service, Hoosier Outdoor Power, Jeff’s Pizza, Knightstown Elevator, Knightstown Laundromat, Knightstown Post Office, Kozy Kabin Day Spa and Salon, Leakey Insurance, MainSource Bank, The Mane Gathering, McDonald’s Bait & Tackle, NAPA Knightstown, Post & Post Hardware, Rusty Johnson Construction, State Farm Insurance and Randy Rosenkrans, Mary Kay Cosmetics and Sue Hood, The Ivy Wreath, Tweedy Lumber Company.

A special thank you to Mark Tabb, our guest speaker, Cheryl Hammer of Sugarbaker’s for the catering, the Hoosier Gym for use of the facility, and to all Chamber members who worked on this event. Thank you!


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 June 10, 2009 - Letter submitted by KHS Soccer Team And Support Parents

 Dear Editor,

The Knightstown High School soccer team would again like to thank all our sponsors for their great support. KHS Class of 2009 graduate Ashley Kline has painted our Panther signs, which will be going up this August at the soccer field, along with a second sign containing names of sponsors. Our goals have been met again! Thank you!


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 June 10, 2009 - Letter submitted by Barb Mofield, Knightstown

 Dear Editor,

I would like to congratulate Jeannie Kraus and the Knightstown Chamber of Commerce for such a successful Jubilee Days. It was so appropriate to honor the WW II Veterans on Saturday. The parade was great with all the many units. Than you also for the great honor of being "Citizen of the Year". This is what Knightstown is all about!


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 June 10, 2009 - Letter submitted by Brian True, Knightstown

 Dear Editor,

I just wanted to say I commend the four school board members that voted for repairing Knightstown Intermediate School (KIS) last week. I personally don't think we should close down any of the school buildings, especially KIS. We just got an intermediate school in 2003 and it would be dumb to reverse that now. That decision was made years ago and we're all going to have to deal with it. I think the current setup should remain.

We don't need empty school buildings in our communities, especially the large intermediate building and facilities. Hopefully the school board can come up with a plan to save money without closing any schools. This decision should make everyone happy. No changes to our schools for now, needed repairs will be made, and a gradual addition of athletic facilities to the high school where they are probably needed. I think it would look really bad for the school board to decide to close down the intermediate school. It would just show lack of planning on the part of many people back years ago when the planning for the high school was done. A big part of that decision was to give us an intermediate school and use that current building. If an intermediate school really wasn't needed they could have just made some major renovations to that building instead of a whole new building for the high school.

It's amazing how a selling point several years ago is now something we can consider just throwing out because we want to save a little money. Let's make sure we look at all sides before we decide these things. Not everything is about money.


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 June 10, 2009 - Letter submitted by Randy Anderson, Water Plant Operator; Mel Matlock, Works Manager

 Dear Editor,

The Town of Knightstown Water Department will be mailing a Consumer Confidence Report to every water consumer. This report will show that the Town of Knightstown has no violations and exceed or meets all Federal and State requirements. The report is a requirement of Indiana Department of Environmental Management. This will be an annual report that will be compiled each year to let the consumers know the quality of water and the results of tests that we conduct to ensure the safety of our water. If for some reason you do not receive a report before July 1, please, call the office at 345-5977 or come by the office at 26 S. Washington St. between 8 am..- and 5 p.m. Monday-Friday. Thank you.


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 June 10, 2009 - Letter submitted by Debra Boone, Shelbyville

 Dear Editor,

I am writing to you concerning the Indiana Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Children's Home. I attended the graduation for the 18 children. I was impressed with the program.

When I arrived, I was disappointed because the sheriff’s department and state troopers made their presence known. They were posted at the main door of Lincoln Hall, on each side of the chapel and inside the chapel at the inner doors going into the chapel itself. I was highly offended by this action. I can only imagine how the graduates felt seeing officers guarding the entrances into the chapel itself.

I hope that the governor and The DOH (department of health) are happy. The graduation, which should be a joyous and memorable day, had added stress for these special graduates. They had enough stress on them as it was. This action would have caused more stress for them.

