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 Letters Published in August 22, 2007 Issue



 Aug. 22, 2007 - Letter submitted by The Family of Cassandra (Cassie) Taylor, Knightstown

We would like to thank everyone for the food, cards, prayers, thoughts, kind words and support after the loss of our beloved Cass. Your kindness was deeply appreciated and we were reminded how many wonderful people there are in our lives. We would also like to say a special thank you to Hinsey Brown. They were such a help and did such a beautiful job, and guided us through a very difficult process with patience and kindness.



 Aug. 22, 2007 - Letter submitted by Bernice Tweedy, Knightstown

The Leakey Insurance Agency, starting with Ted Leakey, and continuing through two successive generations, has been and continues to be a resident, civic-minded and generous member of the Knightstown community. Surely any agreement to move the school corporation's insurance out of town - signed by the superintendent and not OK'd by the school board, on the same day that he submitted his resignation - should not be considered valid. Tell me how a New Castle agency will contribute to our faltering town.

To my regret, I must feel that the school board and the town board do not have the best interests of the local community at heart. There seems to be an unusual amount of dissension among people supposedly dedicated to bettering our school and our town.

Where are the young people of intelligence and foresight among those of our community? Is there an election in our future?



 Aug. 22, 2007 - Letter submitted by Joe Mueller, Knightstown

It seems a few people (very few) think The Banner only prints the bad things that go on in town. Well, those five or 10 people must not read the whole paper, as I do, or they would see there is really a lot of good stuff printed in The Banner - sports and many other things about our schools.

Yes, they do print the things about the CAB School Corporation that aren't right - the closed door meetings, lying about stuff and stealing of funds. If not for The Banner, we would think everything was just perfect in our schools. We wouldn't know about the stealing, the drug problem and the high dropout rate because of all the drugs.

When you have closed door meetings all the time - it's because you have something to hide. When the town goes through six police chiefs in seven years, plus many more deputies, and refuses to tell the public why, it's because they, the council, are doing something wrong and want to hide it.

So, in closing, I say "Good job" to Mr. Eric Cox of The Banner. Without your open-minded reporting we wouldn't know why the school corporation and town are the way they are. Honesty isn't very common these days, but at least we do know The Banner is being honest with us.



 Aug. 22, 2007 - Letter submitted by Abbie Wehr, Carthage

Over the last year the Carthage Park Committee has seen several changes. As of February 2, I was appointed the new park committee liaison. Before that time Jennifer Cooper headed the committee. She abruptly resigned over a tree being donated by a local Girl Scout troop because she was not consulted. She also abandoned the grants that she obtained for new park equipment.

Since her resignation I have picked up the pieces of what was left of the park efforts. The first step I took was to form a committee of two other members. Together we spoke with several people about the direction of the park and they felt that it was a lost cause with the direction of the last committee. The last committee wanted to spend $20,000 and $40,000 with no plan for funding the new park. They even wanted to remove the existing equipment. The new committee felt that there was there was a new direction of revitalizing the existing equipment. There was also enough funds from the grants for more equipment to make the park new again.

With much research I have found and purchased the following: a spring rider bunny; sensori tunnel; teacup merry-go-round; two sand diggers; and new seats for the existing swings. For the new pieces of equipment I consulted several area children on what they would like to see in the park. Before placing the order for the equipment I obtained board approval. I also met with foundation officials to make sure that funds were secure and to let them know what their dollars were going to purchase.

I also have made the park a community effort once again. I would like to thank the volunteers from Walnut Ridge Friends Church who took a Saturday out of their busy schedules and painted the existing equipment. With just a fresh coat of paint the equipment has the newness it once had 30 years ago. I am also working with volunteers to install the new equipment when it comes in so that there is no additional expense to the town for installation.

In last weeks Banner, Council President Rick Bush thanked Jennifer Cooper and Crystal Trueblood for their efforts with the park. This was a paid political ad. I don't understand how he could thank individuals who did not fulfill their commitment to the responsibilities of their appointments. Granted they did obtain the first grants for the park, but they did not carry out the requirements for their completion.

Since this time Rick Bush has also removed me from the park committee. The only direction I was given was to get more grants for the park. I have accomplished this without any assistance from the board. Recently I wrote a grant to Rush County Community Foundation for the purchase of new benches and trash receptacles for the park. I once again obtained board approval for the impending purchase. The only assistance I obtained from Rick Bush was his signature. He didn't even come to the hearing we had at the Rush County Community Foundation. Another member of the park committee was at that meeting and the grant was awarded.

I'm not sure how I did not fulfill my duties as the park liaison. I have done everything that was asked of me and then some. I have brought the community back together about the park, organized volunteers for community service, and obtained another grant. But Rick Bush did not even give me the courtesy of explaining his intentions of taking me off the committee. I have contacted him on several occasions and he will not return my calls. Is this they way you thank someone for doing what is asked of them or is this politics as usual?

If you have any comments on this issue make sure you are heard at the town council meeting on Monday, August 27.


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