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 Letters Published in December 17, 2008 Issue



 December 17, 2008 - Letter submitted by Rachael Shepherd and Bobbie Rogers, KHS Empty Bowls Organizers

Dear Editor,

Thanks to the talented and generous people in our schools and community, our 4th annual Empty Bowls fundraiser dinner was a tremendous success. We have donated $1000 to each the Cheer Guild and Knightstown Community Food Pantry this year, bringing our grand total to $7000 in four years. We also raised an additional $1000 this year through our silent auction that will be used to purchase bowls, glazes, and food for our 2009 event. Without the help of many generous and talented people, this dinner would never be possible.

We would first like to thank the Henry County Community Foundation’s TASC group for giving us our initial grant four years ago and for continuing to support our program. Thanks also to: Tom and Dana True of Tom True Auto; Hoosier Feeder Company and especially our buddy Chris Schombert; Dr. and Mrs. Richard Armstrong; The Banner’s Eric Cox for his magic words; KHS substitute teacher Teresa Branham; Gary Clark of Herff Jones; KHS Principal Scott Ritchie and the KHS Student Activity Fund; KHS teacher Rana Rodeffer; Tri Kappa of Knightstown; Psi Iota Xi of Knightstown; Dale and Esther Brock; Sunshine Harding’s Day Care; CAB School Board Members; KIS Student Council; KHS FACS teacher Nancy Watson and her students; KHS art teachers Terry Dukeman; James Jahrsdoerfer and their students; KIS art teacher Cyndi Pierson and her 6th grade students; Mrs. Shepherd’s students; KHS custodian Steve Fultz; KHS National Honor Society; the irreplaceable Horth family, Betty Jett and Wal Mart; KHS Student Council; KIS teacher Patti Keesling; artist Jeff Weiland; Subway Restaurant, Knightstown; KHS Spanish Club; KHS musicians Crystal Heim and Jared Kayajan; Lou Ann Bradshaw; David and Susie Bundy; every person who purchased a ticket; and every person who bid during our silent auction. “Thank you” doesn’t seem enough!

We love this event because it allows our kids to learn to give of themselves, but it also gives the community a true picture of the students of Charles A. Beard Schools. Please plan to attend the 5th annual Empty Bowls dinner in December 2009, and you will see for yourself what amazingly talented and giving students fill our schools.

Hope to see you next December!


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 December 17, 2008 - Letter submitted by Marshall & Dorothy Vaughn, Carthage

Dear Editor,

This is dedicated to the men and women who are and have been Volunteer Fire Fighters. Daily they sacrifice of themselves, putting their very lives in peril for their community, friends and neighbors and family. Battling engulfing fires, smoke and the elements of the weather of heat, freezing cold, rain, sleet, snow and roads dangerously covered in glassy ice to auto accidents and life saving runs to hospitals, responding to the call of need. They have encountered horrific scenes and death that we can never imagine. They give unselfishly, hearts of strength and love to serve others. Asking no reward, using their own vehicles and gas to calls, not being paid monetarily for the job that they have been called in their heart to do. Leaving their families at meal time and holidays, the warmth of home on a cold winter day or night being on call 24 hours a day seven days a week. These honorable men and women spend many hours in training traveling many miles at times to learn life saving treatments, volunteering their free time, vehicle and fuel.

Is it any wonder some children want to grow up to be a fireman or woman, seeing the loving and dedicated examples that they have witnessed in their communities and families. In the world we live in today , time passing so quickly, many dangers more so than ever, our Volunteer fire fighters are steadfast and true to the call. Our community is also enriched by the fund raising they do in helping those in need of food, clothing and at Christmas time displaying the spirit of Christmas.

This Family consists of fathers, mothers, granddads, grandmoms, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, neighbors, grandsons, grand-daughters, nieces, nephews and friends. A brotherhood of united hearts dedicated to serve and help others. We are so blessed and thankful to have and to have known these unique and special angels.

God Bless each and every one, a prayer of protection surround you each and every day, every moment when you gear up to answer the call. Thank you for all that you have done and will do.

Always in our hearts are those who have served and are now members of The Carthage Volunteer Fire Department.


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 December 17, 2008 - Letter submitted by Rick Lofgren, President Children’s Organ Transplant Association (COTA)

Dear Editor:

No matter what your religious heritage is, or your current practice, December is a month of giving. We give to charities so we can reap tax benefits … we give our time to help those less fortunate … and some of us exchange gifts to celebrate the holidays.

This December, please consider giving a child the ultimate gift: A second chance at life.

The Children’s Organ Transplant Association (COTA) is dedicated to giving hope and making miracles for the thousands of children and young adults who are waiting for organ and tissue transplants … waiting for their second chance at life. During the past 23 years, COTA has assisted more than 1,300 patients and has helped raise $50 million for transplant-related expenses.

But this holiday season, COTA needs your help. As part of your December “To Do” list, please become an organ donor. In addition, encourage your friends, family members, neighbors and associates to take three simple and life-saving steps: sign up to be an organ donor through your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles or donor registry, express this wish to family members during holiday gatherings, and carry your organ donor designation card at all times.

Thousands of children are spending this holiday season waiting … not for shiny wrapped gifts, but for an organ or tissue transplant. Give the gift of hope this December by placing your name on a registry or by making a gift to help a family who is facing a transplant. These gifts are more precious than anything you can wrap.

To find out how you can help a child in need, please go to You can help make a miracle this holiday season.



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