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 Letters Published in April 2, 2008 Issue


 Apr. 2, 2008 - Letter submitted by Dale Dunn, Danville

Survival: The structure of our country has changed vastly over the past 200 years from a largely self-sufficient farm community to an industrial society highly dependent on a sophisticated infrastructure for basic necessities. This industrial base made us the power we were in the world since World War I. In the past 20 years we have seen a great deal of our industry, together with millions of good industrial jobs, moved overseas by unequal trade agreements drafted by politicians who are content to sacrifice the security and welfare of the American people in order to bring on a one world government (OWG) in the fatuous belief that bigger is better. Not so, when it entails the sacrifice of American sovereignty to unelected foreign bureaucrats. We see ourselves as a superpower, but the economic and industrial base which would support this status has been seriously eroded by the policies of politicians who have ignored the Constitution which they have taken an oath to uphold. In war, logistics supported by an economic and industrial base is superior to strategy. General Yamamoto knew this when he said after Pearl Harbor, “I feel we have awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve."

Wars are also won by the strong moral fiber of the people at home and in our military. This too has suffered since the "death of God" movement of the 1960s. We are still an 85-percent Christian nation, but you wouldn't know it by the frequent decisions of bad judges to ban any reference to God in our schools while actually promoting the religion (so defined by the Supreme Court in 1963) of Secular Humanism. And our Congress, which has the Constitutional power to stop such outrage, does nothing.

Our Founding Fathers knew that a free press was essential to preserving our freedom, but our dominant media today is a virtual monopoly. They also said that our constitutional government required a religious and moral people and was unsuitable for any other. But what is promoted today is that anything you can get away with is allowable. Over 30 years ago a New Jersey newspaper reported on two Long Island teenagers who killed a third and were placed in jail. One of them hung himself after writing in blood on his T-shirt, "I'm coming to you Satan, my master." In another incident a teenage boy committed suicide after telling his companions he would come back leading 12 legions of devils. Diabolical possession? Could this be the motivation for so many murders of young women and in schools and workplaces today?

It is time to take our country back from the politicians whose primary concern is their own perks and power. To recover our country we need the alternative of a third party which has as its focus to adhere to the Constitution so that we no longer have what is so frequently for us only a choice of evils. The Constitution Party is such a party, but the dominant media insures that few people know of its existence. Both Republican and Democratic party leadership have us on the path to a one world government based in the U.N. where we will no longer be a sovereign country and, too late, our people will know we have fallen into the trap which millions in the European Union now realize has happened to them.



 Apr. 2, 2008 - Letter submitted by Cary Ellis and Steve Wilkerson, Knightstown

Cary Ellis and Steve Wilkerson, co-directors of the Optimist baseball and softball program, want to thank everyone who helped clean up the baseball and softball diamonds on Saturday, March 29. Those who helped include Jessica Ellis, Jessica Vaughn, Dave VanHoy, Mark and Genevieve Phillips and family, John and Kelly Jones and family, Bruce and Melissa Brown, Gabe Carmichael, Darrin and Phyllis Haines and family, Carl and Danielle Smith, Elvis Morrow, Rusty Richardson, Jeff Smith, Joe Harding and Penny and Shelby Patton.

We really appreciate your help!



 Apr. 2, 2008 - Letter submitted by Nate LaMar, Henry County Councilman

As the son of school teachers/farmers without cable TV, I often tuned in to a grainy Channel 49 from Muncie or an even grainier Channel 20 from Indianapolis, to watch William F. Buckley, Jr., host Firing Line. How I wished I could debate issues like him!

On West Point's speech and debate team, and its less-serious Model U.N. Team, our Army officer coaches encouraged us to cite left-wing publications like The Nation as sources, as we competed against generally left-wing Ivy League schools, and discouraged us from citing Buckley's National Review. But I did anyway, just to goad our competition! Even so, we held our own, and qualified for all three national tournaments my senior year.

Among my first civilian jobs was replacing a Spanish teacher on maternity leave at New Castle Chrysler H.S. While teaching there, I served as an assistant speech and debate coach for the legendary Jim and Joy Robbins. Among the highlights of this experience was taking three star debaters, Katie Dukeman, Jeff McNichols, and Reed VanMatre, to Wabash College in 1993 to hear Buckley speak. Afterwards, he autographed books and let the four of us walk across campus with him to his car, chatting all the way!

Following a career change, I accumulated enough frequent flyer miles to allow my family to travel. I sent my mother to Israel in 1996. On a layover in Paris, she saw a very animated Buckley entertaining several children, much to their jet-lagged parents' relief!

Indeed, Buckley had a human side to him, beyond what many considered a stilted, arrogant accent. But his accent was real, a product of a childhood spent in Mexico City and Paris. His first and second languages were Spanish and French. Only later did he learn English. On Latin American business trips, I often stumbled across the Miami Herald's Spanish-language edition, in which Buckley wrote columns in Spanish. Like actor/director Mel Gibson, Buckley was also a traditional Latin-mass Catholic.

William F. Buckley, Jr. was among the last of the true, classically-educated Renaissance men. As a founder of the modern conservative movement, he will be sorely missed.



 Apr. 2, 2008 - Letter submitted by Joe Mueller, Knightstown

I was quite surprised with Mr. Jeremy Howard's letter to the editor last week. It seems he thinks we need to move on past the problems, whatever they are, even though Mr. Fruth and his gang want to hide the truth from everyone. Mr. Howard, we can't move on until we know what is being covered up - and maybe even someone put in jail, or maybe a lot more than one, if crimes have been committed. It would seem you just want to get elected so you can be part of Mr. Fruth's gang. We need a change, not business as usual, sir.

I've heard all kinds of rumors in the last few years as to what CAB is covering up, from affairs involving staff and students, to drugs being sold to the students - and we all know drugs are very plentiful in our school. I've also heard there was a lot of money missing. Any one of these rumors is enough to want Fruth and his gang to cover it up. As one of the ones who doesn't want to release records to his own board members, is Mr. Fruth hiding something that implicates himself and other current or former board members in some way? All this board has to do is get four board members to agree to get all this out in the open. Why are you - you being the rest of the school board - so afraid of the little man? If you people aren't big enough to stand up for what's right, then get off the board.

As for the people running for your jobs in this election, all I can say is that when you win - and you will win, because the people of this town have had enough - you need to show up with your hip boots on and with a shovel, because this honey wagon is full and the crap needs cleaning out. Let's make this an even better turn out than last fall's election and really clean house. Be sure to vote.


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