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 Letters Published in July 16, 2008 Issue




July 16, 2008 - Letter submitted by Kay Denney, Knightstown

 Dear Editor,

On July 23, 2007, every parent's worse fear was realized by Jane and Rusty Taylor of Knightstown. Their beautiful daughter, Cassie, age 17, had died. An apparent heroin overdose cut short her beautiful life and forever changed the family's life. Since Cassie's death, there have been additional deaths resulting from overdoses of heroin and other substances in both our community and county. Heroin syringes have been found recently in our local park, as documented by the media. Parents and children feel helpless as these events unfold and recent "Pure Fun" sessions bring light to the fact that there is a serious drug problem in our area.

There is good news, however - there is a way for you to help. Jane and Rusty Taylor are showing tremendous courage and concern for the future of our children by organizing Cassie's Cause. Cassie's Cause is an endeavor, the intent of which is to fund DARE education for all Henry County schools. DARE stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education (commonly known as "Just Say No" to the program's students). Though DARE's educators are provided through the Henry County Sheriff's Department, the funds for the DARE program have to be raised through private donations and grant money.

On Saturday, September 13, the first annual Cassie's Cause 5K Run/Walk will be held in the Knightstown area. Please mark your calendars and hold this date open. More information regarding the event will be forthcoming in the local media.

To obtain more information regarding Cassie's Cause or to volunteer with the run/walk, please contact Jane Taylor at 765-345-2198 or Kay Denney at 765-345-5562. To learn more about the DARE program, please contact Detective Sergeant Ed Manning at 765-529-5669. If you wish to make a donation to Henry Co. DARE, please make checks payable to Henry Co., Indiana DARE, c/o Det. Sgt. Manning, Henry Co. Sheriff's Department, 1426 Broad St., New Castle, IN 47362. Please write "Cassie's Cause" on the memo line of your check so the Taylors can acknowledge your kindness.

Thank you in advance for your help in this matter. Your donations of time, money and prayers will not go unnoticed and will be the silver lining of a very dark cloud that came over our town last summer.


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July 16, 2008 - Letter submitted by Jess Vaughn, Knightstown

 Dear Editor,

I would like to congratulate the Knightstown 10-and-under girls all-star team on an excellent job this past weekend in Union City. They played well all weekend long and faced some talented teams from Ohio and Indiana. I am very proud of Georgee Lawhorne, Haley Fowler, Larissa Shields, Tori McDonald, Codey Miller, Mackenzie Peggs, Deena Miller, Sidney Hastings, Vivian Goodpastor, Bailey Coffman, Allison Sander, Jessie Spong and Robyn Clark. Love you all and keep up the good work. And don't ever give up at playing any sport.


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July 16, 2008 - Letter submitted by Stacey Guffey, Henry County Coroner

 Dear Editor,

There is a lot of discussion going on in Indianapolis to eliminate local elected offices and create a state bureaucracy to do the work. Supporters of this proposal think that a state employee should replace the county coroner. This is a bad idea that will cost the taxpayers more money and give poorer service to the public. This proposal will eliminate the office but will not eliminate the work.

As an elected county official, I am accountable to you, the voter. If the supporters of this idea are successful in eliminating my office, I will be replaced by an appointed state employee who will not likely live in this county. If you have a death in the family, you will then be forced to deal with a state agency instead of a locally elected person. In states that have gone to such a system the costs have gone up by millions of dollars.

Proponents of eliminating the office of county coroner say they will do it to save money. My salary is $14,595.00 and my entire budget is $45,495. Are they really going to find someone to do my job for less than that? The answer is no. Every time the state has consolidated a local function costs have gone up. Look at what happened to costs when schools were consolidated or when the state took over the county welfare system.

Indiana's county coroners are some of the best trained elected officials in the country. We are required, by law, to complete a comprehensive training curriculum provided by the Indiana Coroners Training Board and then pass an extensive test in order to be certified. If we are not certified, the county can withhold our paycheck. No other elected official is subject to this required certification and possible loss of pay.

Legislators will be asked again this session to support a constitutional amendment to eliminate the office of county coroner. They should stand up and say no to creating a big, state run bureaucracy that is expensive and not accountable to voters. Ask your legislators to say no to bigger government.


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