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 Letters Published in April 8, 2009 Issue




 April 8, 2009 - Letter submitted by Cristie Wentz, Knightstown

 Dear Editor,

I don’t think anyone can honestly argue that we didn’t need a new high school. We trusted that those in control of the funds would build what was needed and remember that they were spending the money of their friends and neighbors. We not only got that high school; we found that we had something resembling a Victorian folly, hereafter referred to as Jester's Folly. Thank you, attentive parents, who were able to ax the swimming pool and the new sports fields, thereby saving more than a million dollars of your money and mine.

Now there’s a proposal in the works to fix the heating and cooling in all three elementaries, and in the middle school. Again, who can argue with that? Don’t our children deserve to be able to learn in an environment that isn’t too hot or too cold? And if we have to shut down an elementary school (or two) to pay for it, the greater good would be served.

Wouldn’t it also be nice to have all new sport facilities near the high school? So convenient! Oh, my aching pocketbook.

May I please inject a bit of fiscal sanity? I propose the following: No air conditioning. None. Amazingly enough, we all managed to get through school without it. We do not deny that Knightstown Elementary School is appallingly hot during the dog days of summer. Replace the windows. Put in windows that will open wide to admit a breeze. If the windows open at the top, heat is drawn out and safety isn’t an issue. Thousands of dollars will be saved. No schools need to close, no longer bus rides for part of the students. I'm certain that the cooling system at Knightstown Intermediate School is old and inefficient. I went to high school there! Let’s update it using a local company to install an efficient heating and cooling system with the same care that they would use spending their own money.

We cannot afford the beautiful new sports fields that are drooled over. We, the homeowners of Knightstown, should not be asked to pay for that extravagance. We can, however, repave, replace, rebuild the existing sports field complex. It has been sadly neglected of late. It’s time to grow up and be responsible with our money, with our town, and with the schools our children attend.

While I have your ear ... what would it cost to put in the fenced walkway to the elementary school? You remember - the one that was promised when the school was built outside the city limits. Since the school system claims to be motivated by concerns for our children, why aren’t we helping our kids by making them exercise twice a day? What would that save in gas for the buses?

It really is past time to grow up.


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 April 8, 2009 - Letter submitted by Rita McBride, Fortville

 Dear Editor,

Considering everything that's going on and going wrong in today's world, any newspaper we pick up is likely to contain more bad news than good. Therefore, I was delighted to find something different in the April 1 Banner. Ty Swincher's April Fools' Day articles kept me laughing all the way from the front page to "Inside the Chrome Dome." Thanks to The Banner for providing a healthy dose of humor to help us keep things in perspective.

As most people know, laughter benefits us both physically and mentally. And I'm sure you've noticed that many of the "Inside the Chrome Dome" columns are very funny. For those of you who may not know, previous columns are available on The Banner website to read whenever you need a good laugh. As Jimmy Buffet said, "If we didn't laugh, we would all go insane."


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 April 8, 2009 - Letter submitted by Virginia L. Peters, Kennard

 Dear Editor,

Well, here we go again. The Charles A. Beard Memorial School Corporation is talking about the possibility of closing the Kennard and Carthage elementary schools. So if some persons in the past had been thinking in the first place about building two new schools so close in years that they could not afford them, we would not be in this fix today.

I am sick and tired of the school corporation running all over us. They have been doing this for years. They know full well that they are planning on closing our schools, but they like playing cat and mouse with us.

They know if they come right out and say that is what they planned to do, they will have a fight on their hands. That is why they yanked the fifth and sixth graders and their so-called border lines last fall. But, we will still have to help pay for the other three schools.

I say take your junior high kids and put them in your big, old white elephant school. Our kids had to be in the same building with the high school kids, and they aren’t one bit better than our children were.

Then you can put the fifth and sixth grades back in the schools they should be in. And as far as overcrowding is concerned, they won’t have to worry about that with all the people who are selling their homes and those who have been foreclosed on because they can no longer afford them or have lost their jobs and can no longer afford to pay taxes on Knightstown’s schools.

