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 Letters Published in September 24, 2008 Issue



September 24, 2008 - Letter submitted by Rex Bell, Hagerstown

Dear Editor,

If you ask most people, they will tell you that they never vote a straight ticket. Maybe that's true, but apparently some of the people you don't ask, do. In about every election 30 percent to 60 percent of the ballots cast are straight ticket ballots.

While there is certainly nothing wrong with that type of voting per se, it can amount to a lot of lost votes. The circumstances vary by county, but in Henry County this year, voting a straight Democratic ticket will give you no voice in the District 54 State Representative race. By the same token, voting a straight Republican ticket will give you no voice in the District 56 race. And since a non-vote generally favors the incumbent, your non-vote may have consequences beyond your expectations.

If you're going to take the time to vote, take a few extra seconds and make every vote count.


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 September 24, 2008 - Letter submitted by Patty Clodi, South Bend

Dear Editor,

Have you ever thought about the life of a dog on a chain or in a pen? Actually, they don't have a life! The only thing they can do all day is sit in dirt surrounded by their feces. They usually get absolutely no exercise, no medical attention, no baths or nail trims,

no shade in the summer, no straw in their dog house in the winter (sometimes no dog house), and most important … no love! Their water is usually frozen or tipped over by their short heavy chain. They get the same food every day. Sometimes in the winter they stand, lifting one foot then another, because the ground is too cold to lie down on. Many suffer from frostbite.

Dogs hate to be alone. They bark constantly until they give up all hope of ever being rescued. When in danger, they can't escape, so they become aggressive and territorial. They are dangerous, and it's not their fault! Dogs are loyal, trusting animals. They love us like no human can, and they would try to protect us from anything. They are totally at the mercy of humans.

I say, if you don't want a dog in the house to be part of your family ... don’t get a dog!

This is your chance to help thousands of miserable helpless dogs. Please write your state legislators and tell them that there needs to be a state law that limits the time a dog can be chained or in a pen each day. The address at the State House is 200 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46204. This law would discourage irresponsible people from getting dogs. There would be fewer strays, because responsible people get their animals spayed or neutered. The police would have this law to back them when called about neglected dogs.

Some states and more and more cities are passing laws that regulate chaining (including Indianapolis ... no chaining between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. For more information, go online to

I have written to every senator and representative in Indiana, but my letters alone are not enough. The more letters they receive, the more likely they are to act on an idea. I would really appreciate your help!


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 September 24, 2008 - Letter submitted by Danny Webber, KNCW president

Dear Editor,

The following people won door prizes that were raffled off at the Knightstown Neighborhood Crime Watch (KNCW) booth during Hoosier Fall Fest on September 13-14.

Roy Willoit won the $50 BP gas card provided by Ameriana. Lucy Ahrendt won a $25 BP gas card provided by KNCW. Larry Rumple also won a $25 BP gas card provided by KNCW. Tom Nelson won a $25 gas card provided by Citizens Bank. Neil Shaneyfelt won a Colts gift basket provided by the Indianapolis Colts and Rick and Shannon Dawson. Dink Loveall won a WISH-TV 8 gift basket from WISH-TV 8 and Rick and Shannon Dawson.

Thank you to everyone who supported KNCW at Hoosier Fall Fest and to all the sponsors.


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 September 24, 2008 - Letter submitted by Kathie Rummell and Carolyn Myers

Dear Editor,

There were more than 100 visitors Saturday, September 13, at the Joyce Skaggs Hutcheon Art Show in the Historic Knightstown, Inc., museum. We are grateful to the many contributing artists who made the show possible. They include Barbara Meade, Amelia Wyatt, Dean S. Hunt, Shirley Richardson, Peter O’Donoghue, Lindsay Gaddis, Crystal Rose Moore, Chelsea Couture, Claire Couture, Joe Haase, Michelle Swift, Nadine Spence, Barbara Carter, Sarah Tabb, Tammy Newby, Jerry Brockman, Buddy Willey, Sandy Ruf, Mary Nigh, Billy Spence, Blaine Posey, Linda Addison, Kathie Pitts Rummell, Scott Hilderbrand, Fleta Heim, Mary Florea, Tim Gasper, Chloe Bretzlaff and Jack Bretzlaff.


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 September 24, 2008 - Letter submitted by Cassie's Cause

 Dear Editor,

With heartfelt gratitude, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for the tremendous outpouring of support received at this year's Cassie’s Cause event. We continue to be deeply moved by your words of encouragement and generosity. We are happy to report that your support of "Cassie's Cause" resulted in a donation in excess of $3,900 to the Henry County DARE program.

We would like to thank all of the following.

