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 Letters Published in May 14, 2008 Issue



 May 14, 2008 - Letter submitted by Rita McBride, Fortville

Having grown up in a small town south of Indianapolis and having lived in central Indiana all my life, I read with interest Addrea Carter-Brown's letter praising those who stop, as a sign of respect, while funeral processions pass. I've noticed a few people doing this and wondered about the origins of this practice. I must say, with no disrespect intended to Ms. Carter-Brown, the letter seemed unnecessarily hateful toward those of us who did not grow up observing that custom. I couldn't recall anything in Tom Hoepf's letter that might have triggered such a response, so I dug last week's Banner out of the recycle bag and reread his letter.

Hmm, nothing there but a man recounting a puzzling experience, researching some facts and writing a polite, well-reasoned letter about it. I see nothing to justify the hostile tone of the response. In fact, he makes a good point about respect. We shouldn't allow ourselves to get so carried away respecting the dead that we forget that it's more important to respect the living. People who don't stop for funeral processions are not demonstrating disrespect for the dead or for the mourners. They were simply not raised in a culture in which that was taught as proper behavior.

By the way, I do not know Mr. Hoepf; perhaps Ms. Carter-Brown does. If he is really a "disgruntled, elderly man" he did a good job of disguising it in his letter. Someone who has been driving for 40 years isn't necessarily elderly, as I define the word. Both the letter writer and the woman in the mini-van were rude to Mr. Hoepf, in my opinion, and are the ones who need to get their priorities straight.



 May 14, 2008 - Letter submitted by Judy Haase, Knightstown Food Pantry director

Thanks to the Clever Clovers 4-H Club and the Boy Scouts for their help in collecting the food from the United States Postal Service food drive. Also, thanks to the community for supporting this food drive for the local food pantry. Approximately 1,000 pounds of food was collected.



 May 14, 2008 - Letter submitted by Anthony Lorton, public information officer, Knightstown Police Department

Warm weather is now upon us, and now is the time of year for young people to take to the roads with their mopeds and scooters. I wanted to take a little bit of time to remind parents and young people about the requirements the state of Indiana has for moped/scooter riders.

First of all, riders of mopeds must be at least 15 years of age and are required to have a state of Indiana identification card that can be obtained at any BMV branch.

Second, anyone under the age of 18 must wear a helmet. If the helmet does not have a face shield, the rider must also wear eye protection (goggles).

Finally, moped riders are required to obey all traffic laws. This includes signaling turns and lane changes, stopping at all stop signs and obeying automatic traffic signals.

I hope all the young people that have mopeds/scooters will enjoy themselves as summer approaches and will stay safe. All the information I have included can be accessed at the BMV website, or, if you prefer the easy way, by running "Indiana Moped Laws" through your favorite search engine.

Have a great and safe summer.



 May 14, 2008 - Letter submitted by Ron Short, New Lisbon

I heard from a reliable source that the University Team consultants the Charles A. Beard School Board is using in the selection process for a new superintendent provided names of people with only curriculum experience and no financial experience.

After the school board's March 11 public forum on its superintendent search and the school board candidate forum on April 24, it seemed abundantly clear to me that the community and at least three of the newly elected board members want an individual with expertise in both curriculum and finance. Why, then, were the University Team's selections not rejected out of hand? Remember, this is the same panel that brought McGuire into the CAB school system.

Are Fruth and his crew trying to select another superintendent before the newly elected members are seated? Are they trying to saddle Knightstown with another McGuire? I think that no selection should be made before July, when the new board members take office. Anyone who agrees, please get the message to Fruth, Ware and all other board members any way possible.



 May 14, 2008 - Letter submitted by Rex Bell, Hagerstown, Candidate for District 54 Representative

My honorable Republican opponent for this fall's District 54 race, Tom Saunders, recently told a reporter that "Rex wants you to do away with a lot of government, but I'm not sure that's what the public wants." He's right about me wanting to do away with a lot of government.

Here in Wayne County, the Economic Development Commission is getting ready to take $50,000 from the taxpayers and spend it on a feasibility study to see if we need another industrial park next to our industrial park. Last year the EDC took money from workers that were making $7.50 per hour and gave it to a company that grossed $2 billion the year before. The year before that taxpayers paid $700,000 to build a road through a county commissioner's business development. In Indianapolis, the government took $625 million from the taxpayers to build a stadium for a multi-millionaire NFL team owner. They also took $3.5 million to demolish the old stadium that the taxpayers still owed $70 million on.

You can't build a shelter for your family without asking for the government's permission. Your barber can't cut your hair unless the government gives its permission. It's nearly impossible to find three things that the government doesn't tax or regulate.

So yes, I have to plead guilty. I do want to do away with a lot of government. I want to do away with a lot of government agencies that exist simply to transfer wealth from one person to another. I want to do away with a lot of government agencies that exist only to protect us from ourselves, even if it is for our own good.

I certainly don't want to prevent people from investing in businesses or stadiums if they so desire, and if a person wants to find someone to oversee his or her personal affairs, I don't want to stand in their way. But those of us who prefer to make our own financial and personal decisions should be able to do so with a lot less government interference than we have currently.

As far as to Tom's opinion of what the public wants, I'll have to admit that in past elections, people haven't been voting to do away with a lot of government. But then again, they haven't really had the opportunity to vote that way. They could either vote for the Democrats version of a lot of government, or they could vote for the Republican version of a lot of government. Or they could not vote at all.

And I'll grant you that there are a lot of people out there that like a lot of government. Somebody once said that a government that robs Peter to pay Paul will always have the support of Paul. I'm pretty sure those people won't vote for me.

But there are also a lot of people out there that are tired of being robbed and managed, and whether they have been voting for something they didn't want, or not voting at all, I plan to give them a chance to vote for what they do want. Less government.

That's what Libertarians do.



 May 14, 2008 - Letter submitted by Steve Dalton, CAB School Board

I'd like to sincerely thank everyone who helped, supported and voted for me in last Tuesday's election for the CAB School Board. While it's impossible to name everyone, special thanks to Bob and Carolyn Myers, Larry and Tina Fowler and family, as well as Jamie and Nora Maxwell. I'm honored to serve, and I look forward to representing the taxpayers, students and faculty to the best of my ability. Finally, I'd like to urge the public to attend future board meetings and be heard. Thanks again for your support.


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