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 Letters Published in December 19, 2007 Issue



 December 19, 2007 - Letter submitted by Frieda Dunlavy, Knightstown Cheer Guild chairman and Judy Haase, Knighstown Community Food Pantry director

Thank you to the Knightstown High School students in the art class, home ec class and the band for the generous $2,000 they donated equally to the local Cheer Guild and food pantry. The money was earned from the Empty Bowls supper held a couple of weeks ago. Mrs. Rachel Shepherd was the sponsor of this event. What a wonderful gift to our community from all of these young people.



 December 19, 2007 - Letter submitted by Bob and Carolyn Myers, Knightstown

Snow did not deter Santa from visiting the Historic Knightstown Museum last Saturday. In fact, he was overheard saying his reindeer really enjoyed the snow! We thank the parents who brought their children to sit on Santa's lap.

And although they already had their reward, we also thank the volunteers, Rusty, Debbie, Hilary, Eric, Joann, Ron, Peg and Ann. It was a fun afternoon! May God's love, joy and most of all His peace rest with all this Christmastime.



 December 19, 2007 - Letter submitted by John Leisure, Knightstown

At first I was suspicious of the Charles A. Beard Memorial School Corporation's decision, made on advice of their lawyer, to withhold records from school board member Kevin Knott that the state's public access counselor has said she thinks he - and other board members - should be able to see. What is in these four records that is so damaging to CAB that the public, The Banner, five of the school board's seven members and CAB's interim superintendent cannot be allowed to see unredacted copies? Is there evidence of unethical behavior in these documents? Something worse?

We may never know. This could simply be machismo on the part of some at CAB. There has certainly been enough of that attitude in the White House these past seven years or so. Apparently, "The peasants only need to know what we want them to know" is a rather pervasive sentiment at all levels of government. I, however, think that it is possible that this is simply a case of the school administration being prudent and forward looking.

It has been reported that CAB is considering changing insurance carriers. Can you imagine how quickly insurance premiums could go up if one or more CAB employees filed worker's compensation claims for carpal tunnel injuries caused by repeatedly clicking "delete" on e-mail after e-mail in an effort to destroy any that might be potentially incriminating? By continuing to obstruct and stall, there will be ample time to vet any damaging documents. This tactic works - just ask Rose Mary Woods (former President Richard Nixon's secretary - Ed.).

The school board election is still some months away. Sitting members on the board might wish to take a lesson from the experience of Knightstown Town Council incumbents who were unresponsive to citizen concerns.

The CAB School Board could require the school corporation to allow Knott and other board members to see the four records in question in their uncensored form. The board is also free to point out to any CAB employee who needs reminding that Indiana is, after all, an "at will" employment state.



 December 19, 2007 - Letter submitted by Ronald E. Short, New Lisbon

In light of all of the issues that have arisen regarding the high school over the past few years, I am totally amazed at the lack of parental concern that there seems to be. Evidently, most parents don't mind being taxed to death and don't care that the academic standing of Knightstown High School is suffering and not what it should be. Doesn't anyone care except me and The Banner?

When you consider the efforts of The Banner and, finally, at least one Charles A. Beard School Board member, to get at some heavily censored documents in order to expose the truth, and the school corporation's adamant stance in refusing to comply or cooperate, I believe the only logical conclusion is that the CAB School Board and administration have something serious to hide. From what little I have been able to find out, I believe that the mess started under the Jester administration. But the leadership of the current school board, rather than seeking to change course, has chosen to perpetuate the cover-ups and arrogant contempt for opinions other than their own.

Changes need to be made.


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