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 Letters Published in March 21, 2007 Issue



 March 21, 2007 - Letter submitted by Ronald E. Short, Knightstown

On Sunday, March 11, I attended a piano concert at the Knightstown Friends Church given by Nicholas Shaneyfelt. I was greatly impressed by his performance, to say the least. I was somewhat depressed by the turnout.

Since I am not well versed in music, I sought the opinion of Knightstown's resident music lover, historian and critic, Max "Squire" Avery. Max rated the performance "tremendous" and said the Nicholas was "on the same level as the best pianists (he had) heard perform with the Indianapolis Symphony."

Once again, the raging apathy and unawareness that exists in this dysfunctional remnant of a community has been demonstrated. This performance should have packed the largest auditorium in the area, and if Nicholas chooses to pursue a piano career, I believe this personable young man will pack much larger facilities than anything Knightstown has to offer.

But those who did attend this wonderful, inspirational performance showed a great appreciation. And a fine time was had by all.



 March 21, 2007 - Letter submitted by J. Miller, Knightstown

In my February 14 letter to the editor, I wrote, like others, in response to what I thought was much to do about nothing, and, like others, I felt what it was that I had to say. I never dismissed anyone's right to say what they wanted, even if I didn't agree with it. I do not apologize for what I said, nor does anyone posing as the conscience of the town morality have the right to do it on my behalf, as I am fully capable of doing that myself when I feel it's necessary and just. I do feel, however, that I must respond to what was said of myself, something that was an outright LIE!

In the February 21 Banner, Jeri Flowers said in her letter to the editor that I "was ashamed of this town." Well, first, I was more than happy to move to Knightstown when I did and I cannot begin to tell you how many truly nice people there are in it. The way people go out of their way to help their fellow neighbors, the waves, holding doors - this is truly a friendly town! I graduated from Knightstown High School in 1990 and I knew that I had to come here to stay and soon. I strongly believe that when it comes to shopping and just being around the town, I definitely do my best to keep it local. I have, from time to time, participated in celebrations and events that involve the town and try to remain as active as one can in all town aspects.

Nowhere in my letter to the editor did I ever state that I was ashamed of this town. I stated, "If I wasn't so embarrassed as a member of this community, I would be laughing." Clearly, that was solely directed at the school corporation for what I and others who actually viewed the DVD thought was a clear knee-jerk and over-reactionary response to what would have been better settled with an apology rather than unnecessary court involvement that taxpayers will ultimately pay for.

An opinion that doesn't agree with mine doesn't necessarily become useless; nor should it be kept quiet. However, there are those out there who would love to control what you say and how you say it. Is this Shanghai or Knightstown?

I intend to, as Ms. Flowers put it in her letter, "grace" this town that I love with my presence. You can be scared and nobody in the whole world can tell you whether or not you are justified in being so. But if one were to believe in the gremlins and boogie mans of the world, it doesn't bode any instructional stability to a young mind, if this happened to be an adult.

Like it or not, the boys with their movie of toys is a settled matter. At the end of her letter, Ms. Flowers said that if the four students who made the video had been her boys, their "asses would still be sore." Well, as I see it, the only sore a** in this whole lie made about me being ashamed of Knightstown is Ms. Flowers, who clearly did not read my letter closely.


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