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 Letters Published in February 27, 2008 Issue



 Feb. 27, 2008 - Letter submitted by Jill Null, Wayne Township

Do the angry slashes of black ink that deface the infamous redacted documents conceal the identity of Jimmy Hoffa's killer? Does the body lie moldering under Knightstown High School? Or are we covering up the evidence that the accomplice on the grassy knoll was a Charles A. Beard employee? Who knows - maybe Bin Laden is hiding in a supply closet in the administration building and operating a sleeper cell out of the Bullet Hole. Surely nothing short of a national security crisis would compel a school board president to suspend the individual rights of his fellow board members.

We've played a great game of hide and seek, boys and girls, but recess is over. Its time for show and tell.



 Feb. 27, 2008 - Letter submitted by Cary Ellis, Knightstown

Optimist baseball and softball forms were delivered last Thursday, Feb. 21, to the following schools: Carthage Elementary, Kennard Elementary, Knightstown Elementary, Knightstown Intermediate, Eastern Hancock Elementary, Eastern Hancock Junior-Senior High School, Tri Elementary, Mays Elementary and Morton Memorial School. Forms are due back at the principal's office by Friday, March 21. Tryouts are scheduled for Saturday, March 22. For more information, contact co-chairman Steve Wilkerson at 317-697-8732 or 765-445-2393 or co-chairman Cary Ellis at 317-289-3240 or 765-345-9936.



 Feb. 27, 2008 - Letter submitted by Dolores Ooten, Kennard

A special "Thank you": to God for guiding all aspects of my recent medical emergency; to wonderful and caring, civic-minded citizens; friends Tony Stewart and Chris Miller (who stayed with me); the Kennard Fire Dept.; Southwest Ambulance EMTs; Hancock Regional Hospital; St. Vincent Heart Hospital (including doctors, nurses and janitors); Pastor Joe Roysden; family and friends for the calls, cards and prayeters; and all my loving and sweet family. God bless you all.



 Feb. 27, 2008 - Letter submitted by Michael Howard, servant of Yahweh, Wayne Township

There is no scientific proof of evolution. Piltdown Man, Lucy, etc. If it's truth you're after, why lie? Evolution is your Jesus in a grilled cheese sandwich. All dogma, no facts. It's easy to disprove the failed theory/religion of evolution. They say new species arise gradually over millions of years. They can't. If an animal gave birth to a new species, another freak of the same species and opposite sex would have be born in its lifetime. It couldn't breed with its parents, because you'd get nothing or a sterile mule. Millions of chicks are hatched every year. Why no new species, ever? DNA is way too complex to assemble itself by accident, proving that life can't be result of dumb luck or random mutations. Deal with the facts. All scientifically verifiable truth confirms or fails to disprove a designer/creator. To date, all archaeological evidence conforms to scripture.

I want people to read Senate Report 93-549 and visit (the origin of property tax, Patty Honeycutt's brief) so they'll see how bad they're being lied to and discover the true character of "their" government. has links to proof that you're being intentionally murdered with food, drugs and vaccines. I vehemently disagree with many of Mr. Rieske's teachings, but calling his a pseudo-ministry is an insulting way to avoid facing the facts. I'm trying hard to wake people up. It's pretty much a waste of time, but if I can help save even one child from diet, drug or vaccine-induced cancer or brain damage, I'll be happy. But it can't happen if people won't stop lying to their children or letting government schools and TV do it for them.

Religion and food are used to control populations. A true patriot doesn't stick their head in the sand - they get informed and help teach others. Government fears Christianity because Yahweh's law is 100-percent effective in defeating their corporate power trip and your preacher hasn't got a clue. Read about the powerful tools you have in truth and love at I dare you.

"None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." - Johann W. Goethe, German poet, 1749-1832.


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