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 Letters Published in August 29, 2007 Issue



 Aug. 29, 2007 - Letter submitted by Brenda Chapple, Knightstown

I didn't know if you had ever eaten at the Village Family Restaurant in New Castle (in the Payne Village shopping center off Riley Road, next to the license branch) or not, but I thought you might like to know about it. I thought the food was fantastic and so did my husband. It is a cute little place to take family and friends. They even have TVs set up to watch if you are alone or just don't want to talk.



 Aug. 29, 2007 - Letter submitted by Jamie Maxwell, Knightstown

Last month the CAB School Board approved a new policy that, when it takes effect September 1, will require members of the public who want to speak at a board meeting to sign up at the superintendent's office at least five days in advance. Reasons given for this new policy at last week's (Aug. 21) meeting varied, but the main reason, in effect, is so that CAB officials have time to prepare answers, and not be blindsided by questions they don't have answers to.

The solution to this is simple! Always let individuals speak at public meetings, and if a topic comes up that school officials don't have an answer to, they should simply be honest and say they don't have an answer at that time. Once an answer is found, they should make a follow-up call providing the information and answers to the individuals who had requested it. This was always the norm until all of the controversies with the last administration.

When school board candidates run for reelection, they often say they want to serve the public and make things better. It is now time to follow through with campaign promises! We are fighting in many countries in the world to establish democracy. We need desperately to practice this in Knightstown, U.S.A. CAB School Board members are paid $2,000 per year to listen, work and make wise decisions in the best interest of the whole community. What better way to learn what the community's interests are than to let them speak at meetings?

At the August 21 school board meeting, Board President Mike Fruth called me "out of order" when I tried to address the board because I had not signed up to speak in advance. In doing so, Mr. Fruth apparently ignored the policy currently in the board's policy manual that says all persons present at board meetings will have the opportunity to address the board, even if they haven't signed up in advance. Remember, the new policy doesn't go into effect until September!

My hope is that the present school board will eliminate this ridiculous new rule of requiring people to sign up in advance just to be able to address the board at a public meeting. I am willing to get signatures of other property owners/taxpayers and patrons in this school district who agree that this new policy should be rejected in favor of one that lets all members of the public - even those who haven't signed up in advance - speak during the public comment portion of board meetings. I would like for school board members to please respond and tell me how many signatures they'll require to make this change.

In closing, isn't it ironic that students can be awarded money because their rights of freedom of speech were violated, and yet taxpayers and other citizens cannot speak at a public school board meeting without following CAB's absurd "jump through all the hoops" policy?



 Aug. 29, 2007 - Letter submitted by Neal Hall and Mark Fort, owners, Hoosier Outdoor Power & Farm Supply, Inc.

On Saturday morning, August 18, a lawnmower was stolen from our store in Knightstown. The criminal who stole the mower had not gotten far when Chief of Police Dan Baker saw him run a stop sign. During the stop, Chief Baker noticed our new mower in the back of his truck and began to question the thief, who eventually admitted to the crime.

All of the officers involved have been professional and helpful. We are very appreciative for the job done by KPD, and we would thank them for a job well done.



 Aug. 29, 2007 - Letter submitted by The Family of Roy Adams and Liberty Baptist Church (Dunreith)

We would like to thank and express our appreciation to all those who have given, and will give, to their gospel tract ministry in memory of Roy Adams. God bless you!



 Aug. 29, 2007 - Letter submitted by Linda Stanley, Knightstown

I would like to take this time to say what a difference there is in our police department. Three officers - Derek Hall, David Loyd and Shawn Mullins - went beyond the call of duty and were very professional when a bat got in my house about a month ago. I called the police department to ask for help and was first told that animal control would not come out for this at night, but officers Loyd, Hall and Mullins showed up. Officer Hall asked me if I had an old blanket, and he cornered the bat and got it outside. In the meantime, they got a call and my boxer dog got out and was getting into the police car. She didn't care - she just wanted to go for a ride. Officer Mullins was nice enough to take the time to carry her back to the house for me since I sure couldn't lift an 85-pound boxer. I would have never made it without them. So thanks again, guys, and keep up the good work!


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