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 Letters Published in February 13, 2008 Issue



 Feb. 13, 2008 - Letter submitted by Daniel Denny, Knightstown

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. This was possible due to the citizens of our community, additional workloads being placed on Chief Danny Baker and fellow Knightstown Police Department officers while I was in training, and the town council for giving me the opportunity to serve our community.

I personally would like to thank all who made it possible for me to attend the academy. I look forward to serving our community and KPD for many years to come.



 Feb. 13, 2008 - Letter submitted by Kelly Hall, Knightstown

My family and I would like to personally thank everyone for their condolences regarding the passing of my mother, Shirley Campbell, on February 3. We are very blessed to have such a wonderful church family - Wilkinson Church of Christ. A big "thank you" to our minister, Ryan McCarty, for doing such a great job at the graveside service and for all your support and prayers (always). Thank you to WCC Funeral Dinner Committee - great job ladies, as always. A special thank goes you to Bob and Patsy Hall and Karen Meeks for all your love and support. My family is such a blessing. We are also very thankful for our friendships, especially Jacob and Nina Smith, Julie Jackson and Tracie Smith. Thank you for being in my life. Thank you to all Knightstown Schools for all your support, cards, flowers, e-mails and food. I am very grateful to be employed by such a caring group of people. Please continue to pray for my family.

"Be kinder than necessary for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle - Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly … Leave the rest to god."



 Feb. 13, 2008 - Letter submitted by Steve Dalton, CAB School Board candidate, Greensboro Township

I'd like to announce my candidacy for the Greensboro Township seat of the Charles A. Beard School Corporation School Board up for election this May. I feel that the strong business background and experience I bring to the table are well suited to the challenges that our students, teachers and administrators are facing.

I have an extensive background in finance and our school system certainly has its share of financial challenges. I graduated from Indiana University in 1982 with a degree in finance. I started my career as an investment advisor with a Wall Street-based firm, and resigned five years later as an associate vice president and regional manager. I left to start my own firm in 1988, and have served as managing partner of Dalton Strategic Investment Services ever since. I have significant experience in budgeting, forecasting, financing and cash flow. I feel that 25 years of experience in the investment community, and nearly 20 years running my own firm qualify me to help our school system run more efficiently.

As a parent of three boys, ages five, seven and 15, I have a strong vested interest in seeing our school system succeed. Our family moved to Knightstown to find a smaller school system and smaller community, and we feel blessed to have chosen this town. Yet during the time we've lived here, I've watched the school system, and specifically the school board, face several challenges, many of which I felt could have been handled better. Candidly, when the board announced that citizens and taxpayers who support the school system could no longer speak at public school board meetings without signing up in advance, I made the decision to run. When taxpayers want to voice their concerns about the school that they pay for, we need to be completely accountable to them. The current policy, which also requires the public to give advance notice of the topics they'll be addressing when they speak at meetings, doesn't send the message that our school board cares to listen.

Our family has worked hard to become a part of this community. I've coached soccer, basketball, baseball and football. My wife is president of the Kennard PTO. We're active members of Wilkinson Church of Christ. I've served as treasurer of our scout troop for several years, as well as a member of the board of directors for the Lawrence Township Basketball League. In short, when there is work to do, we've always been willing to roll up our sleeves and pitch in, especially when kids benefit. I can't think of a more important task than the education of our kids.

Should I be elected to serve, I want to help rebuild the trust between the school board and the community. Honesty and transparency are things that I hold in utmost regard. When things go wrong, finger pointing, hiding and redacting records are not the answer. In my opinion, all people are asking for is straight answers. When a member of our own school board asked to see specific documents last fall, he was only allowed to see copies that had significant portions blacked out. How can we trust the system when members of our own school board can't get straight answers?

In short, I think it's time for a change. Status quo is not what we need and I assure you I'm not uncomfortable seeking change. I'm not running for financial gain; in fact, I won't accept a dime for serving on the school board. I've already decided to direct the monthly salary back to the school. I'm running to make things better for our kids and teachers; more accountable and less secretive. I'd appreciate your support.



 Feb. 13, 2008 - Letter submitted by Patty Bever, Ripley Township

I am thoroughly disgusted with the election process in our country. Either I missed something during Government class (some 50-plus years ago), or I need to enroll in a political science course. And if someone can explain to me why I should NOT be upset, I am all ears.

Why can't we have presidential candidate elections based on the popular vote? Why should candidates be decided via delegates and super delegates? I truly feel the same way about the national election and electoral college votes. Let the POPULAR VOTE be the deciding factor.

It really upsets me when the news media informs us that the presidential candidates will probably be decided by the end of March; Hoosiers will not have voted until May 6. Why should I even bother to vote during the primary election with the current system.

Possibly this country has outgrown the NEED for party delegates and/or electoral college votes! Most Americans have the intelligence and THE RIGHT to vote for the candidate of their choice regardless of "the party." We are capable of having a fair election BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE!



 Feb. 13, 2008 - Letter submitted by Michael Howard, servant of Yahweh, Wayne Township

Thank you, Mr. Leisure, for your eloquent response to my previous letter. I share your concerns about government by corporation and get a real kick out of the fact that C.A. Beard was a great anti-fascist. I didn't intend to attack or insult you, but to point out lies in evolutionist arguments. I welcome science into the church and everywhere else; it reveals the complexities that prove a designer and brings us closer to understanding the universe around us. Truth always reveals something of the creator.

As a former turbo-atheist and evolutionist, I'm familiar with the issues. Sadly, in the PBS special, people on both sides were less than truthful or honorable. Still, the "proof" PBS presented that a bacterial flagellum is not irreducibly complex, was that similar structures could be made with similar proteins in similar cells. A similar structure is not a flagellum. A tie clip lacks a trigger mechanism that would allow it to act as a mousetrap. No mention was made of the incredibly complex machinery required to carry out cellular construction projects. No mention of how the amazingly complex DNA required to direct the construction managed to assemble itself in just the right way or how it could exist outside of a cell that didn't exist without the DNA needed to construct it. Darwin didn't have a microscope; he talked of "simple" one-celled organisms. Science has proven the complexity of all life; no "simple" one-celled organism has ever been found.

If you think the court was presented with or looked at all the evidence to arrive at a fair and unbiased decision, you've got a higher opinion of lawyers than I do. Please Google Senate Report 93-549, or visit The courts also decided against humanism is a religion. If you think religion isn't being taught in school, please consider that state worship and humanism/evolution might be official government religions. I'm all for teaching religion in the classroom; raising children with no morality is insane. I'd just like it to be the religion of loving your neighbor, seeking truth and treating others as you'd like to be treated.

Logically, how does the extinction of species by natural selection result in new species? If the world's best scientists can't create life, how did a mud puddle? ( How can there be Polonium 218 halos in granite if it wasn't created in less then three minutes? ( What happens when the facts support creation and Intelligent Design? Shall we keep them from the children?

Thank you for a pleasant and stimulating discussion that I hope will benefit many people.


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