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 Letters Published in March 14, 2007 Issue



 March 14, 2007 - Letter submitted by John Butler, Knightstown

Am I a hostage of Knightstown, or naive?

Experts say that 40-45 percent of adults in our community travel 30-plus miles everyday to work. This gives them an opportunity to shop around. I'm retired and have no reason to travel outside of K-town. Therefore, I must be part of the other 55-60 percent.

Shortly after all the doom and gloom weather broke, I drove to New Castle for business. There, I realized I needed gas. Nearly every gas station showed a 23 cent per gallon savings from the four gas stations in Knightstown. Upon seeing this savings, I questioned my philosophy of "If you live, then buy here."

I still believe in supporting our local businesses, but perhaps I'll drive to New Castle for a fill-up. Perhaps if our four gas stations would compare to New Castle prices, this writer might give 100 percent support towards our dying town.



 March 14, 2007 - Letter submitted by The Jones Family, Judy Fearin, Knightstown

Baby Juniper Jones is improving and healing well from her burns.

The Jones family would like to thank the community for all their kindness, donations, prayers and concerns.



 March 14, 2007 - Letter submitted by Barb Mofield, Chair of Euchre Party, Psi Iota Xi

Psi Iota Xi would like to thank the merchants and businesses of the Knightstown area who helped make the Psi Iota Xi Euchre Party a success.

Thanks go to Bittersweet Memories, Corner Bakery, Ernies, Firehouse Café, Gus Café, Gas America, Gas Grill, Good's Candy, Ivy Wreath, Karen's Kreations, Knightstown Laundry and Cleansers, Knightstown Pizza, Knightstown Tire & Auto, Knightstown Thrift Store, Kozy Kabin, Main Street Threads, Mary Alice Collins-Home Interiors, Marty's Tire & Auto, Napa Auto Parts, National Road BP, Pavey's, Post & Post, R. J.'s, Suzy's Pizza, The Banner, The Mane Gathering, The Shear Shack, Top Ten Video & Tanning, White Flash Auto Parts, and Younique Salon.


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