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 Letters Published in October 29, 2008 Issue



 October 29, 2008 - Letter submitted by Jeri Flowers, Knightstown

Dear Editor,

I never in my life thought that the softball tourney that I had for Marlene Wells on October 11 would turn out as well as it did. The outpouring of support from local citizens and businesses far surpassed anything that I had imagined. There are so many people who deserve thanks and my words could never express my gratitude to all who contributed to such a worthy cause, and more importantly, such a brave, caring woman, who withstood the unseasonably warm temperatures to personally thank everyone who participated on her behalf. Marlene Wells' courage and positive attitude should be an inspiration to all of us.

First and foremost, a huge, heartfelt thank you to Kelly at Main Street Threads for generously donating all of the T-shirts for the first and second place teams. You were the first person on board with the tourney and you came through for me with flying colors. Thank you so much.

I would also like to give a special thank you to Eric Cox at The Banner for your generous donation and for adverting for the tourney for free. I know that times are hard, but you kindness and desire to help really speak to your character. I can't thank you enough.

Other local businesses who made donations for our raffle and silent auction were Frosty Boy, The Ivy Wreath, McCleerey's Sporting Goods, Razzles, McKown Studio & Gallery, Rose Bowl, Rural King, Applebee's, National Road Diner, Sullivan's Package Store, Pic-N-Save, Corner Bakery, Suzy's Pizza, Dalton's Distributing, Sports Corner, American Legion, Game Stop, Montana Mike's, Bittersweet Memories, Well's Nursery and That Fun Place.

And with all that the businesses donated, I didn't think that we could have been blessed much more. But we also received donations from citizens in the community that showed me, once again, why Knightstown is really a great place to raise a family.

Joe Kwisz generously donated his DJ services and kept the day lively and energetic. I appreciate him and his kindness. I also need to thank his sister Desiree for filling in while Joe was away. You both really did an outstanding job.

Editha Doll and Heather English are two of my great friends that God has blessed me with that came from Rushville to help me run the concession stand and cook the food. They had never even met Marlene before, but came and helped out of the kindness of their hearts. They truly helped the day run as smoothly as it did, and I really cannot think them enough. Kalen Edwards, I cannot express my gratitude to you enough. You helped me with the tourney from start to finish and saw me through every step I took. There is absolutely no way I could have done this without you. Thank you.

There were also so many people who donated their time and money and I would also like to personally thank them: Jason Brockman, Tracy Hittle. Carol Gibson, Dennis and Gina Miller, Richard and Mary Kwisz, Jason and Tiffany White, Carly Butler, Bridget Johnson, Marti Wilkins, Charity Smucker, Sham Cameron, Mike Hoon, Ryan and Aaron Fletcher, Marcus Steinmetz, and Dallen, Codi, and Deena Miller. The day would not have possible without the help and donations that each and every one of you contributed.

And last, but certainly not least, my very great friend, Tina Hinds. If I ever needed a reason to call you superwoman (more that what I already have), I now definitely have one. Your organization and love for your friends really contributed to a successful event. People don't know that you were behind the scenes helping, but I know what all you did, and I can never thank you enough. If it's true that friends are an indication of your wealth, then I could quite possibly be the richest person in Knightstown with your friendship alone. Thank you for being you, and for just being there for everyone, including Marlene. You are truly wonderful.

I know that I have probably left people out, and if I have, I am sincerely sorry. This was a successful event and I am grateful to everyone who helped or contributed. Thanks again and God Bless you all.


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 October 29, 2008 - Letter submitted by Jim Hope, Knightstown

Dear Editor,

I would like to start off by saying that I missed the last CAB school board meeting. Something came up at the last minute and I was unable to attend.

I believe that it is the duty of all taxpayers and parents to go to these meetings because we have to make sure our tax money is being spent in our best interest.

If we do miss a board meeting, thanks to The Banner, we can find out what was said and what the school board’s answers were.

At the school meeting just before this last one, something was brought up that I believe all taxpayers should know about. There is $1.2 million left over after the new high school was finished. At the meeting I was at, a question was asked about how this money would be spent. One board member said the money was borrowed to build the new school and the board wants to keep the money and use it for the school.

As a taxpayer, I believe this money should be used to pay down the loan that was used to pay for building the new school, which is already built. This money is not the school’s money; this is taxpayer money and it should be used to pay down the debt that was incurred to build the new school. This money was not meant to be given to the school as money they could use as they please, or waste at taxpayers’ expense. This money should be used to pay back the loan and could be used to work with the lender to renegotiate a lower interest rate.

This would save taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars in interest paid by taxpayers on this loan. It is in our best interest for taxpayers to let the school board know there has been enough waste of our money and this money could be used to help take some of this burden off. And maybe pay this loan off sooner at less cost to taxpayers and land owners.


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 October 29, 2008 - Letter submitted by Pamela Crawford, Knightstown

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank the community, Royal Hylands Golf Club and staff and Carey Elis for their help this year with KHS girls varsity golf. This was my last year playing golf and I want to thank everyone involved who made it a great year for me. I would also like to thank The Banner for its coverage of this sport. It is good to know that a community can be so supportive. Having such a nice golf course so close is wonderful. I am proud to call Royal Hylands Golf Club my home course. Last but not least, Carey Elis. He did a wonderful job coaching this year and his dedication was greatly appreciated. He is without a doubt my hero. Thank you to all who made my last year of high school golf a successes.


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 October 29, 2008 - Letter submitted by Nate LaMar, Henry County Councilman, District 4

Dear Editor,

Having read John McCain’s book, Why Courage Matters, I couldn’t help but think of Mike Thalls. As a County Councilman, Mike has cast some difficult votes, which took courage at the time, but showed his zeal for making Henry County a better place for future generations.

In 2004, Henry County had a chance to repeal the inventory tax early, as did several other counties. Mike Thalls and the County Council voted for early repeal. However, the measure failed by one vote on New Castle City Council. This was among the reasons why Grant County beat Henry County for the Midwest regional distribution centers of Dollar General Stores and Wal-Mart and the jobs that came with them. Had they passed the early repeal of the inventory tax four years ago, rather than waiting for the state to repeal it in 2006, this would have given Henry County an edge in economic development, for which our county would have been better off today. More businesses would have expanded our tax base and provided more jobs.

Both employed in the private sector, Mike and I also serve as ex oficio members of the New Castle - Henry County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) Board of Directors. Just as actions speak louder than words, voting records speak louder than empty promises. Mike Thalls’ record of casting difficult votes proves he has a passion for improving Henry County. I look forward to his leadership as our next County Council President.



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