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 Letters Published in December 10, 2008 Issue



 December 10, 2008 - Letter submitted by Patricia Clodi, South Bend

Dear Editor,

Once again my holidays have been ruined by neighbors who have dogs living outside. I get so upset when I see dogs trying to keep from freezing, sometimes standing, because the ground is too cold to lie down on. Some have no dog house. The lucky ones that do, usually have no straw. It amazes me that people think that dogs don't get cold! They get just as cold as we do. They can get frost-bitten, and some die in extreme temperatures.

Imagine yourself outside right now with no heat at all and no blanket. Imagine yourself spending your entire life on a short chain or in a pen surrounded by feces. You can't generate any heat, because you can't get any exercise. You get weak. You are thirsty, but your water is frozen. Imagine dreaming that you are running, playing, living in the house with your family (and they love you). Then you wake up to realize that it was just another dream. You're really outside for a miserable lonely life of solitary confinement getting no love or attention, and your family doesn’t care! You cry, and they never notice. Your neighbors pity you and try not to look at you, because it makes them too sad. But, they don't know what to do about it.

Dogs are totally dependent on humans, and they need our help. You will always regret it if you do nothing! You can help them by calling Animal Control or the Humane Society when you see a dog living in these or any other unacceptable conditions.

To all pastors, preachers, priests, etc. … you, as well as I along with many others know that dogs are a gift of unconditional love and companionship from God! To treat this gift with any disregard saddens Him. Perhaps a reminder from the pulpit around this time each year would enlighten many pet owners to the love and loyalty that is wasted out in the yard.

To all dog lovers … pray for resolve.


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 December 10, 2008 - Letter submitted by Terri Drysdale, Kennard

Dear Editor,

Charles A. Beard taxpayers beware. There are intentions and task groups considering closing Kennard and Carthage elementary schools as a way to balance the school budget.

Will it really? Taxpayers took the last decision the school board made in the pocket. The public school system, the school board included, is funded by your taxes. They should work for you. Decisions such as these should be openly discussed and considered by all people affected.

The problem of closing two elementary schools leaves some of your children or grandchildren attending a school older and in a definite state of disrepair. The intermediate school is much older than both elementary schools and carries a history of asbestos and mold. The asbestos was acknowledged by letters sent home to parents. If they close both elementary schools, with an aging intermediate school, the future would have to include major updates. Guess who pays for that? I wonder how much all the proposed changes will actually add up for all of us.

These satellite elementary schools are a cornerstone in their areas. Many people would rather have their small children attend closer to home. Bus rides for smaller children are difficult when they may be as long as an hour each way.

People, pay attention. Decisions could be made and you will be the last to know.


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 December 10, 2008 - Letter submitted by T.J. Fender and Michele McGill

 Dear Editor,

We would like to thank the following businesses and individuals for their generous contributions to the "Third Annual Girls' Night Out" benefit for Women Helping Women, of Hancock Regional Health Foundation: Cheryl Hammer, Sugarbakers Catering; Mary Ann Jackson, That Hair Place; Sue Hood, Mary Kay Cosmetics; Debbie McCoy, Ivy Wreath; Suzy's Pizza; Top 10 Videos and Tanning; Jeff''s Pizza; Bittersweet Memories, Curves; Main Street Threads; Cut Loose Hair; Eric Cox and The Banner; Knightstown Pizza; The Mane Gathering; all of our “Furry Friends”; Knightstown Intermediate School cheerleaders and Knightstown High School varsity cheerleaders. Through your generous support hundreds of local women are able to receive free mammograms and breast cancer care. This event would not be possible without you.


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 December 10, 2008 - Letter submitted by Richard Sitler, Knightstown

Dear Editor,

Bail out the auto industry? Why? What a waste of money. I understand the larger implications if the auto industry goes under in the U.S., but it is very short - sighted for our government to sink a ton of our tax money into an industry that has dug its own grave. I do not feel sorry at all for the executives of GM, Chrysler and Ford. If the government goes ahead with this bailout - I want to see it go for the workers alone - and have all the idiots who have been running the auto companies to be out on the street.

The bigger reason not to bail out the auto industry is that we need to start to undo all the damage that this industry has wreaked on the U.S. in the name of profit and greed. As a result of the powerful lobbying of the auto industry we have the most pathetic public transportation system in the world. I have been in third world countries with better public transportation. Back in the 1920's you could go anywhere in Indiana on the interurban. Of course that became a victim of the automobile.

Another victim of the auto industry is our communities. Because of the automobile and greedy developers we have urban sprawl instead of cohesive communities. Vast tracks of farm land, wet lands and forests have been paved over because of the automobile. This has contributed to the disaster we are facing with climate change. Also the auto industry has prolonged our dependence on carbon based fuels that is also a major contributor to the global environmental disaster.

I drive a car, I have always liked cars - I am not against cars. However I hate being dependent on cars. I also hate the thought of giving any money to people who were so near sighted that they continued to build huge SUVs and muscle cars as the price of gas skyrocketed. Why would you loan or give money to people with such a track record? Besides that - even if the government bails out the auto industry - that does not guarantee that they will not need to be bailed out again - and again. Didn't we bail out Chrysler once before?

So, what should we do instead? We can't let people lose jobs and have our economy sink into a depression. I do not think that the government should stand by and do nothing. I have a few ideas. Here is one that will be very unpopular. How about we give the money to auto companies that are building cars in this country that have a track record of success? I am thinking of the likes of Honda and Toyota. It would be a helluva a better investment, and they already are building cars in this country. Give them the money so that they can build more hybrids and fuel efficient reliable cars, cars that the former "big 3" have never figured out how to make, so that they will hire more workers.

Another idea is to take the billions of our tax payer money that would be thrown at the auto industry and put it towards public transportation and research and development for alternative energy. Doing this would create as many jobs as would be lost in the failure of the auto industry. It would be a policy that would be beneficial to the future and not near-sighted.



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