And you have been really unfair to the parents of the kids in fifth and sixth grades. Parents have had to pay taxes on the newer elementary and their children do not get to attend this school, but are having to attend the old high school building.

You should be ashamed of yourselves.

And what about risking the health of those children by putting them in a school that has an asbestos and mold problem. It is one thing not knowing that there is a problem, but an altogether different thing when you do know. If this is true, then that building should be closed.

If you try to close Kennard and Carthage, you will do it behind our backs, and we won’t know about it until you have it done. Because that is how you do things. And now, since we do not have a Kennard board member to speak up against you, then that should make it easy for you to get away with it.

Well I, for one, will fight you any way I can, as long as I am able. And last, but not least, Kennard has given you some of its brightest and best students through the years. And these people have made you look very good.


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 April 8, 2009 - Letter submitted by Patty Clodi, South Bend

 Dear Editor,

Have you ever thought about the life of a farm animal?

A dairy cow is artificially inseminated to have one calf after another in order to produce milk. Any mother will tell you that childbirth is not painless. The calves are soon taken away from their mothers, so the mothers’ milk can be sold. She grieves over losing her baby, but nobody cares. She is nothing but a milk machine. Her udders can become heavy, infected and painful. When she is no longer a good producer, she is forced into a truck and taken to a slaughterhouse. Imagine the terror she experiences as she sees those in front of her being killed! She knows her turn is coming, but she can’t escape.

Many calves are sold to the veal industry. They are chained in tiny stalls. They can barely move, so their muscles atrophy. They are killed when just a few months old.

So many animals are violently killed every day. Do you think God is okay with this? Is an animal’s life less important than ours? As the poor, defenseless animals! God bless the vegans. By adopting a vegan diet, you save about 80 animals a year.


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 April 8, 2009 - Letter submitted by Carol Ann Turner, Straughn

 Dear Knightstown,

Hey Knightstown! Did you know?

Did you know that The Indiana Soldiers & Sailors Children's Home is first and foremost available to the children of our military personnel? Did you know that we have the largest deployment of troops since WWII?

Did you know that Governor Daniels recently appealed to an Indiana Senate Budget Agency asking to increase funding by 100 million for the state prison system - which many children end up being a part of for many years, due to unfortunate circumstances that are of no fault of those children?

Did you know that domestic violence is up, job losses are up, foreclosures are up, child abuse is up and many single parents are finding it very hard to supervise their teens?

I ask you, how does asking for an ADDITIONAL $100,000 million for prisons fit the so-called "stewardship" plan and "all agencies must cut back" program?? Indiana can find money for prisons, but not for 'at risk' children? Didn't Gov. Daniels campaign on 'Children first'??? Have priorities changed since the election?

Did you know that the Dept of Homeland Security have their regional meetings at the Home? Did you know that the ISDH have been in discussion with the Department of Corrections about turning the Home into a juvenile DOC facility? What do you think that will do for your property values???

Dr Monroe (Health Commissioner, Indiana State Dept of Health) wants you to believe that the kids at the Indiana Soldiers & Sailors Childrens Home will be fine back in their own communities, but did you know that she was unable to answer on January 5th HOW the ISDH would monitor the kids once they were kicked out of the Home? Did you know that Dr. Richard Feldman, former Health Commissioner, is in favor of keeping the Home, fixing what might be wrong, and making it available to more kids across Indiana?

Did you know that Indiana is number 30 in the US for throwaway teenagers/homelessness and the economy is getting much worse. We need the home for the kids. The Home could house 500 + children if it were kept open.

Did you know that there is already a shortage of foster care for teens and foster parents are at the same risk as everyone else of losing their jobs or their homes?

It seems that the child welfare folks and ISDH are failing miserably to handle the current caseload! References: Homelessness Rising with Unemployment Rates New Study Ranks Indiana & Michigan Among Bottom 25 in caring for Homeless Kids Indiana is failing miserably with respect to homeless children.



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