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 Letters Published in November 14, 2007 Issue



 November 14, 2007 - Letter submitted by Kenneth R. Hunter, Greensboro

In contrast to the letter from Mr. Tim Hensley, I think you are doing an outstanding job. That is only my opinion. A fact that apparently eludes Mr. Hensley, else he would realize that an article published under the heading "Banner Perspectives" is also just that, an opinion. He was correct about the voters being smart enough to choose for themselves, however, as evidenced by the election results for Knightstown town council - a fact that Charles A. Beard school board members may want to remember. If some of them don't change their ways, they will be the next ones to lose their elected positions.

Americans are finally remembering what power the vote holds. Let us all remember that power and never forget it again! We voted these people in office to represent us, and if they fail in that duty, it is OUR duty to vote them out as well.



 November 14, 2007 - Letter submitted by Joe Mueller, Knightstown

What a great day Election Day 2007 was for Knightstown!

We have a lot to be proud of in this town. First of all, the proud citizens who stood up and used their right to vote to vote out a do-nothing board and vote in three of the best people to be on the town council for a long time. In a few years, we'll have a chance again to get rid of the last two of the "good ol' boys." Or maybe they will do the right thing and just quit after the first of the year.

We also need to remember, all of us, to vote in the next school board election in May. We can make a change with CAB, just as the voters did in Knightstown.

The second thing we have to be very proud of is our little local small town newspaper - The Banner. In the time in our country when the truth is not so truthful from people in office, it is really good to have a newspaper that reports the news as they see it - not the way some people or a group of them want it reported. They even endorsed candidates just like the big city papers do. It's all called Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press. Again, I say great job on reporting to The Banner and Mr. Cox. Without them we would only know what the town council and school board tell us, and we all know they think it's none of our business, even though they work for us, the citizens.

I'm very proud to say I live in Knightstown, and that I'm part of the great citizens in it.



 November 14, 2007 - Letter submitted by Terry Guerin, Town Council Member-Elect, Knightstown, Ward 4

I want to thank all of you citizens who voted in last week's election, and, of course, a special thank you to all of you who voted for independent candidates. Independent candidates win elections only when sizable numbers of Democrats and Republicans break tradition and vote outside their respective party lines.

I was encouraged when I saw what was happening across the state. Citizens were letting politicians know that business as usual was no longer acceptable. They were letting politicians know that they felt ignored and they needed to be mindful of who they represented and why they were elected.

I hope this is a small part of a much larger phenomenon we began to see on November 6, and I hope it continues beyond next year's election. You need look no further than Indianapolis to see what I am talking about. To quote Lou Dobbs in his latest book, Independents Day: Awakening the American Spirit, "America can no longer tolerate inadequate and incompetent leadership nor can we any longer tolerate our own indifference, apathy and cynicism."

I invite all of you to hold us accountable when we begin our terms of office. If we stray, be vocal. Be involved - participate! While many of you voted, less than half of the registered voters in Knightstown actually voted. If we are to move forward, we need your help.

I want to give a special thank you to David Glenn, Nate Hamilton and Cort Swincher for their service to our community, and I hope they continue to be involved as we move forward. We all maintained a good rapport during the campaign, which speaks well for us all.

Finally, I want to thank Judy Haines and the town election board for the efficient election process they instituted.



 November 14, 2007 - Letter submitted by Carissa Brammer, Knightstown

Since the beginning of the 2007-2008 school year, I have had the pleasure of substitute teaching in a fifth-grade classroom at Knightstown Intermediate School. The opportunity became available due to a maternity leave in the school. I recently completed this temporary position at the end of the nine-week grading period, providing me a fresh perspective of life at KIS.

Although this was my first real assignment as a real teacher, I began substitute teaching within the corporation during the 1990-2000 school year while I was in my undergrad at Indiana University. Although I was a business major, I truly enjoyed working in the schools and seeing the children each day. I also worked as an instructional assistant during two school years at Knightstown Elementary School. It was during that time that I knew I had to find a way to become a teacher. Just last spring, I completed one of the state's transition-to-teaching programs, aimed at helping those who have bachelor's degrees in areas outside of education become licensed classroom teachers.

