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 Letters Published in March 26, 2008 Issue



 Mar. 26, 2008 - Letter submitted by Jeri Flowers, Knightstown

As much chatter as we have heard lately with the school board election coming up, we have all heard a lot of negatives about the Charles A. Beard Schools administration. While I agree with the majority of what has been said, I would like to throw out some positive feedback for one of the employees at the elementary school.

I know that when Dr. Tony Triarsi informed me last year that he would be retiring, I was extremely distraught. Dr. Triarsi had been my principal in school, and had also been my mother's shop teacher at the Soldiers' and Sailors' Children's Home. I took an immediate liking to him when he started at the beginning of my fifth grade school year. He was so patient with all of us kids, and his love and passion for what he did was infectious. The whole school loved him. Everyone seemed a bit happier and I was hoping that my children would get the same opportunity to have such a fine man as their principal.

Dr. Triarsi did, however, know my family and me quite well, and knew that I was upset that he would not be there for my son's first year of school. He assure me that my child was going to be in very capable hands. He said that they hired someone to replace him that he liked very much and strongly approved of. I was still skeptical. I never in a million years would have thought that there was someone to come in and fill his very big shoes. But, to my surprise, there was!

Christine Brokamp has been as big of a blessing to Knightstown's administration as Tony was. My son feels about her the same way that I did about Tony, and nothing could make me happier. She is so sweet and caring, and you can see how she takes a special interest in the students and the parents, alike. We are asked for our input on many ideas, which are usually only left up to the teachers and administration. She also waits every morning, rain or shine, to meet all the children getting off the buses. She knows them all by name, and you just get an overwhelming sense of love from the students for her.

I know that many of the teachers at the school who had worked with Tony for a number of years had to be thinking the same thing that I had: Who can possibly replace him? Who in the world could touch every child's heart the way that Tony had? Who will come in here and care about KES and its staff in the same unselfish way that Tony did? We have found an answer in Ms. Brokamp. I am so happy that there is harmony and peace in the school, even though we have all lost one of the greatest men to ever grace this community.

I just wanted to thank you, Ms. Brokamp, for doing what you have done for the elementary, and for continuing to put smiles on all those chilren's faces, the way that Dr. Triarsi had. I didn't think that it could be done, and I am so grateful that you are here and that my son gets to experience his elementary years with a principal that has already begun to make such a powerful impact on his life, the way my principal, Dr. Tony Triarsi, had on mine.

I'm sure that if Tony is watching (and we know that he is), he is smiling and very proud of the job that you are doing. I know that I am.



 Mar. 26, 2008 - Letter submitted by Jeremy Howard, CAB School Board Candidate, Ripley Township

My name is Jeremy Howard and I am one of the candidates for the Charles A. Beard School Board representing Ripley Township in Rush county. I currently have four children in CAB, one of which will graduate this year. I am very familiar with the operations of the CAB School Board from the parental standpoint as I have had dealings with them for the past 13 years. Some of the issues have been good and some not so good and they range form discipline issues to special needs students and curriculum for special needs students. In most of the cases I came away with more understanding of how the system works and if I did not understand I have consulted with others who do have an understanding, i.e. Drs. of education, special education teachers, and college professors.

We are in an age now where it seems that our children are forced into material and expected to learn it or be left behind or even put into a "Classification" (Learning Disabled) if they can not keep up. Most people have taken the stance that our teachers are failing or not doing their job. Also, I am guilty of making the statement, but with some research I have found the not all of our teachers are failing our children, and most are doing their job, though, even going above and beyond in some instances. The teachers are not failing, but are being failed by the system.

I feel that in order to save all of our leaders of tomorrow, not just a select few that are able to keep up the pace of our current educational system, we as school board members, parents, and teachers have got to come together and find practical ways to get back to the basics of education and bring learning back to all children and still meet current standards. This can be done several different ways but it will not work if we do not all work together for the common good of our children. I am willing to take on this task as a parent and a school board member to work with everyone to do whatever it takes to accomplish this task.

With this being said I would like to close by saying that there have been many articles as of late in The Banner about the CAB School Board, some good and some not so good. In order to make our system perform better, we need to move past past problems with the CAB system. Yes, we would all like to know what really transpired when Mr. Jester was in office, but the only thing we can do now is take what we have learned from trial and error and not make the same mistakes again. We as voters can finish making the changes we started in the past election by finishing the installation of new board members.



 Mar. 26, 2008 - Letter submitted by James McDaniel, Knightstown

West County Line Road between CR 775-S and Highway 140 is very dangerous. When two cars pass each other on this road, one car has to drive off the road and into someone's yard. To make matters worse, school buses travel this road to get to Knightstown High School and a lot of young drivers also travel this road to get to and from KHS.

People also use this road to bypass Knightstown, so they travel at a high rate of speed - and almost everyone living on this road has young kids. I feel it is only a matter of time before someone gets hurt, or even worse.

The County should have looked at this road and repaired it before building a high school just off of it.


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