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 Letters Published in September 5, 2007 Issue



 Sept. 5, 2007 - Letter submitted by Norm Carroll, Knightstown

I recently read an obituary from a family member that lost their son due to an overdose of drugs. In their grief they stated that "he took his own life, but he did not intend to." They went on to say that "he had only done what thousands have either done or will do" (i.e. drugs). These drugs were supplied by so-called friends and/or strangers who have no idea as to the chemistry of the drug and how that chemistry will mix with an individual's own body chemistry. This young man left behind a 3-year-old daughter, and many other family members to grieve their loss.

The light that needs to be shed here is that as a family, or society in general, we CANNOT stand by and watch our loved ones destroy their lives and the lives of their family members by the casual or constant use of drugs. They may not realize or know how much is too much to put in their body and their supplier will not care, because the more that persons uses, the more the supplier can sell. Drugs do not discriminate by race, religion, age, income or the status of you or your family.

We can not remain silent, hoping that someone using drugs will one day wake up and realize the extent of their mistake, and what it has done to those who care about them and love them. Consider those you are hurting because the so called short term "pleasure" IS NOT WORTH THE RISK. Without "hard love" and intervention we can never hope to save someone from destroying their life (and those that love them) by using drugs.



 Sept. 5, 2007 - Letter submitted by Chad Leakey, vice president, Leakey Insurance, Inc.

I guess I have to air my rebuttal to Mr. Bundy's opinion of me in the paper since the "honorable and ethical" president of the Charles A. Beard School Board, Mr. Fruth, cut me off at the August 21 meeting.

First, Mr. Bundy, in his school management experience - all seven months of it - stated that I, who've been in the insurance business 14 years, didn't have enough experience. Well, that speaks for itself. Second, I don't change any client's insurance policy without discussing what the coverage changes are and how they will affect the premium. I remember trying to schedule meetings with Bundy and former Superintendent Dave McGuire to review CAB's insurance, but I got no cooperation from them.

I don't disagree with the changes CAB's new agent, Josh Estelle of the Pfenninger Agency in New Castle, made to the school corporation's policies. I do disagree, however, with any claim that there was no covereage for sexual misconduct or molestation on the current or previous policy. The fact is, any changes made by the new agent could have been made by myself, and likely would have, had Bundy and McGuire met with me to review CAB's coverage.

Finally, Bundy said at the August 21 meeting that I didn't try to take care of coverage issues until there had already been a claim that wasn't covered. I charge that exactly the opposite is true.



 Sept. 5, 2007 - Letter submitted by Gary Snider, Suburban Mt. Comfort

Hello, everyone! As loyal readers of the finest newspaper publication in the Midwest (The Banner), I am sure you remember my past letters to the editor and have probably wondered if and when I would return to writing more. Well, I'm back!

First of all, when Dr. McGuire was hired as superintendent, I made comment to several of my loyal friends from Knightstown that he would never stay and would take the first available train out of Clarkesville (I mean Knightstown) when the first enticing position became available in northern Indiana. Secondly, when he was hired and persuaded the school board that his strength was curriculum and asked them to hire a business manager to handle the many complexities of the monetary issues, I again made comment to people that this was a bad idea. In a school corporation the size of CAB, the superintendent should be the one that is experienced in finances, especially when there's a mess like CAB was in before McGuire was hired.

I have a question for the infamous CAB School Board! If and when you hire a new superintendent and this person wants to handle the finances him or herself, what happens to Business Manager David Bundy? Will you find his position to be irrelevant like the choir teacher and others who were let go last spring? Let me comment regarding ending the choral music teacher's position at the high school and intermediate school. What a dumb and irresponsible move! My 16-year-old daughter is a national award-winning singer, and do you think we would actually move into the CAB district while it has no formal choir program? Because of my leadership and discussing with parents a few years ago options they had, the school board and Dr. Jester were successfully pressured into returning PE to the elementary schools. I really thought when this nonsense about dropping choir was first mentioned by Dr. McGuire that the school board would have the intestinal fortitude to say no. Boy, was I wrong! Therefore, I am once again urging school board members to resign their positions. Once again, I am mentioning Elizabeth Johnson as a possible replacement for a current board member. This lady has an extreme amount of intelligence and courage, as well as the abuility to do what is in the best interest of the kids, while, at the same time, being considerate of the taxpayers.

What about this town board? As I have mentioned before, I really think someone from the town should contact Hollywood about producing a sitcom. It would probably rival Green Acres and become known as The Return to Hooterville! In closing, as I have mentioned numerous times, Knightstown has good and caring people. They are entitled to and deserve professional people working for them and making decisions that are in the best interests of all in regards to the town and school system. In other words, they desperately need and deserve great leadership!


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