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 Letters Published in January 16, 2008 Issue



 Jan. 16, 2008 - Letter submitted by Donny Martin, Knightstown Baseball

The members of the Knightstown High School Baseball team and its coaching staff would like to thank everyone who attended its rib-eye steak fundraising dinner at the high school last Friday. The event was a huge success. A special thanks goes out to The Banner for the all the help with advertising the event, White Flash Auto, and a big thanks to the Knightstown Locker and its staff for all of its help in putting on this event. Also, thanks to the parents, players, and the members of the coaching staffs and their wives for taking time to help make this event a success. Hope to see you in the spring!



 Jan. 16, 2008 - Letter submitted by Rachael Shepherd and Bobbie Rogers, Empty Bowls Sponsors

Thanks to our talented students, amazing teachers, and generous community members, the Knightstown High School Empty Bowls organization proudly donated $1,000 to the Knightstown Area Food Pantry and $1,000 to the Cheer Guild once again this year. KHS art students and KIS sixth graders decorated original ceramic bowls, and KHS FACS students prepared a delicious dinner of homemade soups and breads. Guests were also entertained with music provided by KHS band students who are members of the National Honor Society.

Happily, our list of those who deserve thanks is quite long! Thanks to: Nancy Watson and her Advanced Nutrition students; Terry Dukeman, James Jahrsdoerfe, and the KHS art students; Cyndi Pierson and the budding artists in the KIS sixth grade class; Knightstown Curves; KHS Student Council; KHS Student Activity Fund and Mr. Willsey; Dr. Richard Armstrong; Mrs. Shepherd's English 9 classes; Laura McCaffrey, Cody Hibbert and Jared Kayajan for lending their musical talents; Teresa Branham; the always helpful Horths - Tina, Brittney and Caroline; Knightstown Post Office; Vickie Rhodes; Teresa Hibbert and her scrapbooking pals; Belinda Cross and KHS Spanish IV students; CAB Transportation Department (bus drivers and aides); Sunshine Harding and her day care parents; the amazing Katey Bilsky; Tri Kappa; Psi Iota Xi; Gary Clark and Herff Jones; Empty Bowls staffer Julie Neal and KHS National Honor Society; Jeff Weiland and the wonderful Kathleen; Paula Garcia of Cakes N Crumbs; Alison Ellison: Lisa Mercer and KHS French II students; the fabulous Ruby Edwards; Janet Buckles; Tom Buckles for his tire-changing ability; David Bundy; KHS coaches Prescott, Basicker and Howell; the world famous Mullen brothers (Zachary and Jordan); every person who purchased a ticket; every person who bid on our silent auction items; the merry elves who helped prepare auction items, decorate the cafeteria, and finish up the odds and ends; and Eric Cox and The Banner for wonderful coverage and support.

This dinner is an example of the great things our kids can do when given the opportunity. If you have never attended the Empty Bowls dinner, please plan on joining us next December for our fourth annual event to see just why we need art, family and consumer Sciences, and music in our schools. We are so proud of our kids and their willingness to donate their time and talent for the good of the community.



 Jan. 16, 2008 - Letter submitted by Steve and Jeff Wilkerson, Knightstown Volunteer Fire Dept. Relief Fund - Toys for Tots Christmas Program

The Knightstown Volunteer Fire Dept. Relief Fund would like to thank the following business and individuals for making this year's Toys for Tots program a great success: The Paddock'; Wes Watts and family; Tom True Auto; Tom and Dana True and family; Knightstown Auto Parts (NAPA); Dan and Denise Titus and Family; Knightstown Locker; Make A Difference Knightstown; State Farm Insurance - Norm Bohnert, Agent; ,Dr. C.J. Shaneyfelt and family; Tri Kappa; Dollar General Store and employees; Huber Transport; McCleerey's Sporting Goods; Steve Mccleerey; Bob and Beverly Hall; Joe and Ida Knott; David Hamilton and family; Kerry Buchanan and family; Trista Jo Cox; Forrest Wyatt; Tom and Janet Buckles; Bruce and Donna Gregory; Joe Morman; Randy Moore; Frank and Wanda Craig; Chuck Schmidt; Hayden Butler; and Lisa Cox.

Also, thanks to all who bought toy's,clothing and money donations to help make it possible for us to Christmas to six families this year.

Thank you.



 Jan. 16, 2008 - Letter submitted by Christina Coe

Help prevent road rage by following common sense driving rules that should have been taught to you in driving school: 1. The left lane is for passing. If you're done passing, immediately get in the right lane! 2. Use your turn signal at any time, even when changing lanes! 3. Turn your turn signal on before you hit your brakes! 4. When pulling out onto a two-lane highway, stay in the right lane. Do not cross over! 5. At least go the speed limit!

By following five these simple driving rules, road rage is less likely to happen to you!


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