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 Letters Published in November 29, 2006 Issue



 Nov. 29, 2006 - Letter submitted by Ida Knott, Knightstown

This letter is my way of expressing my thanks to everyone who has shown concern and been helpful to me since I had my heart attack on Saturday, October 28. The Knightstown Police Department and Southwest Ambulance Service - these people responded very quickly to our 911 call.

They were all very helpful and handled the situation in such a professional and compassionate way, especially the EMT and paramedic who rode in the ambulance while I was being transported to Hancock Regional Hospital.

To the friends and neighbors who visited, brought in food, sent cards, planters, flowers, made phone calls and helped in any way they could, especially my friends at MainSource Bank - thanks to all of you, and for your prayers.

To my family - my husband, my son and daughter, daughters-in-law, nieces, nephews, my sister, brother and brother-in-law - thanks to all.

Thanks also to my church family at First Christian Church, and my minister, Richard Thayer, for his visits with me at the hospital and our home.

Now, for a short update, I spent four days at Hancock Regional, where I was stabilized with medication. Then, after all tests were completed, I was transferred to St. Vincent's, where I underwent a type of surgery consisting of three stents being placed in an artery leading to my heart. I came home November 1. After resting for a few weeks, I will go through a cardiac rehab program. Then, hopefully, I'll be on my way to a complete recovery.

I want to say thanks to everyone. God bless, and I love you all.



 Nov. 29, 2006 - Letter submitted by The family of Warren Gregory, Knightstown

Thank you so much for the prayers, cards, phone calls and all the loving concern shown to our family during Warren's illness and passing. We appreciate all the nice things that were done for us. Knightstown is a good place to live, as people really do care.



 Nov. 29, 2006 - Letter submitted by Chanda Hastings, clerk-treasurer, Town of Kennard

I would like to thank everyone who helped with the decorating and lighting of the tree in front of Kennard Town Hall. I appreciate the support and donations from the community churches, Kennard Baptist, Kennard Christian and Kennard Friends. Special thanks to Hudson Tool Rental for the discounted rental rate for the lift. Thanks to all who volunteered time, lights and ornaments - the 39-foot tall tree looks great!



 Nov. 29, 2006 - Letter submitted by Mervin D. Kilmer, president, Hoosier Gym Community Center of Knightstown

Many people believe that Knightstown has a gem: the Hoosier Gym. It may be a diamond in the rough, but nevertheless it is a thing of beauty and great value. Many residents of our town may not realize its true value, or they may even take it for granted. It's understandable because the gymnasium has been standing 85 years, longer than most of us have been alive.

The town of Knightstown, which owns the Hoosier Gym, carries insurance on the property based on an appraised value of more than $1 million. In another sense the gym's value is priceless, for it is impossible to calculate what the facility means in terms of memories and historical significance. Furthermore, it is valuable as a convenient and suitable meeting place for families, organizations, teams and youth groups. The town has entrusted the board of directors of the Hoosier Gym with the responsibility of maintaining the building and grounds and making it available for community functions. That may be its primary purpose.

However, as a result of the movie Hoosiers, the gym has become a tourist attraction, drawing individuals, families and groups from across the nation. All of this places additional responsibility on the directors to keep the building in good condition and to make it available to those who want see and use it.

I wish to thank all of you for your support and help as we prepared for and experienced the Hoosiers 20-year anniversary and celebration in June. The event was a huge success, and the credit was largely due to the work of the directors and volunteers from the community. The success of the celebration brought more attention to the gym, which has generated increased requests for use and heavier tourist traffic. This means more time and attention be given to the facility to meet these needs.

This brings me to the purpose of this letter, which is to express my concern for how we can best preserve, protect and use this gym now and in the years to come. The challenge of the directors and the community is: How can we continue to care for the gym?

To help focus on this challenge, the following questions need to be addressed:

*What is the role (responsibility) of the board and its individual directors?

*Should the duties and expectations of the officers be clearly defined?

*Whose responsibility is it to handle the scheduling of events; empty waste cans, remove bagged trash and replace liners; unlock/lock doors before and following events; do minor maintenance like replacing lightbulbs; take care of floor, bleachers and rest rooms (towels, tissue, unplug stopped toilets, etc.); care for the building's exterior, including clearing sidewalks, downspouts and window wells; arrange for and schedule greeters to welcome visitors; order and display merchandise; respond to legal matters, including notices, reports and inquiries; work with the county commissioners on completion of the bus restoration project; stock and display concessions; receive and deposit monies; supervise use of tables, chair and floor covering; and work with Head Start program personnel.

There are probably more chores that need attention from time to time. The tasks are beyond any one person's capability, and more than the board of directors can accomplish effectively. Managing what has already become a big job will require additional volunteers to share the load. With the help of civic-minded individuals, I am certain we will continue to care for the million-dollar gem in our town.


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