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 Letters Published in December 31, 2008 Issue



 December 31, 2008 - Letter submitted by Judy Fearin, Knightstown

Dear Editor,

This is just a brief note of awareness to our public. We all have children of all ages in school. With new school board members, I don’t see Charles A. Beard improving yet.

Some things are still not done with proper procedures. Recently, my family experienced an incident in which we were turned over to a collection agency for late book fees. We were never notified that we were late from the school. Then, acting like bill companies, the school corporation wants a late fee added.

The mistake happened when billing statements were sent out before school started. Students sometimes change their classes and that changes the book fee bill. A new statement was never printed out, though it should have been part of a procedure. All that was given was some family information, a locker number and the classes that were changed. There was no book fee billing statement. None! My son says he didn’t get one, and he didn’t. The school says he should have known anyway. We never heard from the school again – no phone calls, no letters in the mail. When a working parent tries to call, school workers always seem to be away from their desks and leaving messages doesn’t always work.

Apparently, six weeks later, the school interrupted the students during a class and passed out book fee billing statements. Most kids don’t go straight home and see their parents. And some don’t take homework home. Plus, kids shouldn’t get their parents’ bills during class! So, statements get forgotten by kids sometimes. Junior high and high school students should be responsible enough to take important papers home. The problem is – they should have never gotten them. Charles A. Beard employees should have undertaken the proper procedures in calling parents or mailing bills out locally.

One would have gotten better results. No bills should be sent home with students. It’s improper bookkeeping. We send our children to school to learn. The faculty and employees should set a better example so we can have better schools in the future. Knightstown schools have been off track for some years. These type situations show no improvement.


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 December 31, 2008 - Letter submitted by Bill and Helen Gorman, Frieda Dunlavy

 Dear Editor,

Christmas 2008 found the Knightstown Cheer Guild able to help 55 families and 153 children due to many donors sharing their time, expertise, food, toys and money to help those less fortunate in the school district The Cheer Guild was started many years ago to help Knightstown Elementary students who were in need to have a nice Christmas, since that time it has expanded to the Intermediate and Senior High students of the school district.

People do not realize how many hours of time that are donated by many people to accomplish this task. First, the schools send out letters to those families they feel may need help, then papers are filled out and returned to the school nurse who in turn give them to us and investigators are sent out to discuss the needs of each family (members of Psi Iota Xi, Sorority, Optimists Club, and the Joy Class and others of KUMC served as investigators) Applications are reviewed and recipients are selected. The ladies of Tri Kappa Sorority shop for clothes for each child.

The Optimist Club sponsors a toy drive. The schools sponsor a food drive. The High School Art, American Family and Consumer Science and English departments have sponsored the Bowls Project and have donated 1000 dollars to Cheer Guild and 1000 dollars to the local food pantry. Several businesses agreed to be collection points for individuals to make donations of food, toys and or money this year which was of great help toward our mission of making Christmas a little better for families in need. Ameriana, Citizens and Main Source banks donated money for a ham and gallon of milk for each family. Curves also had a toy and food drive and several churches and clubs and sororities also donated money. Others pick up the food at the schools and bring it to Hoosier Gym.

People and organizations who donated to the cause have been listed in the Banner over the past few weeks. We appreciate the Banner's participation in helping the Cheer Guild get the public informed. We also hope we have not left out anyone or group who have donated time, money or their talents. If so, we apologize for the error, as every deed is important to making this community effort a success.

This year over 7S people gathered at Hoosier Gym on the morning of the 24th to help sort food and later taking a box and shopping for each family, others selected and wrapped toys for each child and placed them in the proper family groups. Recipient families were then able to pick up their gift from the community or have it delivered by other volunteers. We also appreciate those who prepared and donated cookies, candy, coffee and pop for the volunteers to enjoy as they visited and worked for another successful Cheer Guild Christmas.

We especially thank the Hoosier Gym Committee for allowing us to use the Gym to store and sort the articles to be distributed. It is so nice to have enough room for many volunteers to work efficiently, have fun and enjoy doing something for others.

We, the Knightstown Cheer Guild Committee, wish to thank everyone who helped make 2008 a success. If you would like to help next year please contact one of us. We especially need more good investigators to speed up that process.


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 December 31, 2008 - Letter submitted by Neal Hall, Shirley

Dear Editor,

I want to thank the citizens and businesses in our area who donated to "The Holiday Help Out". The volume of help and donations received was much more than we imagined. Over 25 food baskets along with toys for some were donated over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. I really want to name some specific people who were a great help but I won't now because I am afraid I would leave someone out. Needless to say, all who participated are greatly appreciated. It was nice to see so many people who were sincerely concerned with the needs of others. Thanks for all the help.


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 December 31, 2008 - Letter submitted by The staff of Knightstown MainSource Bank

 Dear Editor,

A great big thank you to those of you that participated in our annual drive for the local Head Start by bringing us hats, gloves, socks or cash. The retail value of all we collected was approximately $500. It warms our hearts so much to see the outpouring of generosity each year for this project. We appreciate it and are certain the children appreciate it also.


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 December 31, 2008 - Letter submitted by Bob and Carolyn Myers, Knightstown

 Dear Editor,

The weather did not deter Santa from visiting the Historic Knightstown Museum last Saturday. In fact he was overheard saying his reindeer really enjoyed returning to our community. We sincerely thank the parents who brought their children to sit on Santa's lap. And although they already have their reward, we also thank the volunteers, Rusty, Debbie, Joann, Ron and Peg. It was a fun afternoon!

May God's love, joy and most of all His peace rest with all this Christmas time.



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