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 Letters Published in August 6, 2008 Issue



August 6, 2008 - Letter submitted by Tammy Newby, Knightstown

 Dear Editor,

A very stressful situation has occurred that compelled me to write this letter. On Friday, Aug. 1, four local caregivers received a surprise visit from a Child Care Home Licensing Consultant. These particular caregivers are not licensed and were reported as having too many children. The individual that filed the complaint operates a licensed day care. This individual has also filed many complaints before against non-licensed caregivers.

I do not pretend to understand all the laws that apply to the child caregivers of Indiana. As a working mother of two young boys, I have no option but to seek out these caregivers. I have had my children in licensed and unlicensed day care. I have found that even having a license doesn't mean that my children are receiving the best care. I have based my choices on word of mouth and how the individual takes care of my children. Therefore I feel it should be my personal choice to take my children where they will receive the best care. This decision should not be the choice of the state of Indiana or an individual who brings it upon themselves to report non-licensed caregivers out of spite and maliciousness.

I know three of the four women reported. These women are generous, hard working, and all-round good people. They were providing a very important service to fellow parents and to their community. To have our children's stability and these women's livelihood messed with is beyond me!

I do sincerely hope that this individual that has caused all this upheaval and hurt can look at herself in the mirror because I don't see how she can.


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 August 6, 2008 - Letter submitted by Donny Martin, coach, Knightstown High School Baseball

 Dear Editor,

On behalf of the Knightstown High School baseball program, I would like to thank The Banner, Dan and Denise Titus at the Knightstown Locker and White Flash Auto, along with all the parents and coaching staff who made the last season a success by helping feed the players after games, and the "grounds crew" for all their hard work in making sure the field was ready come game time along with all the time and effort in making sure the player were prepared come game time.

I would also like to thank The Banner, the Locker, Wal-Mart of New Castle, and Dimitrios Antriopoulos of the Gas America Gas Grill in Knightstown for donations to the fish wagon over this past weekend. A special thanks goes out to Lori Martin and Denise Titus for organizing the weekend schedule and making sure everything was in order. I would also like to thank the players, parents and members of our coaching staff for donating their time over the weekend to make sure this fundraiser was a success. Thanks also to everyone who came out and supported the baseball program. Thanks again to everyone who helped all year long.


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August 6, 2008  - Letter submitted by Girls 10 and under all-stars, Todd Lawhorne, Gina and Dennis Miller, Jess Vaughn

 Dear Editor,

The Knightstown girls 10-years-old and under all-star team would like to thank the following people and businesses for sponsoring them in their tourneys and all their help: Knightstown Optimist; Main Street Threads; The Banner; Knightstown Locker; Draper Shade; the Sanders family; the Coffman family; parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters; and anyone we forgot.

Thanks for all your help and support.


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August 6, 2008 - Letter submitted by Ron Short, New Lisbon

 Dear Editor,

I have been following the events concerning the local school system with great interest. I believe that the policies stated and the content of the oath of office clearly establish that the school board should place the interests of the Knightstown Community above other considerations, whether business or personal.

So, the conclusion is quite clear: The act of moving the insurance from Knightstown to New Castle was in direct violation of both stated policy and the oath of office. Those responsible should be chastised accordingly, whether by legal means or word of mouth.

I firmly believe that the new school board brings a new openness and attitude of service to the community and a new willingness to be accountable. But there are many tough issues to be dealt with and people should put aside their petty differences and get involved and help in a united way to return excellence to the school system.

I believe the community has plenty of talented and capable people to really change things for the better. Do the people in the school system and the community have the vision and the commitment?


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August 6, 2008 - Letter submitted by Jessica Ellis, owner, Brighter Horizons Daycare

 Dear Editor,

In life, our reputation is one of the few things we strive to maintain throughout our lifetime. Good or bad, it follows us wherever we may go. It is easily tarnished and hard to repair.

Living in small-town Knightstown, I realize how fluent the rumor mill runs. I also know how devastating the rumor mill can be to a person's reputation. Herein lies the reason for my letter.

I love my family and my business and, therefore, feel as though I should defend my reputation as such. I have worked very hard my entire life for what I have, and feel hurt and angered that someone would try to tarnish and ruin my livelihood and my family.

On Friday, Aug. 1, the state licensing agent for the Knightstown area made surprise inspections for all the unlicensed day care facilities in town. Apparently, a letter was sent to the state advising them that unlicensed facilities were providing care for more children than allowed.

I completely understand and comply with the state's rules regarding limiting the amount of children I care for. However, sending a malicious letter to the state placing a blanket of blame on everyone rather than citing the specific facility causes problems, stress, and worry for all providers as well as their families and the families of the children they provide care for.

