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 Letters Published in March 12, 2008 Issue



 Mar. 12, 2008 - Letter submitted by Lee and Bernice Stacey, New Castle

Being a grandparent of 10 is a very neat experience. Getting to see them perform is priceless. Brice Biehl was so much fun to watch from our perspective with the Knightstown Panther basketball team this season that at times we were overwhelmed.

He constantly was in five or six of the weekly statistics covered by the local press. But what can't be a statistic was the way he gave it all each and every time he was on the court. He consistently sacrificed his body and played to exhaustion with every minute he was in the game. Thanks, Brice. Grandpa and Grandma had a great time and are so proud.



 Mar. 12, 2008 - Letter submitted by Ronald E. Short, New Lisbon

I was really surprised to read The Banner's Dec. 19, 2007, article concerning the state Chamber of Commerce selecting Knightstown as a "best buy" high school. Having checked the state Dept. of Education website and found that both SAT and ISTEP-Plus scores at KHS have been below the state average since the 2002-2003 school year, I couldn't understand the selection. (Keep in mind that Indiana does not rank well nationally.) There is another rating on the DOE site that has Knightstown on a "Watch" list. (This seems to equate to a grade "D.") After a few phone calls I was able to talk to Derek Redelman, the Chamber's vice president for education and workforce policy. During our conversation, Mr. Redelman explained that the Chamber's study had several factors that were used in the evaluation and, due to their methodology, test scores did not weigh that heavily.

I appreciate the efforts of the state Chamber to promote Knightstown. However, in my view, no school that is below average in academic ratings can possibly be a "best buy." I don't know whether this is some form of political correctness or sheer educated idiocy, but I consider this study to be plain stupid. The state Chamber of Commerce has cast some question on their credibility as far as I'm concerned.

Another thing that continues to surprise me is the lack of parental attendance at school board meetings. In the light (or dark) of so many unanswered questions regarding finances, personnel matters and other policies of the school board, why is there so much apathy in the community? With the long and continuing fight of the few to have some openness in those meetings, it seems that (Board President Mike) Fruth is not about to acknowledge anyone's opinion but his own. When this reluctance to reveal information pertinent to the taxpaying public goes on and on, it means to me that there really are serious matters that are being covered up. Only by bringing the truth out into the light of day will those matters be resolved once and for all.

"Change" seems to be a major word in this election season. Voters, get out and change the school board, starting at the top!


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