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 Letters Published in February 25, 2009 Issue




February 25, 2009 - Letter submitted by The Butler Family, The Williams Family

 Dear Editor,

We would like to thank everyone for their prayers, words of comfort and support that they have provided to us. We appreciate all those who sent flowers or a card, provided personal services or made a donation. Please know that our family finds healing in God's love and in knowing others loved Crysten and Jett so much.

Love all you hold dear, precious is the time you share. Do not wait for tomorrow, for tomorrow may not be. May God bless you!


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February 25, 2009 - Letter submitted by Lindsay Cleek, McCordsville

 Dear Editor,

My mother, Tambra E. (Hamilton) Cleek Marcum of Knightstown, died on January 17, 2009. She was 48 years old. Her cause of death was determined to be an unintentional overdose of Oxicodone.

I have heard that Henry Country has a growing prescription drug problem. The county coroner reiterated this to me following my mother's initial toxicology report following her death. I have also heard that your newspaper, or possibly the New Castle paper have published articles regarding this issue.

I hope by pulling the skeletons out of my family's closet and laying them before you, one of your readers might be able to save themselves, a friend or a family member before it’s too late.

My mom struggled with addiction for many years. Although I knew she had a problem and tried to get her help, I now wish I had done more.

There is a program called Harbor Light, which is run by the Salvation Army in Indianapolis. It is a "dry-out" facility that will treat an addict for only $50. They will keep you from 24 hours to two weeks depending on your need. They also give you medication to help you with your withdrawal symptoms. All you have to do is call them and get on their 1-3 day waiting list. You can reach them at 317-972-1450.

The reason this didn't work for mom is that the addict had to be the one to make the call. I gave her the number to call, but she never did. I now wish I had gone over and dialed the number for her and handed her the phone. I hope that you'll care enough about yourself and your family to make the call, or if it's a friend or family member struggling, I implore you to go and dial that number for them.

Also, there is an alternative treatment that doesn't require you leave your home or job for any extended about of time. There is a new prescription drug out now called Suboxone. It helps your withdrawal symptoms as you stop taking the drug you're addicted to. You can talk to your family doctor about it.

If you're reading this and you or someone you know has a prescription drug problem, please take the necessary steps to get the help you need. Don't wait until it's too late. Save yourself and your family a lot of pain and suffering. Take the initiative today, so you won't have any regrets later.


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February 25, 2009 - Letter submitted by Nate LaMar, New Castle

 Dear Editor,

There is an old adage, “absolute power corrupts, and power corrupts absolutely.” Now that the Presidency, the US Senate, and US House are all under one-party rule, we are seeing Indiana’s power at the national level being diluted, not only with the stimulus package, but also with representation and the Census.

On February 17, President Obama signed into law the $787 billion economic stimulus bill. However, the same day, at the February board meeting of the Eastern Indiana Development District, Executive Director Nancy Kinder announced that Indiana would receive only $12 billion of this amount. That equates to only 1.5% of the stimulus package, although Indiana has around 2% of the nation’s population. That same day, at his New Castle Town Hall meeting, Congressman Mike Pence commented that only 5% of the package is for roads and bridges. So much of it is loaded with “pork,” that we have mortgaged the future of our children and grandchildren, who will have to lower their standards of living to pay back the money we borrow today.

In a February 8 Muncie Star Press column, George Will tells of our one-party government introducing the DC House Voting Rights Act, which would give the District of Columbia de facto statehood with a voting member in the US House of Representatives. Does this mean that American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands are next? With a population of 3.8 million, Puerto Rico could even demand six seats in the House! DC already has three electoral votes and these five territories already have representatives on Capitol Hill, who are allowed to vote in committee, though not on the House floor. For them to become full voting members violates Article I, Section 2, and Article I, Section 8 of our Constitution.

Our one-party government has entered into an unholy alliance with the state of Utah, which nearly qualified for a 4th Congressional seat after the 2000 census. According to George Will, a deal has been struck with Utah’s two Republican US Senators to award Utah a 4th seat in exchange for their votes for the DC House Voting Rights Act. This would expand the US House from 435 to 437 members for the first time in 96 years. What’s next? Awarding of US Senate seats to DC and four other territories? Despite his Illinois residency, Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. may become more than just DC’s self-proclaimed “shadow Senator,” after all!

With 56 Democrats and 2 Independents, who vote mostly with Democrats, our one-party government stops at nothing to recruit Republicans to get to the magical 60 votes they need to cut-off debate in the US Senate. In addition to the DC deal with Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and Sen. Robert Bennett (R-UT), they got the votes of Senators Arlen Specter (R-PA), Olympia Snowe (R-ME), and Susan Collins (R-ME) to pass the stimulus.

Most cynical of all, after Gov. Bill Richardson (D-NM) bowed-out of consideration for Secretary of Commerce, President Obama nominated Sen. Judd Gregg (R-NH). This was done in hopes of Governor John Lynch (D-NH) appointing a fellow Democrat to replace Gregg in the Senate! When White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel (a former Chicago Congressman) realized the Department of Commerce is in charge of the Census, he announced a plan to move the non-partisan Census to the White House! After all, our next Census will take place in 2010, with results in 2011, and reapportionment of new Congressional Districts in time for 2012. Thankfully, Sen. Gregg also bowed-out of consideration. However, we must stop Emanuel’s attempt to hijack the Census for political gain. Please write Senators Lugar and Bayh and Rep. Pence.

Thanks to their high numbers of illegal immigrants and pork-barreling members of Congress, states like California, Texas, Florida, and Rahm Emanuel’s Illinois already have disproportionate representation in both Congress and the stimulus package, leaving states like conservative Indiana short-changed yet again.


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February 25, 2009 - Letter submitted by Daniel Denny, Knightstown

 Dear Editor,

I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you for allowing me to help serve and protect this community. When I became a full-time police officer for Knightstown a little over two years ago, it was my full intention to retire as a member of KPD. Due to the current economy, I found it necessary for my family and I to consider other options. On Febuary 12, I accepted a position with an Indiana sheriff’s department. My new position requires our family to relocate. Knightstown will always hold a special place for my family and myself. My wife and I married in Knightstown. We had our first home together here, and we brought our two boys home from the hospital to call Knightstown their home. It is also Knightstown that helped me achieve my dream of serving as a law enforcement officer. Durring our time here, we have met a lot of special people and even "adopted" new family members. In closing I want to say thank you for our acceptance into the community and the faith you had in me.



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