By the time summer was winding down and August rolled around, I found myself very frustrated that I did not yet have my own classroom. Little did I know that God had a unique plan in store for me. This temporary position gave me the opportunity to spend nine weeks with a very special group of little people. During the two years I worked at KES as a teaching assistant, I worked with this same group of students. This was the group that encouraged me to become a teacher and cheered me on along the way. Just a year ago, they often joked that perhaps I could teach fifth grade at KIS when I finished school. I assured them the possibilities of that happening were very slim, but unbeknownst to me, that would happen, if just for a short time. These old friends were just the kids to initiate my teaching endeavors. I came away with confidence that no other opportunity may have been able to provide. I was very fortunate to have them both then and now, and they will always hold a special place in my heart.

Not only did having these familiar little faces make this experience an exciting adventure each day, but working at KIS made it even better. There is something quite extraordinary going on within its walls although I cannot quite put my finger on it. Perhaps it is Mr. Scheumann's, leadership. The kids love him. The teachers truly admire and respect him. Mr. Scheumann is a rare find. Perhaps it is the teachers who have been watching students go through this corporation for 30+ years, a few of which I had myself. Fifth-grade teachers, Mrs. Judy Stevens and Mr. Eddie Vincent, were my greatest assets each day. They know everything about fifth grade! Perhaps part of it is the curriculum. KIS is using the same math and language curriculum that I used during my student teaching at one of the state's most successful public school districts. Being a KHS grad, it could even be the nostalgia of working at my former high school. The locker I opened for four years stood right outside my classroom.

Although no one thing stands out alone, I know that what l will truly miss the most is the camaraderie that runs through the hallways of KIS. It is a rare opportunity to see coworkers support and encourage each other the way they do. There are no division lines. There are no outsiders. Everyone is a member of this family, from the principal's office to the janitor's closet. As corny as that may sound to someone who knows little about KIS, I know I am not the only one who feels that way. A few weeks ago, I was sitting among other teachers at lunch when one of them asked Mr. Scheumann to sit down. This teacher told Mr. Scheumann that he just wanted him to know what a great place KIS was to work. He even said in all of his years of teaching, he had never wanted to get up and go to work like he does today. He credited Mr. Scheumann for making KIS what it is, but Mr. Scheumann claimed it was a team effort. I think they were both right. It was then I realized that KIS was not just an illusion of what I wanted it to be. It truly is a great school!

I think we are all aware that our school corporation has had more than its share of problems over the past couple years, but are we all aware that within our schools, we have wonderful people and wonderful children doing amazing things! I realize that my perspective grew from my nine-week experience at KIS, something most of you will never have the opportunity to reflect upon; however, I am not alone in how I view KIS and many other schools. The best stories are not usually found on the front page of the paper, the top story of the evening news, or the school board agenda. I realize that property taxes, personnel issues, pending litigation, and other school board matters greatly affect how this community, among others, view this corporation; moreover, I know that budget shortfalls greatly affect and put limits on what the corporation can do. However, those things often have little to do with what or who really counts.

As parents, grandparents, homeowners, taxpayers, and citizens of this community, you have the right to be involved. I just ask that you remember that the best stories are unfolding within the walls of our schools. While the corporation tackles its problems, our classrooms keep on going. Our teachers continue to teach, and our children continue to learn. It is there the most challenging work is taken on. Our children are learning to read and become better writers. They are building character by learning to do the right thing and treat people right. They are dedicating themselves to academics and so many other extra-curricular activities. At the heart of C.A. Beard, I hope you find the pride of its teachers and students, just as I have at KIS. Support your teachers! Support your children! Support your schools! As President JFK once said, education must win the race. Few become winners without the support behind them. I thank KIS, Mr. Scheumann, his teachers and staff, and of course, some special fifth graders for their support.


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