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 Letters Published in November 28, 2007 Issue



 November 28, 2007 - Letter submitted by Clifford R. Eibeck, West Harrison, Ind.

"The best and the brightest" - Where have they taken us over the past 60 years?

*Korea, Vietnam, Kosovo, Iraq and, maybe, Iran. Of these, only Korea can be said to have had a positive outcome for world peace. Our worst experience has been in Iraq, because we are now in the middle of a civil war with both sides shooting at us - from ambush - a situation which has had a terrible impact on military morale, particularly with the many repeat deployments to this no-win situation. Now, to continue this war, we must have a military draft, and, with two-thirds of the American people against the war, civilian morale will also suffer. We may be sure that the administration which continues the war will not prevail in the next election. For this reason it is in the interest of the Democratic Party that the war continue, while giving lip service against it.

*A public school system run by the National Education Association and the "Anti-Christian Litigation Union," where secular humanism (defined by the Supreme Court in 1963 as a religion) is taught, but where any mention of God or Christ in this 85 percent Christian nation is forbidden.

*Where judges frequently make law from the bench and are never impeached for this violation of the Constitution. There are, however, a minority of Congress who are willing to take a position, as with the 100 who asked Bush to redress the immoral and illegal proceeding which imprisoned Ramos and Campeon.

*Where the social welfare system which has been the major factor in buying votes over the years leaves us bankrupt with over $64 trillion in unfunded future liabilities. The only means of paying this immense indebtedness is a forthcoming high inflation whereby what is left of the social system won't buy much.

*Where trade agreements with NAFTA and the World Trade Organization based on an unlevel playing field have resulted in over $800 billion per year trade deficits and over $3 trillion held overseas and now being used to buy American enterprise. The former route of excess dollars to U.S. treasuries is not feasible because it would depress their own dollar assets.

*Then, there is the final insult to the American taxpayer of some $30 billion of pork annually (now referred to as "earmarks" to conceal their real nature) to buy votes back home.

*Where the major interest of the executive branch for years has been to take us into the New World Order, most recently through the North American Union, by stealth (in their own words), where Congress would be confronted with a fait accompli. In this we would suffer the regrets of many in the European Union who understand that they have lost their sovereignty.

Is it surprising that the government which supports the separation of political action from moral values (which is the way the separation of church and state has been interpreted) has come to the point where interests of the power elite to implement the total state and world government are pursued while the security and economic interest of our people are sacrificed?

Perhaps we don't need "the best and the brightest," but, rather, moral values and some humility, without which there will never be wisdom, regardless of other characteristics of education or intelligence.



 November 28, 2007 - Letter submitted by Eric I. Miller, founder, Advance America

Indiana is in the midst of a property tax crisis. Politicians who have operated under the philosophy of politics as usual have created this crisis, and politicians using politics as usual will not solve the problem.

Some homeowners have seen their property tax bills go up 50 percent, 75 percent, or more. The American dream of owning a home has become a nightmare for many Hoosier families.

The only permanent solution to the property tax problem is to completely repeal property taxes. A constitutional amendment to repeal property taxes is the only way to let someone finally own their own home, farm or business. If you live in your home 20 or 30 years or more, pay off your mortgage and then cannot pay your property taxes the government will take your home and sell it.

Secondly, repealing property taxes is the only way to not repeat history. For over 70 years whenever the legislature has raised taxes or created a new tax in exchange for temporarily lowering property taxes, property taxes go right back up!

Thirdly, repealing property taxes with a constitutional amendment is the only way to give Hoosiers the right to vote on this important issue.

Some incumbent legislators who have served in the legislature for 10, 15, 20 years or more will say that you cannot repeal property taxes. They are unable to think outside the box. They will say that if you were to repeal property taxes this year you would need to more than double the sales tax and more than double the income tax. They are attempting to scare the public. They are using smoke and mirrors to confuse the citizens. They are not explaining the truth about our plan to repeal and replace property taxes which can be done without these huge increases in sales and income taxes.

Here is the "rest of the story." Those who oppose the repeal of property taxes do not take into consideration all of the aspects of our plan. Our plan utilizes data from the Legislative Services Agency and has been reviewed by one of Indiana's leading economists, Mr. Bill Styring, who says it will work. Mr. Styring has worked with the State Budget Agency, the Indiana State Chamber of Commerce and the Hudson Institute.

Under our plan state and local government spending increases would be controlled. One of the keys to replacing property taxes under our plan is to limit the growth of state and local spending increases to inflation and population growth beginning now! Out of control government spending has helped to bring about the massive property tax crisis we are in. Politics as usual has gotten us into this mess and politics as usual will not solve the problem.

Politicians who have taken the time to review our plan (it is available at know that the first step is to control government spending. They know that under our plan the General Assembly would impose an additional one-percent income tax increase, an additional two-percent sales tax increase and a business replacement revenue of $500 million to help replace the property taxes only after the voters vote in 2010 to repeal property taxes. When these amounts are added to the amount from administrative savings by not having the property tax system, coupled with the savings from controlling state and local government spending, there will be more than enough to replace the property taxes. A typical family earning $50,000 and living in a $150,000 home will save over $2,000 the first year property taxes are eliminated!

I'm grateful for the 43 representatives and the 18 senators who support a constitutional amendment to repeal property taxes. They support the right of the people to vote on this important issue. They support the right of people to finally be able to own their own home, farm and businesses.

Those seasoned politicians, many of whom have been around for more than 10, 15 or 20 years or more in the General Assembly and who oppose the constitutional amendment, must depend on scare tactics based on an incorrect use of government figures to justify their opposition of repealing property taxes.

These politicians are evidently more concerned with putting another band aid on the problem, just as the legislature has unsuccessfully done for over 70 years, rather than permanently solving the property tax crisis. Indiana is better served by elected officials who are more concerned about letting people finally own their own home and letting Hoosiers vote on this important issue rather than trying to merely get by the next election.

More information is available on our website, Working together we can repeal property taxes and provide permanent help for homeowners, senior citizens, farmers and businesses.


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