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 Letters Published in April 29, 2009 Issue




 April 29, 2009 - Letter submitted by Mike Alter, American Legion Post 152; Steve Wright, VFW Post 8257

 Dear Editor,

Knightstown American Legion Post 152 and Knightstown Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 8257 offer their most sincere thanks to the Knightstown community for the enormous support provided to us during the last two weekends. Both posts undertook fish wagon operations for the purpose of raising money to purchase new flags, which will line Knightstown’s Main Street and the Public Square. Your support of our effort replenished our flag fund. Not only was an ample quantity of food purchased, but a substantial amount of freewill donations also come in. For this, we are truly grateful. We have ordered enough new flags to replace all the flags in town, plus a few more with which we can replace damaged or lost flags.

Again, the local American Legion and VFW sincerely appreciate the community’s generosity in helping us replenish our flag fund. We’ll keep Old Glory waving all summer long!


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 April 29, 2009 - Letter submitted by Virginia L. Peters, Kennard

 Dear Editor,

The Charles A. Beard Corp. would have everyone believe that the Kennard Elementary School is the cause of most of their money problems. And if they close it down, they could - and I quote Mr. Storie; he was the one who said – they could save the corp. about $267,000. It would allow for more programming for low-income students, and there might even be funds left to return the choral program to Knightstown High School. How dare you act like it is Kennard’s fault that you cut the choral program – because that is how it sounds.

He recommended that the board look further into closing the school. He also suggested (CAB) hire a consultant to assist in the process. The potential firm, Educational Services, Inc., may cost $200 an hour for its services. And he said he estimated the end total would be around $10,000-$12,000.

Well, if money is so tight and Mr. Storie and his board members are as smart as they seem to think they are, then they should be able to come up with the answer on their own. Wouldn’t you think?

Well, in the first place it is not the Kennard Elementary’s fault that has caused all of this mess. It is the Beard Corp. and to try and place the blame on Kennard is wrong. They want to use Kennard as their scapegoat. Well, the fault is in the people who voted for that big money pit they call a school. And it is not the fault of Kennard Elementary that the Knightstown High School does not have a choral program. They are the ones who have done away with this program. And Kennard is not to blame for all their money problems, just because they have bit off more than they could chew.

The truth is that the Beard Corp. never wanted Kennard to have its school back after the 1974 tornado. They want everything for themselves. Also, Knightstown Elementary missed the AYP for the second year. Kennard did not.

And before all the big amounts of money was wasted foolishly, Mr. Stories and Mr. Dalton decided Kennard had too many children in the same grade, so they split them up into two classrooms. But that was before they had to let teachers go. They even separated twins when they had them.

So you, Mr. Dalton, do not know everything you think you know. And since the Beard Corp. has wasted so much of the taxpayers’ money, there isn’t enough for any new teachers. And that gives you an excuse to take more away from Kennard.

So stop trying to put the blame on Kennard for all your mistakes, and stand up like the grown men you’re supposed to be and put the blame where it belongs – on yourselves and the Charles A. Beard Corp. Leave our school alone.


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 April 29, 2009 - Letter submitted by Jeff and Stephanie Probst, Knightstown

 Dear Editor,

We would like to thank the Knightstown American Legion, Dennis and Sandy Muncie, Dwayne and Amy Booth, Rachelle McCorkle, and Doris Wyatt for sponsoring Ball State's ROTC and National Guard Unit's second annual Field Exercise Training. The day was a success and the food was great. This was a great way to show that Knightstown supports our troops. We look forward having them back again next year.



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