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 Letters Published in November 7, 2007 Issue



 November 7, 2007 - Letter submitted by Brenda Chapple, Knightstown

I was so disappointed with The Banner when I read Ty Swincher's article on "Inside the Chrome Dome." I couldn't believe you printed the dirty word he gave for a cheerleader, and then he uses the vulgar word again in his article. These are not the kind of words I want my teenage grandkids reading and thinking they are OK to use whenever they want. We have enough of this trash on our TV and I hate it and don't watch it, and certainly don't want it in our local paper. I hope you don't allow this to happen again. I will be praying for all of you.



 November 7, 2007 - Letter submitted by Carthage PTO

We, the Carthage PTO, would like to thank all of our donors for a very successful evening at our Chili Supper, Bingo and Talent Show on Saturday night. Thanks to Dave's Meat Market of Greenfield, Dale Lane, Samantha Meeks ANP, Knightstown Tire & Auto, NAPA, Hoosier Outdoor Power, Ivy Wreath, Thumper's Diner, Subway of Knightstown, The Banner, Anytime Fitness of Rushville, Movie Gallery, Elizabeth's Antiques & Collectables, Rushville Pharmacy, Marsh, Denny's Dollar Store, O'Reilly Auto Parts, Public Paint & Wallpaper, Red Brick Antiques, Office King, Davis Auto Parts, Rush County Senior Citizens Center, The Rushville Republican, Knightstown American Legion Post 152, Sandy Jackson, Carthage Auto Salvage, Pavey's Grocery, Gus's Café, Marie's Variety Store, The Pit Stop, and Larry's Saw & Mower Shop. We would also like to thank all the moms that provided the best dessert items, the teachers and Mrs. Heck for their support, Patty Gross for making the best chili, and MaryAnn McKinney and Doug Rogers. A big thanks to all the parents, families and the community for coming out and supporting the school.

Thank you again.



 November 7, 2007 - Letter submitted by John Leisure, Knightstown

When he was running for the Republican nomination for president in 1999, George W. Bush told a close advisor that he believed that God wanted him to be president. I had never given this much thought, but it has occurred to me recently that he may very well have been right. Now I am not suggesting that I know the mind of the Almighty; I am not like Pat Robertson, who asked his followers to pray that God strike down several Supreme Court justices so that the court could be remade in the way he thought God wanted. Ironically, the only justice who died after Pat made his wishes known to God was William Renquist, an arch-conservative. Nor am I in the same league as Oral Roberts, whom God told that if he (Oral) didn't collect $5 million, from his flock, by a set deadline, that he (God) would kill Rev. Roberts. (Now that's what I call a deadline!) I can't compare myself to Jim Baker, who used money collected from his PTL club members to build his dog an air conditioned dog house, and to pay Jessica Hahn hush money to try to cover up accusations of rape. I am not on par with the likes of Jerry Falwell, Jimmy Swaggart, Peter Popov, Robert Tillton or Benny Hinn. There are many pastors out there who would be, I am sure, unwilling to be mentioned in conjunction with these men, but they don't get the national air time and they don't collect the big bucks either so we don't hear much about them. That said, I think that George W. Bush may well have been correct. It is often said that "the Lord moves in mysterious ways." So, isn't it possible that the Creator wanted George to be president, not lead this country to world dominance (this is, after all, the basic tenet of Bush's neocon supporters), but, rather, to teach us, as a country, lessons about hubris, compassion, truthfulness, greed and good stewardship.

A great leader who found himself in the midst of an awful war, when assured by a supporter that his side of the dispute would prevail because "God is on our side," replied, "Let us hope rather that we are on God's side." That man, of course, was Abraham Lincoln.

Only time will tell if people in this country have learned anything from the past seven years, and history will judge us harshly, I fear, if we fail to.



 November 7, 2007 - Letter submitted by Capt. Nate LaMar, Military Academy Liaison Officer (West Point recruiter) for Eastern Indiana, Henry County Council member

In the First Gulf War, I knew all three West Point graduates who died (my speech team-mate, Tommy Bates, '86; my plebe year squad leader, Donnie Tillar, '88; and my classmate Kathy Sherry, '89). In our present war, far more West Pointers have died. My class alone has suffered three casualties, one of whom died.