The cattle were being loaded during the graduation to go to the sale barn. The graduates knew this was happening, but they all behaved wonderfully, as well as the audience, due to the happenings surrounding the graduation.

These children achieved so much against a lot of bad odds. It wasn't right to have officers posted inside Lincoln Hall. I think the governor and the DOH should apologize to these graduates. I am sure that won't happen.

I have read many articles and seen many news stories on TV. I don't appreciate the fact that Governor Daniels and Dr. Judith Monroe have done nothing but bash the Home. Now that Governor Daniels has gotten what he wanted done, the National Guard Challenge Program, the DOH and governor are speaking of the Home kindly.

I feel it is wrong to kick the children out of their "home" just to move boot camp into the Home. This group already had a place, Camp Atterbury. Why couldn't the two programs be on the same grounds, considering that Governor Daniels is so insistent upon the boot camp being at the Home.

I don't think the public knows what all the kids have accomplished. They built the radio station and homes in Knightstown through the construction corp. These children have done much for, and with the community. The pool is used for many other schools.

I don't think the governor wanted people to know the truth about the Home, or he wouldn't have attempted to close it as he had. The Governor should have faced the children and the employees of the Home, told them himself that he was closing the Home - kicking them out of their Home. Keeping the Home open would have benefited the community and the state.

There were 100 more children to attend the Home with no added cost to the state. More children would have followed. If kept open, the Home could help a crippled foster care system. There aren't enough homes for all of the children in need at this time. Keeping the Home open could help with this problem. The foster care system is in question, due to the deaths of many children. Many of the children attending the Home were failed by the foster care system. They adjusted and are responsible young adults now, joining the military, going to college, and joining our workforce. They are a good part of our future.

I don't understand why someone who said "no child left behind" is leaving behind so many children in the State of Indiana? I fear that many children will be left by the wayside due to the change of programs offered at the Home per the governor. I don't think a bigger “boot camp" would be necessary if the Home were to be kept open.

Governor Daniels has been working with this idea since 2007. My question is this: the $65 million to $200 million to repair the Home … will it be used to renovate to Home for the National Guard’s needs? I don't expect to ever know the truth about that.

The fight is still on to save the Home. I pray that it will be heard. As it I understand it, Governor Daniels can withhold funding from the Home, even if it passes the budget.

I commend the ISSCH graduates of 2009. They are a wonderful part of the future of our state and our country. They have overcome overwhelming odds to achieve this. I commend the staff at ISSCH. They are wonderful people to help lost children find their way. May 23, 2009, will be remembered as a day for the graduating Class of 2009 - not the day the officers guarded the chapel as they were graduating.

God Bless each and everyone of you as you look to your future. The fight will continue for the future of your younger brothers and sisters.


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 June 10, 2009 - Letter submitted by Chris Holland, Director, Knightstown High School Band

 Dear Editor,

I must sincerely thank the Henry County Concert Series for staging the Glenn Miller tribute band concert at the Knightstown Auditorium last Friday. Everyone who made the trip to our performing arts center saw what a wonderful facility we have here. I was deeply gratified to see the arts so well supported in Knightstown by the entire county and surrounding areas- there were very few empty seats.

The Tom Daugherty Orchestra was a highly professional organization and did a beautiful job. Mr. Daugherty said they look forward to playing here again.

To you Charles A Beard taxpayers, thank you again for the auditorium. We put on many, many high quality arts programs in this space and you simply must hear it to believe it. Our student groups sound incredibly good. I urge the public and the administration of Charles A. Beard schools to attend every single concert that your students perform. You, too, will be glad we have this resource.


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June 10, 2009 - Letter submitted by John Williams, Public Affairs Specialist, Social Security Administration, Anderson

 Dear Editor,

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In survey after survey, Social Security’s online services top customer satisfaction lists. That’s because doing business with Social Security online is fast, convenient, and secure. And it’s easy! I recommend that you visit the next time you’re online.



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