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 Letters Published in October 17, 2007 Issue



 Oct. 17, 2007 – Letter submitted by the Kevin Helderbrand Family and Lisa Wrightsman, Knightstown

Just wanting to give a big thank you to all who came and participated in the benefit dinner for Kevin Helderbrand. What a successful evening it was! The crowd that just kept pouring in was very overwhelming. It was nice to see so many friends show up for such a great cause, and the ones we didn't know who came to show their support. What a blessing everyone was!

First, we would like to give a huge thank you to the members of our church, Faith Chapel; to Royal Neighbors of America Chapter 1397 for preparing and serving the meal; to the members of the Philadelphia United Methodist Church for allowing us to use their fellowship hall; and to everyone who helped the night be so prosperous. To all we want to express our gratitude. It was so touching to see so many people pull together for such a worthy cause.

Next, we would like to thank everyone who donated items to our raffle: Kimberly Ailes (not only for donated items, but for running and organizing the raffle - you did a wonderful job); Sue Helderbrand; Ron Helderbrand; Gas America; Mozzi's Pizza; Subway; Hope House Wear House & Thrift Store; and Applebee's. Also, we would like to thank everyone who made baked goods for the bake sale and everyone who brought in desserts for the dinner. Not only do we want to thank the ones who brought in the items, but the ones who bought the items as well. We would also like to personally thank Rhonda Helderbrand and Eric Cox and The Banner for their contributions.

Again, thank you to all who helped make this such a blessed and victorious evening!



 Oct. 17, 2007 – Letter submitted by Dan Webber, Knightstown

I believe that the citizens of Knightstown really need to know that the drug and crime rate is running rampant in more ways than one.

Now is the time for everyone to really get involved and help us get this Knightstown Neighborhood Crime Watch program enacted. Together, we can make a difference and curtail the drugs and other crimes happening in Knightstown.

I am pleading for the people of Knightstown to please get involved. Our first public meeting is going to be Saturday, November 10, at 1 p.m. in the shelter house at Sunset Park. Please attend to hear our ideas for the program and to offer your own. Our goal is to have the Neighborhood Crime Watch program going by February.

If interested, or for additional information, contact me, Dan Webber, at 345-7146, Knightstown Chief of Police Danny Baker at 345-2785 or Jay Stearns at 345-2645.



 Oct. 17, 2007 – Letter submitted by Ronald E. Short, New Lisbon

Once again the fundamental problem in this country reared its ugly head at the last Knightstown Plan Commission meeting. In a meeting open to the public on issues that could impact every citizen in the community, only three people showed up.

It is no wonder that we are losing our freedoms in this country and being taxed beyond reason in Indiana. The overwhelming majority of citizens ignore their duty to be responsible and stand up to their responsibilities, the other side of the coin of freedoms.

What are you doing while you're sitting on your overweight behinds?



 Oct. 17, 2007 – Letter submitted by Gary Snider, suburban Mt. Comfort

The search for a new superintendent for CAB needs input and support from community leaders. The collective mood in the Charles A. Beard community is in turmoil, in stark contrast to days gone by - many days and years ago. The future of the school system is in upheaval, and dissatisfaction with the school board is intensifying. The conflicts, upheaval, lack of trust and dissatisfaction, not promise, is what has entered a crucial period of transition following the recent resignation of a superintendent who was here only one year. CAB is again looking for a replacement for this top position. How is the search going?

This crucial period of transition is perhaps the most important transition in the history of CAB. Hopefully, the process of finding a new superintendent is into full throttle as CAB board members embark on the all-important quest of recruiting a new leader to lead the school system into a period of stability, even prosperity. While the issues facing the next superintendent are numerous and complex, one key element needs to be remembered. The teachers and students have continued to work hard throughout the last few years despite one controversy after another in the school system that, frankly, in my opinion, were brought about by an ineffective administration and a history of recent school boards that have been more interested in giving the superintendent a rubber stamp and neglecting the concerns of those that voted them into office. The teachers should be commended for continuing to teach and keeping the education going.

The new superintendent will inherit the responsibility of restoring trust and dignity back to the school system. While considerable tension still underlies the school system climate, a new superintendent will have the unprecedented opportunity to lead CAB into a new era of cooperation and collegiality. School board members have a big job ahead. To help facilitate the search, board members should include and embrace as many voices as possible from the school community as they proceed toward this crucial appointment. Those in the community that have been critical of the school board should be given an opportunity to participate constructively in the superintendent recruiting process. Under the direction of Board President Fruth, the board should look for ways to mend fences with patrons and taxpayers. It has been the actions, or lack of, from recent school boards that have destroyed the faith community people have in the school system.

Back when CAB was searching to replace Dr. Jester, I had written that I felt former Superintendent Bob Myers needed to be included in this search. I still feel very strongly that his wealth of experience could benefit this search. Former KHS librarian and town philanthropist Peg Mayhill would be another that could add to this search. The Mayhills have done so much for this town, including the saving and preservation of the Academy building and the awesome veterans memorial on the town square. I would also involve Dick Leakey. These three people have served as stewards of this community for many years.

The stakes are high for CAB and the community. All involved must conduct themselves accordingly, and in good faith. If, indeed, the CAB School Board is unable to find a quality superintendent that can right the ship, I firmly believe that strong consideration should be given to the state of Indiana taking complete and full control of the CAB school system.



 Oct. 17, 2007 – Letter submitted by Edith Todd, Knightstown

Too often life seems to move along and I am not always able to identify where and how God works. When I was growing up my family's fortunes were so closely tied to the prosperity of the land that we knew that the rain and the sun were ways in which God blessed our lives. We needed them for food and God provided.

I need to tell you about something that happened to me a few weeks ago; something which can definitely be identified as a blessing from God and maybe a miracle, just for me. The thing which, besides visits from children and grandchildren, really fills my life with joy is joining worship with Raysville Friends Church on Sunday mornings. It is like a beacon of joy waiting for me every Sunday morning. I thought, two weeks ago, that it was going to be taken from me. Something I did on that Saturday disagreed with my back and I thought church would be impossible.

I woke up Sunday morning with my back still hurting knowing then church was out of the question. I got up and showered. As I showered I could feel the pain in my back easing and eventually going away completely. Now you may not think it amazing or miraculous, but it is. Knowing that the God of heaven and earth is intimately concerned with my life with my joy is amazing and miraculous. Knowing what is important to me, being in fellowship with my church family, is important to God lets me know how valuable I am to God and how deeply loved I am.


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