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 Letters Published in June 4, 2008 Issue



 June 4, 2008 - Letter submitted by Danny Baker, Chief of Police, Knightstown

I would like to give a heartfelt thank you to the utilities workers, the officers of the Knightstown Police Department, the Spiceland utilities and the private contractors for their quick response to the storm damage Friday evening.

Within 15 minutes all utilities departments and off duty police officers responded to the call for assistance. Also, thanks to the Knightstown Fire Department for staying out with the utilities workers and providing lighting.

A special thanks goes to Stephanie Loucks for helping dispatcher Lisa Robertson answer the telephones at the police department. I would like to give Lisa Robertson a commendation for handling a very tough situation in a professional and calm manner.



 June 4, 2008 - Letter submitted by Mitchell Porter, Knightstown

We still have good children. Jill Gross, Kylie Walker, Abby Hawkins, Adam Bivens and Cory Speicher help me mow and pick up sticks.



 June 4, 2008 - Letter submitted by George M. Schatzlein, Fishers

I do not, customarily, write "Letters to the Editor."

However! … I feel that I should question Capt. Nate LaMar's letter in which he states: "On Memorial Day we honor all veterans, but particularly veterans of the Korean and Vietnam wars." … Really!

Memorial Day was first authorized in 1868 following, obviously, the American Civil War.

The Vietnam War Memorial was completed in 1982. The Korean War Memorial was dedicated on July 27, 1995 … admittedly after the Vietnam Memorial.

The World War II memorial was dedicated on April 29, 2004! Quite a bit late, since the war ended in 1945! I was fortunate enough to be able to go to Washington to attend the dedication.

There is a World War I Memorial in Section 34 of the Arlington National Cemetery.

During World War I, my father was a 17-year-old German immigrant, living in Chicago. He lied about his age, said he was born in California and enlisted in the American Army and went back to France to fight in the American Army and was discharged as a sergeant after the war ended.

In 1942, I was 18 on November 2. On Friday, November 13, I enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Corps. I went to the South Pacific until the war ended … not only visiting "where these wars took place" … but was also where the war was taking place!

I then stayed in what became the U.S. Air Force … retiring as a captain.

I guess that what all of this "narration" means is that I feel that Memorial Day is intended to honor all veterans of these United States … not "particularly veterans of the Korean and Vietnam wars." I would like to feel that we are honoring all veterans, living or deceased … including my father … and, yes, possibly even me and my fellow World War II veterans and those serving now.

It is not my intention to criticize Captain LaMar … just thought I'd like to honor all veterans … and pray that we do not have to lose any more to wars.



 June 4, 2008 - Letter submitted by JoAnne McCorkle, director - Three Rivers Solid Waste Management District

Soon Henry County households and businesses will be receiving a bill for $12 from Three Rivers Solid Waste Management District. Your next questions might be, who are they and why do I need to pay this bill?

In 1990 House Bill 1240 created solid waste districts to address integrated solid waste management in Indiana in a comprehensive manner. The bill had five main goals:

*Help protect Indiana's environment;

*Encourage environmentally sound businesses;

*Create a local government entity specifically focused on addressing solid waste management challenges;

*Allow Indiana to effectively manage solid waste; and

*Reduce land-filled waste by 50 percent by 2001

Three Rivers Solid Waste Management District was formed in 1991 in response to House Bill 1240. Solid waste districts were mandated into being, but there was no funding mechanism mandated. Our county officials had to find a way to fund the district. The funding mechanisms that are available to a solid waste district are: property taxes and associated taxes; district fees on final disposal facilities within the districts; user fees; direct contributions from participating government entities; and grants, loans, bonds and gifts. Initially the district was funded by two cents of tax valuation. At that time the district had four member counties with two landfills and the two cent rate was generating more revenue than was needed and so was reduced to 1.3 cents, with the understanding that once the extra funds had been utilized the rate would be increased.

The rate was never increased and the extra funds have been utilized. So … what was given to Three Rivers in the form of a yearly county contribution of $65,000 will go back into the county's general fund and our funding will be in the form of $12 a year for each household and business in Henry County. These are the technical reasons why the $12 fee has to be paid. Now let's discuss the benefits of this office for Henry County residents.

There are many free programs that Three Rivers offers. This year is our 14th year providing the Household Hazardous Waste disposal program known as "Tox-Away Day." Just taking figures from 2003-2008, we have kept over 172,912 lbs. (or 108.07 tons) of toxic chemicals out of Henry County's environment through our Tox-Away Days.

Our recycling program since 2003 has facilitated the processing of 2,568.64 tons of recyclables and kept these items out of our landfill and helped to continue the "recycling loop." The Arts & Scraps Reuse Center provides free resources to the non-profit community to access. This program helps companies in the area to save costs on waste disposal and trash hauling fees by donating to the reuse center what might otherwise go into the landfill. This positively affects the environment while supporting the non-profit community. Just to name of few of the programs offered!

We have a total of 21 programs that have been created to help address the environmental needs of Henry County and are free to the public. We encourage Henry County residents to contact this office with any questions, suggestions or needs that they might have. We are here to help Henry County become a "green" community.

We are located at 1409 Broad Street in New Castle. Our office hours are 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, with the Reuse Center open 8 a.m.-5 p.m. on Tuesday. Our phone number is (765) 529-1691.

*Our first "E-Scrap Event" (where we took anything that had a circuit board) was May 31 at the First Baptist Church parking lot in New Castle.

*Our Tox-Away Day for 2008 will be Saturday, September 13, from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. at the Henry County Highway Dept.



 June 4, 2008 - Letter submitted by The Knightstown Chamber of Commerce

The Knightstown Chamber of Commerce would like to take this opportunity to thank the following businesses for making this year's Citizen of the Year Banquet a great success with all of their many donations of door prizes: Post & Post Hardware, The Ivy Wreath, National Insurance Agency, The Glass Cupboard, Curves, Main Street Threads, MainSource Bank, Leakey Insurance, Knightstown Elevator, NAPA, Knightstown Laundromat, Rusty Johnson Construction, Kozy Kabin, Jakes Heating & Cooling, Knightstown Post Office, National Road Amoco, Hudson's Diner, Jeff's Pizza, The Corner Bakery, Hancock County Telecom, Ameriana, Citizens State Bank, Smoot's Lawn Care, Tastefully Simple, Home Helpers, Winters Custom Homes, State Farm, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Embarq, Lia Sophia, Knightstown Neighborhood Crime Watch and CGS of Morristown.

A special thank you to Shannon Dawson our guest speaker, Sally Windsor for catering, the Hoosier Gym for use of their facility, Brandon Blackwell of Everything Engraving for his extra time/work on the new 1953-2008 Dedication Plaque and to all of the Chamber members who worked on this event. Thank you!


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