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Mike Redmond Column

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 After Detroit, Baghdad Not So Bad

My brother P.D., known to the rest of the world as Patrick, is out in Lost Angeles (and yes, I meant to spell it that way) covering the manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, the Michael Jackson doctor.

He’s a video journalist running a remote camera in the courtroom. Basically, he sits in another room watching video and making camera adjustments with a joystick. Welcome to the exciting world of Bigtime Courtroom Journalism.

If you’ve seen any of the trial video – I keep meaning to watch it but somehow it always manages to slip my mind, probably because I’m doing something productive – and you see video of the defendant sitting at his defense table looking defensive, then you are watching my brother’s “work.”

For this I helped him get started in journalism and get through college. Where oh where did I go wrong?

Patrick/P.D./Hey You followed me into the newspaper business, which wasn’t exactly original, seeing as how I followed a path blazed by our father (also named Patrick, which shows yet again that we Redmonds need to find something else to do.)

He was doing ok as a photographer and writer – he was no Mike Redmond, you understand, but then again, most days, neither am I -- when suddenly he decided he wanted to shift gears. Television, the Wicked City Woman of American Journalism, had wiggled her hips and enticed my brother into the wasted life he now enjoys.

I have to admit it has taken him some interesting places. He worked for several years in Detroit, which I liked because you can get really good Polish and Middle Eastern food there, and because the Tigers and Red Wings play there. In fact, there’s a picture of the Red Wings in Joe Louis Arena showing off a freshly-won example of their many Stanley Cups, and if you look closely you can see my brother off to the side with his TV camera. We’re talking brush with greatness here.

He also spent several months in Baghdad. I understand you used to be able to get pretty good Middle Eastern food there. Even so, I wasn’t in any hurry to visit him, especially after he sent the picture of the AK-47 round that came down through the roof of his Government Issue domicile. That one came through email attached to a note that said “Don’t show this to Mom.” He did say, however, that after living in Detroit, Baghdad wasn’t all that frightening.

Anyway, now he’s out in LaLaLand keeping an electronic eye on the Murray trial during the week and exploring the city on weekends. It’s been ages since I was there so I didn’t give him any recommendations. I didn’t think he would be quite as thrilled as I was to find the Ritz Brothers’ handprints at Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

But then he called to tell me about a junk shop he wandered into that had a copy of one of our favorite records from kidhood: Homer and Jethro’s The Old Crusty Minstrels. And he called back later to say he had found Homer and Jethro Live at the Country Club, and that he would bring them home for me. So despite the influence of television, at least he still has respect for the classics.


Maybe I didn’t go so wrong after all.




© 2011 Mike Redmond. All Rights Reserved.