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 Letters Published in August 13, 2008 Issue



August 13, 2008 - Letter submitted by The Officers, Members and Ladies Auxiliary of the Greensboro Volunteer Fire Department

 Dear Editor,

The Greensboro Volunteer Fire Department and Ladies Auxiliary held a poker ride and hog roast on June 14, 2008, to raise money to help purchase a new pumper truck to replace our current truck that is 37 years old. At this time we would like to thank everyone that donated and/or participated in this event and helped make it a great success!

At this time we would like to give a special thanks to Deputy Rector of the Henry County Sheriff's Department for escorting us and helping to keep our ride safe.

We owe the biggest thanks of all to Burke Smith. Without his help this ride would probably not have even taken place.

Once again, thanks to all who participated and donated. We cannot possibly list everyone by name, but you know who you are.


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August 13, 2008 - Letter submitted by Dan Webber, president, Knightstown Neighborhood Crime Watch

 Dear Editor,

To all those who attended National Night Out on Tuesday, August 5:

I am extending my sincere appreciation for the donation of desserts and your attendance. There were roughly 125 citizens that shared some wonderful delicacies and honored all the sponsors who donated to Knightstown Neighborhood Crime Watch. Rick and Shannon Dawson deserve to be mentioned first and foremost for emceeing the event. They did a wonderful job! To everyone who helped set up tables and chairs and all of those who stayed to help clean up, thank you! Finally, thank you to all of those in Knightstown who participated in National Night Out by turning on your porch lights.


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 August 13, 2008 - Letter submitted John Leisure, Knightstown

 Dear Editor,

I find it somewhat distressing that after the school board member from Greensboro resigned in an apparent fit of pique, because the other members of the board insisted on making public information, public, that no one stepped up to represent the citizens. I would have volunteered but, alas, I don't live in Greensboro. Then I remembered George Herbert Walker Bush, 41st president of the United States. While he was both vice president and president he maintained a residence in Maine, where they have state income tax, but filed his taxes in Texas, where they do not.

So I figured that if such self-serving chicanery could be used to help a man, well enough off to use $20 bills for bath tissue, avoid paying state income taxes, then I could use similar tactics to serve the the tax payers of Greensboro. Therefore, if no citizens of Greensboro object I am willing do what George did.

I will rent a post office box in Greensboro or some small corner of a room and sign an affidavit, as the former president did, that I, at some undisclosed point in the vague future, truly intend to move to Greensboro. The former president never did get around to moving to Texas, he still lives in Kennibunkport, but, hey, if it is good enough for the Republican party and the IRS …

I promise to agree with the majority of the school board except when I don't and to keep none of their business secret.


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 August 13, 2008 - Letter submitted by Boyd Duncan, chief, Carthage Volunteer Fire Dept.

 Dear Editor,

Wasn't that an interesting letter from Starr Keller (The Banner, July 30, 2008)? Very dramatic how she was verbally abused by the mean Fire Chief and the big bad Policeman. It was good, but she left out a few details (for dramatic reasons I suppose).

I will admit I did say, "I don't want to listen to your s**t." But let me play Paul Harvey and tell you the rest of the story!

To start, it was just an accident. They happen, and all you can do is make the best of a bad situation, as I was trying to do.

First, she said after five minutes the driver of the truck sauntered down to check on him. Wrong! Two EMTs from our department immediately went down and checked on him and he said he was OK. The driver of the fire truck was calling the police to report the accident at the same time.

A few minutes later her boyfriend came screaming down the street in reverse, jumps out of his vehicle and says to the driver, "Dude, you f****ed up my truck." I could see where this was going and I told the driver, who is my son, to go inside the station to keep the two separated to avoid a confrontation. I talked briefly to Mr. Miller, told the police was on the way and we would get things taken care of.

Things were starting to calm down and then Starr arrived. I was standing in front of the station and she looks at me and said, "This sucks" (not stinks, as she said in her letter - I am not the only one who heard it). That's when I gave that terrible reply.

She said it was a T-bone accident. Wrong again! The right front of Mr. Miller's truck struck the left front bumper of the fire truck. I never heard that referred to as a T-bone. Who was at fault, I don't know, but the flight crew across the street said Mr. Miller made eye contact with one of them. So was he giving 100 percent of his attention to driving? Why did it take almost a block for him to get stopped? Was speed a factor? But that's not her nor there. It happened and it can't be undone.

She said we didn't get together and exchange insurance information. I gave our information, including proof of insurance that Miller couldn't provide at the scene. From what I understand, the police didn't get his info till Monday afternoon.

She also forgot to tell the part about her boyfriend coming into the office of the fire station, starting a confrontation with me and saying how they were going to have my job because they pay my salary (that one makes me laugh). I explained to him we are volunteer and we don't get paid, and I'll be honest, I didn't use the best choice of words. Things got heated enough that Officer Rogers told him, "It ends here. Go home," and escorted them out of the station. Also, she forgot to tell about the hand gesture she made as they drove off.

She said Officer Rogers waited till they were home for 10 minutes before he came to her house. I don't think so! He left the station less than a minute after they did.

She said he had his hand on his gun the entire time. He wasn't wearing his gun. We were making jokes about him not having his gun belt on. All he had on his side was his radio.

One question I have is, if you can pass the sobriety test, why refuse? Wouldn't it have been easier to do it than argue and make a scene?

Another question: Why is it such an issue that my son was driving the truck? Would it have been different if it was someone not related to me?

The bad thing about this whole deal is that it directly reflects on the fire department. The citizens of Carthage have a group of dedicated men and women who give countless hours of their own time without any compensation to help someone in need.

When something like this happens, the rumor mills start, the story gets twisted and all over town you hear a different version - like in a public place, a group talking about it and how terrible it was when they don't have the nerve to walk over and ask the person involved his side of the story. Everyone is quick to put someone down, but when that same person gets out of bed at three o'clock in the morning and misses a day's work to help them out, it's a different story.

Everyone is quick to judge the fire and police departments, but you hardly ever hear anyone stand up for them. You can drag my name through the mud and I don't really care! She has made a major issue about a comment I made and don't let that reflect on the whole group. It has made me ask myself a question: Do I really want to help anymore when this is the thanks you get?


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