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 Letters Published in April 16, 2008 Issue



 Apr. 16, 2008 - Letter submitted by Jim Hope, Knightstown

It's time for voters in the Charles A. Beard school district to wake up and make changes in how our school system is run.

First, we should not have to sign up several days in advance just to be able to make a comment or ask a question at school board meetings. To me, this just seems like a way to try to intimidate citizens and discourage the public from participating. We deserve elected officials who are truly interested in hearing what we have to say.

The school board's policy used to be that anyone could speak during the public comments part of the meeting, and we need to change it back to that. Also, when we ask questions of the board, any board member should be able to answer - not just the board president.

I also believe that when school board members ask to see school corporation records, they should be allowed to see copies that have not been marked out or edited. How else can board members know what's going on and do their jobs as elected officials?

When board member Kevin Knott asked to look at some records last September, he was only allowed to see copies that had parts marked out. The state's public access counselor said she thought the school corporation was wrong, but Mr. Knott has still not been allowed to see the records.

What is on these records that is such a big secret? And why was the school corporation's $140-an-hour attorney paid more than a $1,000 to advise the board to ignore the public access counselor's view on this matter?

When we ask the school board questions, we should expect members to be respectful of us and to answer truthfully. If school board members cannot be honest and truthful with citizens, then it's time for us to make a change.

We need to remove the three school board members who are running for reelection and vote for new people who will work closer with the community and be more forthcoming with information about the school corporation. I encourage voters to vote for a change on May 6 and elect Mark Fort, Steve Dalton, Tim Wehr and Brian Smith to the CAB School Board.



 Apr. 16, 2008 - Letter submitted by Virginia Peters, Kennard

I want to congratulate The Banner on its outstanding job printing the truth of important matters concerning CAB. Some people seem to feel as though you are picking on them, but I do not. I think it is about time Knightstown got to hear the voice of the free press representing the people whose rights are being violated.

This school board and the ones before them seem to think they do not have to answer to anyone. What they have done to Knightstown, building two new schools and wasting taxpayers' money from the people of Knightstown and the other townships involved, is a crime, a real injustice to the people.

This abuse has caused people in historic and beautiful Knightstown and those other towns in the corporation to lose their homes because they can no longer afford to keep their taxes paid. The poor and the ones on fixed incomes are especially hurt by the higher taxes.

Some have worked very hard all their lives to pay off their homes and to get their children raised, looking forward to the day they could someday retire with some savings to last the rest of their lives. But along comes those who are in power on the school board and their administration, deciding they're going to take away the rights of one family, taking their land even if they have to more or less steal it from them by eminent domain. Then they went on to build a new elementary school on 17 acres of land they took away from this family.

Then, after deciding to spend millions of dollars for a new high school, they turn around and take the fifth and sixth grades from Knightstown, Carthage and Kennard and stick them in the old high school building with the junior high school kids. I didn't know that they were doing that to Kennard until it had been done.

Overcrowding, they claimed. I say bull to that! They just wanted to fill up the old high school building. But before they did all that they had tried to get 60 some more acres away from the same family, until people from Knightstown started speaking out and they ended up with the ground from someone else.

By the way, you people on the school board should have seen to it that this big ugly school - what looks a lot like the Pendleton prison - had some kind of security protecting it. And since you were so big on robbing Peter to pay Paul, you should have had the other Charles A. Beard schools air conditioned, since you make the kids go back to school in the hottest month of the year. And you should have realized you're not out in L.A. or Dallas, Tex. I should know, I've lived in both places.

Then there is the old elementary building across from the old Knightstown Academy. I love the old Academy. I attended first grade there. If it had been left up to you people, it would have been destroyed. By the way, what happened to all of Kennard's building fund money?

You took away Kennard's high school. Yes, I know about the man from this area who always dreamed of joining Knightstown schools. I met his mother when I and two other Kennard women went around gathering petition signatures back in 1974. Only I didn't do what the first set of mothers did with their petitions. I sent my petitions to Birch Bayh.

I never did trust you people! You people have gotten away with too much for too long!



 Apr. 16, 2008 - Letter submitted by Jeremy Howard, CAB School Board candidate for Ripley Township

I submitted a letter a couple weeks ago about my intentions for running for the Charles A. Beard Ripley Township school board seat. And because of the freedoms offered to all in this great country, I received several comments in response to my intentions and I feel that some are misunderstood. Now that I have had time to ponder these concerns and ideas I would like to invite anyone to come and talk with me face-to-face and share their ideas and concerns with me. Jay Stearns has welcomed me to the Corner Bakery on Saturday, April 19, from 7-9 a.m. in Knightstown to give all a chance to meet and talk with me.

Please do not get me wrong. I like The Knightstown Banner and I feel they do a great service to the Knightstown and Carthage areas, however I am old fashioned and I like to deal face-to-face with people. I do not feel The Banner is a platform for debate. So again I welcome anyone to come and share their ideas, questions, concerns, etc. this Saturday.



 Apr. 16, 2008 - Letter submitted by Tim and Misti Hensley, Carthage

On behalf of Carthage Wesleyan Church, I would like to take a minute to extend a thanks to some very special people.

First I would like to thank everyone that came out on March 22 and supported the chili dinner and live auction benefit for Tracy Weidner and the family of Braden Westmoreland, we appreciate everyone who attended and supported our efforts.

We also feel a deep debt of grattitude to The Knightstown Banner and The Rushville Republican for helping us to get the word out about our benefit dinner and auction. To Eric Cox and staff of The Knightstown Banner and Kevin Green and staff at The Rushville Republican, we greatly appreciate your efforts on our behalf.

We also would like to offer a special thanks to Steve Mohler of Mohler's auction service who worked very hard promoting and helping us plan this event. Without Steve, we may have not been as successful at our fund raising effort.

We also would like to thank the many people and businesses who made donations to our fundraiser: Rushville Flourist, Hubler Auto Center, Bill Denney of Tom True Auto, Cut Loose Hair and Tanning, Gus's Cafe, The Rushville Pharmacy, Christian Value Furniture, Office King, Pavey's Grocery Carthage, Smurfitt-Stone, Curves of Knightstown, Larry Smith, Doris Wyatt, Knightstown Meat Locker, Marlene Eickoff, Bruce Trishmann, Sharon Hamilton and Ilene Dyer. If anyone has been omitted, from this list please accept our apologies.

I would also like to take this chance to say a big thank you to all the ladies of Carthage Wesleyan Church who pitched in to help Misti make this a success.

Thank You all and may God Bless each of you.


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