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 Letters Published in November 15, 2006 Issue



 Nov. 15, 2006 - Letter submitted by Neil T. Atwell, Knightstown

I read Jay Tweedy's letter to you last week and I agree with him in part. I know Jay and I can say he has always treated me with respect and dignity. I believe he is sincere and very concerned with our society.

The part I take issue with is his denunciation of just the Republican Party and the direction our country is going.

What do you expect of our politicians when these politicians have sat in churches, from Bill Clinton to Mark Foley, and witnessed our religious leaders, from the Catholics bishops and their priests to Ted Haggard, Jim Baker and Jimmy Swaggart.

We don't have a political problem - we have a moral problem!

The Bible teaches that in the Last Days these types of problems will be present and will get a lot worse.

The answer to our moral problem is Jesus Christ. Our religious leaders have abandoned their post for the sake of the world and seek self satisfaction. Why do we expect more from our politicians?

I hope I can continue to seek Jesus Christ and the Salvations. He offers solutions over worrying about the political correctness of the present age.



 Nov. 15, 2006 - Letter submitted by Darla L. Hoffman, Greenfield

This letter is to personally and publicly inform the owner and staff of the Hinsey-Brown Funeral Home located on State Road 109 north of Knightstown, that it was my mother's funeral procession they so rudely, unprofessionally and maybe illegally stopped on November 7 while our funeral procession was en route to Knightstown's Glen Cove Cemetery.

The hearse carrying my mother's remains was leading the procession with lights blinking. There was a long line of cars in our procession behind the hearse with not only their headlights on, but some also used flashers, when suddenly a man with a red, hand held stop sign walked out into the middle of the highway in front of our hearse and held up the sign. Our entire procession had to stop so the Hinsey-Brown funeral procession could pull out onto the highway. My mother's funeral procession not only had the right of way, but the right not to be interrupted or brought to a stop on State Road 109 just so the funeral procession that was departing Hinsey-Brown could pull out in front of us. I have never seen a more unprofessional and disrespectful act, especially by a member of the funeral profession.

To the owner and staff of the Hinsey-Brown Funeral Home near Knightstown: Your lack of compassion and professionalism helped make what was a very difficult day for me even more difficult. Your disrespect will not soon be forgotten.


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