My business is the sole income for my family, and I take state inspections very seriously. I have already taken many steps towards becoming a licensed day care, and plan to continue to do so. Even though obtaining a license for my day care is very costly and financially straining to my family, this situation has pushed me towards completing the process sooner so that my facility is not targeted again.

To the person who felt obligated to write the letter to the state, I simply ask that in the future you would remember that accusing everyone affects everyone. Please keep in mind that we do this business because we love the children and want to see them safe and happy. Please be more respectful to the businesses trying to do the right thing and abide by the rules - not all of us want to be involved in the town rumor mill.

Our attitudes and behaviors grow from assumption. However, assuming something and being wrong injures everyone's reputation. In the child care business all you have is your reputation. I certainly do not want to see the reputation I have worked very hard to establish ruined because others are making incorrect assumptions.


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August 6, 2008 - Letter submitted by Barry Welsh, Democratic candidate, U.S. House of Representatives, 6th Dist. (IN)

 Dear Editor,

Representative Mike Pence from Indiana's 6th District has been leading a charge from the GOP-minority to recall the Congress from its traditional August recess to take a vote on expanding outer-continental shelf oil drilling. Mr. Pence claims that "Congress shouldn't take a vacation until we vote on lessening our dependence on foreign oil."

I agree that Congress should stay in session, but not to consider drilling in the Arctic Natural Wildlife Reserve and other environmentally sensitive areas. Congress should be working full time to develop an energy policy that encourages and supports development of alternatives to oil, not more dependence on it.

When elected to Congress I will support legislation that encourages the development of oil independence and new industries that will bring "green collar jobs" to the 6th District. Even if we began drilling and found oil, which is never guaranteed, it would have an impact of only a few cents and that impact would not occur until 2018. By that time, American workers could be making the American vehicles of the future.

This is one of my top priorities when I am elected this November, creating new jobs from green technologies and affordable renewable energy sources.

I was surprised my opponent has embraced such a bold move as to want Congress in special session, given the 37 times this year he has motioned to adjourn Congress. It seems like the only thing he does want to talk about is more oil, and that is exactly the opposite direction I think we should take. I think we should be talking about what we can do to help individual homeowners make their homes more energy efficient and less expensive to heat and cool. Most important we should be talking to our communities to find out what they need .

That is what I will do, in each of the 19 counties of the 6th District I will hold community meetings to exchange ideas and work together to develop a plan to become oil independent.

Mr. Pence was not willing to help the American people while Congress was in its legislative session, and is still not serious about finding real solutions that will help average Americans cope with skyrocketing energy costs. We Hoosiers are not interested in grandstanding on an issue that should have been resolved earlier in the legislative session.

These are critical times and we need a congressman who will step up and find answers not sound bytes. As the next congressman from the 6th District I will work with the next president to find other solutions that do not require us to further pollute the environment and destroy our great natural resources.


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Augus 6, 2008 - Letter submitted by Bill Dawes, Knightstown

 Dear Editor,

Lights and sirens still need to be accompanied by common sense. So, while pulling out of the fire station, whether for an emergency or just to take a joy ride, the "fire chief's son" should have been more careful before proceeding to t-bone an innocent passerby. And then to hear such things come from the police/fire chief's mouth…wow! I'm in awe!

After standing face to face with police officer Rogers, shouldn't he, being a professional, have noticed if someone was under the influence of anything? After all, that is what he gets paid for. (Actually, Rogers is an unpaid reserve officer for the Carthage Police Dept. -- Ed.) But to wait until this man gets to his home and then demand a field sobriety test? This almost makes me speechless … but not quite!

This is a huge conflict of interest. Since Officer Rogers is a town employee and this was an accident involving a town vehicle, Carthage should have never been involved in the first place. (The fire truck was not a town vehicle. The Carthage VFD is a separate entity from the town. -- Ed.) Someone should have called in the Rush County Sheriff's Department to investigate the crash right from the beginning. And, being trained professionals, you'd think they would all know this.

I think being asked by the homeowner over 25 times, was a courtesy. I would have asked if he had a warrant and, if not, he would have been asked one time to leave before I called the Rush County Sheriffs Department to have him escorted off my property! I think as an officer of the law Mr. Roger's should know that without legal documentation the property owner has the legal right to ask him to leave. And police officers are not supposed to threaten anyone. That just shows ignorance and fear.

Officer Rogers, you were way out of line! I think Ms. Keller and Mr. Miller need to contact the Indiana State Police and demand an impartial investigation of this accident; then, find a real good attorney!



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