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 Letters Published in December 20, 2006 Issue



 Dec. 20, 2006 - Letter submitted by Nancy Watts Bland, Casper, Wyo.

I have just read an article on 180 years of war involving the U.S. It looked back at how much politics and government were involved and how little was reported to the public in order to ensure and nurture the greed, control and self interest of a few.

The results have caused a huge ugly boil on us, our country, our freedoms and the world. The boil has grown swiftly of late. We were shocked and deliberately frightened by those in control. Then we were soothed by being encouraged to renew our faith. In what? Outwardly it appeared to be religion, yet just another intrusion of government into our rights. Do not fool yourself - there will never be total agreement in the world, but our choices do matter.

This painful boil came close to being lanced this last election. I was encouraged by the number of first time voters. They understand they have the privilege to vote, yet they also have boils. All of us must understand that.

Privilege has an attached twin attached named Responsibility. Looking at our government as our employees is our full-time Freedom Protection Job. Donald Rumsfeld was just honored for his years of service to us, complete with two ceremonies - a private one in the White House and the public one at the Pentagon. The history of war article I read was current to the max. Example: Our Government in fear tactic mode, persistently warning of the Bird Flu reaching the U.S. gave the government time to give billions of dollars to Donald Rumsfeld's pharmaceutical company for Tami-flu. Researchers have already shown the drug has no effect on this type of bird flu! No wonder he was strutting like a gobbler as he left this current service to us!

The pendulum between war and peace is always moved by aware individuals accepting responsibility in their lifetimes.



 Dec. 20, 2006 - Letter submitted by Frank M. Pelteson, Las Vegas, Nev.

In early November, an editorial calling for Donald Rumsfeld to be replaced as secretary of defense, showed up simultaneously in the Army Times, Navy Times, Air Force Times, and Marine Corps Times. Distributed to members of the U.S. armed forces throughout the world, these publications stated that President Bush must "face the hard bruising truth [that] Rumsfeld has lost credibility with the uniformed leadership, with the troops, with Congress, and with the public at large."

Only days earlier, Mr. Bush stated that he wanted both Rumsfeld and Vice President Cheney to remain in their posts for the remaining two years of his administration. As he spoke, more troops were being killed and wounded in a war that has degenerated into a civil conflict between Muslim factions competing for power.

Then, one day after the Republicans suffered what Mr. Bush himself called a "thumping" on Election Day, Rumsfeld’s resignation was announced. To replace him, Mr. Bush turned to Council on Foreign Relations veteran and former CIA Director Robert Gates, a move that does not bode well for the troops caught in a civil war between Islamic factions. Iraq is no place for American forces no matter who is secretary of defense.


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