Sponsors: Animal House Low Cost Pet Vaccines, Antolin Benninger & Benson Obstetrics & Gynecology, Anytime Fitness, Authentic Apparel, BP Gas Station, Caitlin-Morgan Insurance Services, Caito Foods, Castle Point Barber Shop, Citizens State Bank, Dunn Center, Gas America, Hickory Creek at New Castle, Hinsey-Brown Funeral Service, Jeff's Pizza, K&W Recycling, Knightstown Volunteer Fire Department, Knightstown Online, Kroger, Knightstown Tire & Auto, Kozy Kabin, Legacy Cinema, Papa John's, Starbuck's, Sugar Creek Animal Hospital, Team B Design, The Banner, The Sons of the American Legion Post 152 Knightstown, Top 10 Videos and Tanning and Town and Country Animal Hospital LLC.

Donations: Mario Andretti, Dave and Kay Denney, Kevin Harvick, Inc., Indiana Fever, Indiana Pacers, Indianapolis Colts, Indianapolis Ice, Indianapolis Indians, Masco Support Services and Bill and Sally Windsor. Volunteers - Tina Adams, Levi Boaz, Carissa Brammer, Anna Brown, Lucy Brown, Jerry Burris, Emily Crain, Anthony Darling, Craig Denney, Kiersten Ebersole, Debbie Fox, Chasity Grimme, Heather Holder, Levi Holder, James Jahrsdoerfer, Kelly and Patty Jones, Tony Keck, Ciara Kline, Susan Kinser, Katlyn Lane, Brooks Manning, Jennifer Manning, Josh McIntire, Amber Pitts and Vickie Rhodes. Christina Clark and Shyron Sturgill, who helped us with our raffle drawing on Sunday.

Runners/Walkers: Gene Black, Cameron Denis, Cara Denis, Lynn Denis, T.J. Fender, Cheryl and Kiersten Hammer, Jean Ann Henry, Jeremy, Patty, Chelsie and Dakota Howard, Kelly Jones, Andrea King, Barbara Lacy, Elizabeth Magee, Brooks Manning, Jennifer Manning, Donny Martin, Tim and Lori McCord, Jody McMahel, Mike and Deanna Miller, Coleen and Scott Moulton, Ron Patrick, Melissa Peggs, Jeremy Platts, David Prince, Trina Smalley, Teresa Smith, Nick Spiegel and Diane Worch.

We would also like to thank Cara Denis and WMDH, Bethany Tabb and The Courier-Times, the Knightstown Fall Festival Committee, Knightstown Police Department, Town of Knightstown and the public for continuing to support Cassie's Cause.

Cassie's Cause Crew: Gretchen Back, Debbie Clem, Liz, Jasson, Dane and Brock Corbett, Dave and Kay Denney, Nelson Early, Haley Godwin, Chris Jarrett, Ed Manning, Mike and Deanna Miller, Amanda Nelson, Sharon and Tom Nelson, Brent Patrick, Dick and Dottie Taylor, Lynda Taylor, Casey Whitfield and Zach Zornes. Thank you is not enough for all your hard work!

As you can see, it takes a community to organize such an event. Without the help and support of all of these people and organizations, this weekend would not have been such a success. Again, thank you to everyone!


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 September 24, 2008 - Letter submitted by Melissa Fausnaugh, Knightstown

Dear Editor,

I was let go from my job on September 3, in my opinion, for unjust cause. I worked in an office with four associates, one manager, myself, and the supervisor, who on a daily basis talked what I call “shop talk.” By this, I mean conversations about sex, genitals and showed vulgar pictures on their cell phones. Whether anyone was bothered by this or not, doesn’t make it okay.

The reason they gave for letting me go was due to a conversation I had with my husband over the phone three weeks ago. It was a heated conversation and apparently someone was offended by it. I was on final warning for getting too involved with another associate’s personal life. I helped her out in a time of need, just as everyone else did, including the manager. Then, after helping her, everyone would complain about her to other associates. As a matter of fact, everyone complained about everyone from time to time behind their backs, myself and the manager included.

In the over four years I have worked for this company I never let my personal life interfere with my job. I always went to work with a smile and did my job, no matter what I had going on. I also never let it reflect on the customer. I did talk about it with the associates, as they did when there was something going on with them.

I also never took advantage of the benefits that were given to me (sick, personal or vacation days) - unlike the manager, who was not dependable. By this, I mean they would call in through text messages. Or come in and say they had to leave early for something. This would happen two to three times a week on average. Some people work for the company and the associates, where others work for themselves.

Someone said to me years ago that not everyone has the same work ethics as you do. I just never thought that someone would be a manager. They are supposed to lead by example.

I will end this letter with this note. Our office may not have been the most professional office, but we were there for each other, stood by each other and had each others’ back. Or so I thought. I will take this as constructive criticism. I’ll learn from it and take it with me as I move on.



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