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 Letters Published in January 30, 2008 Issue



 Jan. 30, 2008 - Letter submitted by Danny Fox, Shirley

As small children (probably ages 8-13), we were made to feel that we were on our way to professional sports status by our special coach, friend and pal, the late Bruce Kiser.

There were times when Bruce made us feel exceptionally "high," such as when he had Carl Erskine, who had played with the Los Angeles Dodgers, and other professional scouting people come to our frequent ball games, sports meetings, etc.

The part I liked so much was that Bruce treated us all alike. And even when Bruce would have the professionals at the games give us professional advice, we were each shown all the newest game techniques.

I was highly inspired that I'd been subjected to the "best" players and we all looked forward each to seeing what Bruce had planned for another "meet." I recall most of the time Bruce would have 20-25 boys at our sports meets.

I can see now that Bruce Kiser's vision for kids in this community was never ending.

I know I am a better man because of the unselfish life of Bruce Kiser, as were many of my other friends.

Bruce Kiser was a "hero" in my life.



 Jan. 30, 2008 - Letter submitted by Kami Doubman, Kennard

There are not enough words to express the gratitude we have for all the prayers, hundreds of phone calls, visits, cards, emails, text messages, words of encouragement and food that was brought in during Brett's serious car accident. Our lives were changed forever on Monday, January 14. The prayer chains that were called for Brett were simply unbelievable, amazing and overwhelming. There were prayer chains in Ohio, Florida, Arkansas and all over Indiana that were praying for Brett and his life. Prayers were answered and a life was saved.

We personally want to thank the following people for everything they've done: Officer Earl Patterson and the Shirley Police Department; Shirley Volunteer Fire Department; Harwood's Towing (We were told you called 911); Hancock Regional Hospital; and all the paramedics and emergency teams (We're not sure who all was involved, but you know who you are, and we appreciate the work you do for our communities).

To our employers Eli Lilly and C.A. Beard Schools - thank you for being patient, understanding and supportive. We are fortunate to have great places to work. A big thank you to our neighbors Tom and Beth Coy. You are great neighbors and great friends, thank you for being there for us. To all of our friends and family that traveled to the Methodist Trauma Center, your support meant so much: Bill Newell; Dr. Tom Falinger; Paul Galbraith; Susie Leonard; Theresa and Adam Hibbert; Bobby and Breanna Eoff; Lauren Hooker; Isaac Imel; Stephen Fruth; Rocky Byrum; and, of course, our families: James and Barbra Doubman; Troy and Stacey Doubman; Ron and Glenna Womack; Glen and Jean Starbuck; Bob, Jan and Ross Lines; Elizabeth Dall; Darren, Phyllis and Abbi Haines. We are the luckiest people alive to have you in our lives and are truly blessed to be a part of the best family in the world! Thank you for everything!



 Jan. 30, 2008 - Letter submitted by Kathie Rummel and the Marcia (Pitts) Woods Family, Knightstown

A few weeks ago, my sister passed away unexpectedly. She had been raised in Knightstown, but had lived out of state for many years. When she was brought back for the funeral, it was a very small gathering.

The police chief, Danny Baker, and two of his deputies graciously helped our family by serving as needed pallbearers. Then, at Glen Cove Cemetery, the chief and deputies stood out in the cold, at attention, as the funeral procession passed by.

They will never know how both gestures touched the hearts of our family. It is so nice to see that small town courtesies and traditions are being observed in Knightstown.

Thank you, Danny Baker and Knightstown Police Department, for making this most difficult time easier.

One of the main reasons I continue to live in Knightstown is all the caring - and it shows.



 Jan. 30, 2008 - Letter submitted by Michael Howard, Servant of Yahweh, Wayne Township

A Mr. Leisure motivated me to write, after he openly ridiculed "intelligent design" (ID). PBS had a program on the ID vs. evolution debate. The most interesting aspect of this show was that the evolutionists were reduced to attacking the ID people for being creationists and to lying outright about the irreducible, complexity of a bacterial flagellum. One liar made a tie clip out of a mousetrap and claimed that this proved that a mousetrap, like a bacterial flagellum, is not irreducibly complex. For those of you who missed it, I'll tell you that a tie clip is not a mousetrap. He also knew that the DNA required to make a bacterial flagellum is far too complex to assemble itself by accident, never mind the cellular machinery required to assemble the required proteins, based on that code.

Evolution is a theory because it's not a law. It is a religion. Evolutionists are either misguided, intentionally ignorant or evil. They make great drawings and tell great stories, they never rely on the facts and know that the fossil record is one of "fully-formed abrupt appearance." Please note that natural selection is not evolution. They have raised confusing the two to an art form. One is a lie about the appearance of new species, the other is the destruction of species that already exist.

Two great websites: ( teaches that granite (the rock) proves creation and two other must-read pages, "Top Ten Nutritional Myths, Distortions and Lies that Will Destroy Your Health" and "Mommy Goes Shopping for Baby Food" (low fat diets may cause autism and no commercial baby food has enough fat in it, even by government standards). Creations Science has "Clues to the Origin of Life?" at


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