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 Letters Published in August 8, 2007 Issue




 Aug. 8, 2007 - Letter submitted by Chad Leakey, vice president, Leakey Insurance Agency, Inc.

Leakey Insurance Agency here in Knightstown has insured Charles A. Beard Schools for over forty years. We have kept the school covered the way they wanted to be, paying claims and giving prompt service. We have worked with CAB superintendents, school boards and school attorneys with success and good relationships during those many years. Dr. David McGuire, Amanda Zurwell, David Bundy and the current school board have been the exception.

While McGuire was able to get the board to OK terminating a teacher and eliminating other positions, he was also successful in terminating us as the school's insurance agent. However, this last act, taken on the same day he turned his letter of resignation, was taken without board approval.

Not only has my family and our agency supported CAB schools through payment of property taxes over the years, we have also donated roughly $40,000 to miscellaneous school events. We have never turned down a single CAB student who has come through our door asking for financial support for their various school activities.

This year we opted to give $7,000 to the "Teddy Bear Master" (TBM) settlement so that the school wouldn't have to, thanks to Dr. McGuire and Amanda Zurwell not taking my renewal proposal which would have covered the damages from that debacle. Since then, Zurwell has been charged with felonies in Brown County and Henry County, and McGuire took off for a new job. Thanks for that!

After the TBM settlement I tried to set up a coverage review meeting with the Indiana Insurance School Team, David Bundy and Dr. McGuire, twice to no avail. But they were surprised when they didn't have coverage for the missing money Amanda Zurwell and her "clone" allegedly took. I guess they have scheduled that coverage review meeting!

No, they decided it would be easier to put all the blame on our agency. Dr. McGuire and David Bundy went to the school board and requested that they be able to take bids and or proposals for the schools insurance and, with obvious less volume, to get an agent of record if needed to obtain these. The board approved the request. Two weeks later I received notice, from Indiana Insurance Company (the company that we have had the school insured with), that Dr. McGuire had signed a letter of record giving the current policies to an out-of- town agent. That must have been like winning the lottery for that agent! After talking to a couple of board members about the insurance being given to another agency, we were told this was not their intention when they approved the bidding request. But the school board didn't rescind McGuire's letter and the insurance has gone out-of-town mid term. Indiana Insurance was bound to accept McGuire's letter and we have no recourse. Despite sending board members a letter about our concerns on June 12, not one board member responded.

My dad, Dick Leakey, was told by School Board President Mike Fruth that we could speak at the July 2 board meeting. Although we attended, our presence was ignored and we were not allowed to address the board. Fruth told Dad after the meeting that he had meant we could talk to board members after the meeting. We didn't go for that , though, because we believed it might be illegal for us to share our concerns with the board after the meeting had adjourned. We want to be up-front and honest with our feelings about this issue.

We were told after the July 2 board meeting that we would have the chance to bid for the upcoming renewal that starts January 1. The only problem is the company that provides CAB's coverage, Indiana Insurance, has now been assigned to an agency in New Castle. I suppose if the school board has any desire to promote local business within the school corporation's boundaries, it could reassign our agency as CAB's agent of record.



 Aug. 8, 2007 - Letter submitted by Joe Mueller, Knightstown

I want to thank everyone for your calls and for stopping me in the store, or even those who stopped by my house to respond to my letter to the editor a few weeks ago (The Banner, July 18). It seems I'm not by myself about my feelings for the town council and junk cars. But, I must tell you, the people of Knightstown, there is power in numbers.

August 15 at 7 p.m. is the next town council meeting, and it is open for all to come. Make your voice heard - stand up and make your complaint. If you have junk cars or car parts or weeds in your alley or at the house or lot next to you, show up and be heard. I'll be there.

Also, be sure to get registered to vote. You don't want to miss the election this fall. For the first time in 20 years, the Good Old Boys have some very smart, honest and good people running against them, candidates who will be elected by the people for the people. After all, they work for us, the citizens. So step up, get ready to vote and be at the next council meeting. They have to listen to you. See you there.



 Aug. 8, 2007 - Letter submitted by James Ramsey, Alexandria

John Kenneth Galbraith believed "Economies destroy societies, and governments destroy economies." Galbraith's insight AND A SIMPLE ANALYSIS, forms the basic strategy of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is of such a recognizable certainty, it should cause alarm throughout our Republic. The war without a cause now has a real and identifiable reason.

The pillage by NAFTA, CAFTA, outsourcing and trillion (unaccounted for) dollar cash (350 tons of $100 bills) give-away of our technology, trillions borrowed from Japan, China, Korea to devalue our currency support the economist's view. What economist Galbraith said, eliminates any doubt about the intent or outcome of a two-party system, turned one, that has methodically become a paradise for greed by domestic enemies.

Perhaps the greatest tragedy of this diversion of tax money is that it is anchored in 17 tons of blood that has so far bled over 3500 soldier American soldiers to death in Iraq.

Sen. Obama stated he supports "the separation of church and state, (thus also church and school). With due respect Senator, you cite a documented clause from the constitution of the former Soviet Union. And in your address, claiming a religious importance to your life, name your religion (denomination) and how the loss of 225 tons of blood, because 45 million babies suffered abortion and never became adults, is a Christian value.

In conclusion, why with a vast consumption of our economy by both parties to support foreign good, in the large view why should we not believe the object of all the signs of A MALIGNANT leadership: open borders vulnerable to wire cutters, give-away seaports, and (3rd time) genocide in Iraq, from the hands of the worst congress (109th) and president in our history, cause the most inept voter to believe the object of it all is not the destruction of the United States. Of course it is unthinkable to believe this country has subversive and elected domestic enemies that hate our republic enough to plot our destruction. Right Senator Clinton? Senator Clinton I refer to a Walter Cronkite interview wherein you stated you supported a "One Government World". What have you and those standing beside you accomplished in pursuit of the "New World Order" one government world? Have you and those standing beside you, ever been members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) or received campaign assistance in any form from the CFR?


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