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 Letters Published in July 18, 2007 Issue



 July 18, 2007 - Letter submitted by Linda Glenn, Assistant Office Manager, Town of Knightstown

Is it not a reality that news of any kind can make or break a person, business or even a community? Does it not depend on what kind of slant or perspective that the press chooses to use to write about that person, business or community? It most certainly does!

Our local newspaper has the responsibility of reporting on all events within our community yet it chooses to most report on two boards that govern, the school and the town. It seems as if the school has had enough as most of the top officials have now moved on. And now the town council is under fire for not revealing all the facts it uses to govern. What the paper does not care about is how their rhetoric is tearing apart our once peaceful town. It only seems to care about sensationalizing anything and everything to their best effort to sell newspapers. It does not care about the people who have chosen to do a thankless job for very little compensation.

They sit back and then have become judge and jury over events that have occurred and it is so easy in retrospect to say that someone did something wrong or it should have been done differently. The paper cannot know and most times they should not know the circumstances which led to a decision made. If everything was put out there for the public concerning employees, the boards could be sued for infringements on that employee’s privacy. So, concerned citizens of the town, please take the perspective with a grain of salt or sugar if you wish as it may help you swallow all the negative things being written about our town.

How about the paper telling or printing pictures of some good things our people do as well; such as the many volunteers that put in lots of time and energy for the betterment of our community. Those people are out there and need to be recognized. The paper has ignored Jubilee Days, Boy Scouts, the dedication of the new fire department and many other events which are a benefit to our town.

With so much negativity, it is no wonder people do not want to relocate here or that a new business would want to relocate here. Oh yes, the local paper will tell you that they are doing a service to the residents and praise themselves for a job well done, but now it is time to do something positive and try to find the good along with the bad and express that our town is basically a pretty good place to live.

(Editor’s Note: It should be noted that Glenn, the assistant office manager for the town of Knightstown, is the wife of Town Council President David Glenn.

A few other issues must also be clarified:

1. Can you imagine how busy The Banner’s three-man team would be if we covered all events in the community? We do the best we can with three people.

2. 2. We print the truth. Sometimes it hurts.

3. Glenn points herself out as a town employee who thinks the public “should not know the circumstances that led to a decision.” The Banner is and always will be a proponent of open government.

4. Anyone who thinks we don’t cover “the good things” isn’t reading the paper.

The Banner would love to hear from more readers on this issue.)



 July 18, 2007 - Letter submitted by Cort Swincher and Valerie Trump, Knightstown Town Council members

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Knightstown Chamber of Commerce for hosting the Knightstown Town Council Forum. At the same time, we would like to apologize to the Chamber and the community for not being able to participate. Public access laws prohibit us council from appearing as a quorum in an official capacity without public notices being posted by the town. President David Glenn and Vice President Nate Hamilton represented the town council so the forum could continue.

Congratulations to the Chamber for hosting a great event and, hopefully, one that will become annual.



 July 18, 2007 - Letter submitted by Joe Mueller, Knightstown

How much longer are the voting citizens of this town going to let this town council get by with the inappropriate way they run this town? They do what ever they want and then tell us it’s none of the citizens’ business and they don’t have to tell what they do behind closed doors. They hire and fire people but don’t say why. The only reason for meeting behind closed doors, as I see it, is they’re doing something that isn’t right or not legal.

If they are elected by the people to represent the people, then they must answer to the voting citizens. And there is one of the problems right there. Not one of these five was elected to their seat on the council. They have all been selected by the “Good Old Boy” system (each other), also called a dictatorship. Aren’t we fighting a war in country right now that had a dictator? He also did what he wanted and answered to no one – much like our town council does here. And in the last 16 years I’ve lived in the town limits, I’ve never been able to vote for a councilman. Why? Because that’s the way they want it.

A few months back, you may remember I complained about junk cars. There is a law on the books that states no car or truck without current plates – it also states car parts – may be on streets or private property more than 72 hours. They must be inside, out of sight. After going to the police department and telling them and the town council president, David Glenn, about it quite a few times over a 23-week period, I went to a council meeting. Councilwoman Valerie Trump, who had some of these cars on her property, said she didn’t think the town had an existing ordinance that applied to her situation.

Well, after the next few weeks of stopping about every day to ask why they weren’t moved, the last day I talked at some length with Mr. Glenn and Councilman Steve Nelson. They said they would do something. As I left that day, Councilman Nelson followed me outside. He said, “Joe, I hate to see you get hurt over this.” He warned me he had heard I might get hurt if I didn’t drop this whole thing. I informed him I didn’t scare easy and would drop nothing. Within the next few days, Mrs. Trump’s junk cars were ticketed and later moved along with some others in town. Oh, did I mention the officer that tagged those cars of Mrs. Trump’s was Officer Lane, who was fired several weeks ago for reasons the council wouldn’t reveal?

Now, Councilwoman Trump has brought back come of the same cars, which have no up-to-date tags and are not moving. About three weeks ago, I went to the police station to call this to the attention of Chief Patterson. Councilman Nelson was also there, as he is almost every morning, trying to run things the way he thinks they should be run. The chief said he would take care of it. Well, now Chief Patterson has left, after having enough of the council.

Everyone on this current town board should step down. Let’s have an election by the people for the people. Don’t you think six police chiefs in seven years is too much? It’s time we citizens of Knightstown stand up for what is right. It’s time for us to fire all five of the “Good Old Boys” and get what we pay for. That’s right – our tax money is paying each one of their salaries.

Come on people! Get off your butts and be at the next town council meeting on Wednesday, July 18. Let your voice be heard.

I’m sure this letter will bring more threats from some council members, but oh well. In my opinion, and as Mr. Nelson likes to say, we’ll “investigate” it. This town council is totally incompetent and should be investigated by the state police or some outside body, and everyone of them needs to step down.


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