Tom Deierlein, from White Plains, N.Y., studied Russian, became an Infantry officer, a Ranger, and served with the Berlin Brigade until its 1993 deactivation. He was honorably discharged and became a marketing research executive in New York City. In November 2005, he was recalled to active duty. He was especially surprised, as he was in neither an Army Reserve unit, nor the National Guard. He reported for duty and was sent to Iraq. While assigned to one of Baghdad's most dangerous suburbs, Sadr City, Tom noticed the grinding poverty. He asked friends back home to send him shoes and vitamins for poor, malnourished children. On September 9, 2006, Major Tom Deierlein was shot in the spine by a sniper. He was med-evacced to Germany, then eventually to the Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Center at the Tampa V.A. Hospital, where his wife, Hiwot, originally from Ethiopia, joined him. According to the April 26 issue of Parade, his friends and family back home established the Tom Deierlein Foundation, to continue his good works for the children of Iraq. Miraculously, Tom has almost made a full recovery and hopes to once again walk without a cane. He was even invited to throw out the first pitch at a New York Yankees baseball game this past spring!

Paul Finken, from Earling, Iowa, was one of 10 children and a wrestler. He became an Infantry officer, a Ranger, and served with distinction at Ft. Wainwright, Ark., with the 101st Airborne (Air Assault) Division at Ft. Campbell, Ky., and elsewhere. Within the 101st, Paul served in Iraq with the Curahee unit, the unit depicted in Band of Brothers. In early 2006, NBC News interviewed Paul in Iraq. On November 2, 2006, Battalion Commander Lt. Col. Paul Finken was killed when an IED (improvised explosive device) detonated near his vehicle in Baghdad. Paul left behind his wife and three young daughters. I was unable to attend his funeral, but a classmate who did said, "His funeral began at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. The whole county turned out. The Catholic priest did a marvelous job, and painted a full picture of the son, brother, cousin, uncle, and soldier. The honor guard fired the 21-gun salute. We who are familiar with it know the sound of the M16; we are intimate with it. Having fired it close by to mark the passage of a friend reverberates through your bones, though, and is nothing like firing it on the range or in combat."

Greg Gadson, from Chesapeake, Va., was an Army football player as a cadet, became a Field Artillery officer, and served at Ft. Sill, Okla., the First Gulf War, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Ft. Riley, Kan. On May 7, 2007, as his convoy moved in Baghdad, Battalion Commander Lt. Col. Greg Gadson's vehicle hit an IED. The force of it ejected him. As he laid there bleeding badly, with his legs seriously injured, he recalled thinking, "God, I don't want to die here in this country." He lost consciousness. A sergeant revived him. The last thing he remembered was being med-evacced by helicopter. Four days later, he awakened at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. A week later, his legs were amputated. On July 26, I visited Greg and his wife, Kim, also a classmate, at Walter Reed. He was in good spirits, and was recently moved to Ft. Belvoir, Va., where he works out three to four hours per day. His goal is to walk with prosthetics by next year. According to the Army Times of September 27, Greg gave a motivational talk to the struggling New York Giants on September 22. They went on to win their first game of the season, and gave Greg a football!

Whether an upstate New York blue-blood, an Iowa farm-boy from humble beginnings, or a Tidewater Virginian descended from slaves, my friends and classmates, who have sacrificed so much, are a reflection of our country as a whole, as are our all-volunteer Armed Forces. Do your part. Thank a veteran today!



 November 7, 2007 - Letter submitted by Tim Hensley, Carthage

All I can really say is shame on you. What happened to reporting that is un-biased. I can not belive that you have the nerve to print that you support one candidate over another. How objective is that. Not really. I don't know if you think because you have a corner on the market in the newspaper business in Knightstown that you should print what ever you want. Reporting should be un-biased and not opinionated I realize you have your own opinions but it is wrong to try to use your influence in the media market in a small town to sway voters one way or the other. Do you not think the people of Knightstown and Carthage are not smart enough to choose who are the best candidates to represent our towns. It is bad enough these councils have to deal with your biased, one sided banner perspectives. Is it nessecary to push your views and opinions on us with this type of article. To bad your paper is the only newspaper in Knightstown. I wonder how you would fare if their was some local copetition. I believe your journalistic style would probably change. If I knew you going to print some trash like this I would have wrote this last week. Mr. Wehr and The Banner make a good team. You both really like to sling mud, and kick dead horses. Maybe he should do some opinion articles for you.

Just a little side note for Mr. Wehr the next time you want to bring up someones name in a public arena you need to get your facts straight.


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