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 Letters Published in September 19, 2007 Issue



 Sept. 19, 2007 - Letter submitted by Family and friends of Cassandra Taylor, "Cassie's Cause"

With heartfelt gratitude, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for the tremendous outpouring of support received during the 2007 Knightstown Fall Festival. We were deeply moved by your words of encouragement and generosity. We are happy to report that your support of "Cassie's Cause" resulted in a donation in excess of $1,100 to the Henry County DARE program.



 Sept. 19, 2007 - Letter submitted by Knightstown FFA Boosters

We would like to congratulate our winners of the Cow Chip Bingo contest during Fall Fest this past weekend. Angie Black $40, OV $30, Susan Hall $30, Jeff Thomas $30 and Grace Temple Church $35.

We would also like to thank Jeff and Tammy Griggs, The Main Attraction and Suzie's Pizza for their donations.

Thanks also goes to the Fall Fest Committee for a great event.



 Sept. 19, 2007 - Letter submitted by Joe Eakins, Indianapolis

I was wondering if anyone cares to guess who has won the majority of the Republican debates over the past few months. Guillani? Romney? McCain? No, no and no. It was Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

You're probably saying, "Who?" That would be understandable since, even though he's hands down won almost every single debate (CNN and Fox News polls, etc.), no one will talk about him. In fact, following the last debate sponsored by Fox, 33 percent of the people polled said they thought Paul won, while the runner up, Huckabee, had just 18 percent. And Paul had been given far less attention by the moderators - asked only three questions in 90 minutes - than say the "top tier" paid-for politicians.

The reason no one in the main stream media will give Ron Paul the attention he deserves is because he is a staunch supporter of the Constitution, and the crooks who run our country right now would have no place in his administration - guaranteed. Of the candidates out there, Republican and Democrat, Paul is the most consistent and honest one there is. But don't just take my word for it. You can learn more about his positions on the issues at

If you've had enough of the same-old, same-old, Ron Paul may be the candidate for you. Help spread the word and give him and his ideas the exposure they deserve.



 Sept. 19, 2007 - Letter submitted by Dave Wyatt, Cassie Patrick, Peggy Riggs, Tammi Dalton and Mick Riggs, Knightstown

The family of Suzanne Wyatt wishes to thank everyone, including family, friends and co-workers, for their cards, food, prayers and support during this very difficult time. Your kindness, consideration and love have been very much appreciated.



 Sept. 19, 2007 - Letter submitted by Knightstown Chamber of Commerce, Hoosier Fall Festival Committee

We were very pleased with the annual fall festival this year and were so thankful to be blessed by so many generous people along the way.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the following: Republic Waste Services for donating the two dumpsters; Rusty Johnson for all his time, help and donation; Mel Matlock and the town crew for the time and help they put forth before, during and after the festival; Team B Design for the time they put into organizing the lip sync contest and for all the publicity on Knightstown Online; the FFA for continuing to provide so much fun during the festival; Hinsey-Brown for donating the chairs and cones; Mike Hinsey for loaning out his tent; Karl Niles and his sound crew for doing another amazing job with the sound system; all of the entertainers for donating their time and talents; Eric Cox at The Banner for all of newspaper coverage; Adam's Enterprises and the Knightstown High School for allowing the banners to be displayed on their properties; Knightstown Police Department for all of their help; Dale Riggs for his help; Grace Temple for being generous with their facility; Chris Edwards and Lisa Mercer for letting us use their side lot; Make A Difference Knightstown for beautifying the square before the event (it looked great); Hancock Telecom for the sponsoring the pumpkin patch; Boondocks Farms for providing the pumpkins for the patch; Ari-West for putting on a great evening concert and for all of their coverage on Hank 97.1 FM; the Chamber for their financial sponsorship; and our entire committee and their spouses, Randy and Hannah Riggs, Rich and Emily McCorkle, Dave and Kay Denney, Ron and VeeAnn Schmidt, Todd and Julia Lawhorne, Mike and Sonja Wells, Darry and Sue Hood, Patti Keesling, and Erin Winters. Without the help and support of all of these people and organizations, this festival would not be possible. Also, thank you to the public for continuing to support and attend this event! We look forward to another great festival next year.



 Sept. 19, 2007 - Letter submitted by Dan Silvers, pastor, Grace Temple

Grace Temple of Knightstown, would like to thank the city of Knightstown Indiana, for allowing us to be a part of this fine community for the past seven years. We now move on to fulfill God's Plan and we also must bid farewell to this fine community.

Our ability for expansion was limited here and in order to be able to increase our effect on community efforts and to be able to expand our facility, we had to find a location that would allow us to do both. This we have found and since the last of July, have been working to establish our base of operations on a parcel of land, which has a building and five acres to expand on.

It is with a heavy heart that we leave the Knightstown area, but we must be active in accomplishing our Father's business … so we must move on.

Our New location is 3005 Broad Street, New Castle. Look for our new website at

Thanks again to all the citizens of Knightstown and our prayers are with you.



 Sept. 19, 2007 - Letter submitted by Don Cliff Wiseman, Middletown

On September 21, thousands of groups and millions of individuals throughout the world will commemorate the 2007 International Day of Peace by dedicating their prayers, thoughts and actions to 24 hours of global cease-fire and nonviolence. This is the fourth year of this observance. Each year more individuals, groups, communities and countries throughout the world are recognizing the significance of one day of peace through prayer, meditation and other forms of spiritual observation. This year's theme is "Peace in Our Communities." To learn more visit the website

Two words and their synonyms that appear most often in the Bible are love and peace! I have read in the Quran and it has some of the most beautiful verses possible about peace.

Everyone should desire peace and you are invited to participate with a prayer and observe a minute of silence at noon on September 21.


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