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 Letters Published in April 25, 2007 Issue



 April 25, 2007 - Letter submitted by Susanah Hatton, Knightstown Intermediate School fifth grader, Knightstown

This is about the school and classes thing. They think they can get away with stealing, or in other words taking away choir, music, band, art, drama club and other activities. I feel it's all important. It builds character. So, my father John Hatton and I are going around with a petition and are asking people to sign it. The petition is about having to keep these activities. Yesterday, my father and I collected 114 signatures for our petition. Our goal is to get 100 a day. We will add them up on Saturday or Sunday. We thank you so much for reading and supporting these programs.

(Note - The Charles A. Beard Memorial School Corporation voted at its April 17 meeting to give its superintendent permission to issue official notice to five employees - one of which was the vocal music teacher for the high school and intermediate school - that their positions are being recommended for elimination, or reduction in force (RIF). The school board is expected to vote in May on whether to follow through with the cuts. Superintendent David McGuire told the school board at the April 17 meeting that if the vocal music teaching position is eliminated, some kind of choir program may be able to continue as an extracurricular activity. Neither McGuire nor the school board identified band, art, the drama club or other extracurricular activities as targets for further cuts. - Editor)



 April 25, 2007 - Letter submitted by Don Villwock, president, Indiana Farm Bureau

For the first time in many years, it now appears that the Indiana General Assembly is poised to make real and meaningful reform in this state's complex, complicated and convoluted property tax system. I am sincerely encouraged that our legislative leaders are talking together about a plan that would: * Remove school general fund from the property tax rolls;

* Give local units of government the option to increase income taxes; and

* Create a local review board to evaluate large public building projects.

I want to urge the members of Indiana Farm Bureau, as well as all citizens, to contact their legislators and urge them to vote in favor of real property tax reform.

Our property tax system is broken. It cannot be fixed. It must be replaced. If it is not, farmers, homeowners and property taxpayers face the unwanted prospect of ever-increasing property taxes that could eventually force property owners to sell, rather than invest in, their property.

Now that legislators from many areas of Indiana are talking seriously about property tax reform, those same legislators need to hear from you. You don't need to be a property tax expert to talk about property taxes.

All you need to do is tell your state representative and state senator how today's property taxes are affecting your pocketbook. That's a message they can easily understand.

To contact your state representative, call toll-free, 800-382-9842. To reach your state senator, call 800-382-9467.

Working together, we can finally achieve the worthy goal of moving away from property taxes.


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