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 Letters Published in March 5, 2008 Issue



 Mar. 5, 2008 - Letter submitted by Ty Wittkamper, board member, Knightstown Neighborhood Crime Watch

Crime in Knightstown has been an issue on many residents' minds lately. With a string of drug-related deaths and multiple arrests, we have all felt the impact in one way or another.

One evening while walking with her daughter, one of our town council members encountered drug paraphernalia on our city streets and reported it to police. Another of our citizens has experienced two burglaries of his home, and now feels uneasy about going out. And one of our local teens recently died due to an overdose of drugs.

Knightstown Neighborhood Crime Watch was started just a few months ago, and has already had a positive impact on our community. Many concerned citizens have held meetings and have received some training from law enforcement. They have been assisted by the Knightstown Police Department, the Knightstown Chamber of Commerce and generous individuals who have donated both time and money to this endeavor.

Although the individuals who have chosen to get involved with the Crime Watch and make a difference in Knightstown are sincere, they are also too few in number.

Knightstown Neighborhood Crime Watch will be holding a fundraiser and community awareness event Saturday, April 5, at the Hoosier Gym, and they deserve everyone's support.

I have witnessed firsthand the dedication and selflessness of the men and women of Knightstown who are involved in this movement, and I believe that others will want to become a part of it once they are aware of their goals of getting neighbors to help neighbors, and to make all of us a little safer.

Please join us at this event and become part of what is great about living in Knightstown.



 Mar. 5, 2008 - Letter submitted by Bill Sitler, Knightstown

What a good team effort by our Knightstown Panthers in a very hard fought game last Friday night. Although it was an emotional loss to Eastern Hancock, we fans are proud of our well-coached team and the maturity of our boys during this season. Coach Howell has done an outstanding job teaching them to play as a team. He has given our boys confidence in their athletic abilities while teaching them the fundamentals of the game.

Well, we were in a position to win, and it was a very emotional loss. This is certainly not the first time that has happened over the years. My memory goes back to the '46-'47 season. I was a sophomore and played JV ball, "second team" back then. We had a very good varsity team with a winning season. We won over Spiceland, both home and away games. We both reached the sectional finals at New Castle, where Spiceland won. Mooreland had disposed of New Castle, then we won against both Mooreland and Middletown. Also, I remember when we lost three very close games to Tri High, which included a sectional final at New Castle. Of course, class basketball has improved our chances of winning sectionals and advancing. I, for one, am glad we now play at Hagerstown against teams we schedule. I am sure the Hagerstown sectional will be very competitive. We stand to lose as many games there as we win. A loss may be more of a learning experience than a win. Oh, yes, a loss is as memorable as an important win. Thanks for another memorable year of high school basketball.


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