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Mike Redmond Column

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 Quiz Stuff Has Sense of Finality

It’s Finals Time at schools across the country, including the university where I am rumored to be something called a “teacher,” so in that spirit I’ve prepared a little quiz. The subject is … Stuff. Ready? You may begin.


     1. There is nothing wrong with your life that can’t be cured by:

         a. A gazillion dollars.

         b. A really good grilled cheese sandwich.

         c. Penicillin and/or Prozac.

         d. New underwear.

     2. What the world needs now is:

         a. Love, sweet love.

         b. A really good grilled cheese sandwich.

         c. A better class of occupants.

         d. More cowbell.

     3. Time is:

         a. Of the essence.

         b. On your side.

         c. Running out, so call immediately.

         d. Not a very good magazine anymore.

     4. The best way to solve most of the world’s problems is:

         a. Sit down and talk to one another as people.

         b. Sit down and beat each other over the head with shovels.

         c. Serve everyone really good grilled cheese sandwiches.

         d. Give up and start over on another planet.

     5. If Abe Lincoln were alive today, he’d be:

         a. Miffed to find himself on the $5 bill while Grant gets the $50.

         b. Inclined to stay home instead of go to the theater.

         c. Proud of the country, except for the fact that the Civil War isn’t really over yet.

         d. 201 years old

     6. Complete the following quotation: “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask…”

         a. What comes with the Grilled Cheese Basket.

         b. For directions, you big wussy.

         c. If you could hear the question one more time.

         d. By making your final Jeopardy answer in the form of a question.

     7. When faced with a problem, the best response is to:

         a. Click your heels together and say, “There’s no place like home.”

         b. Call my friend Frank, who is really good at problem solving.

         c. Run as fast as you can the other direction.

         d. Fall to your knees, hold up your hands, lift your face to the heavens and say, “My wallet is in my back pocket.”

     8. The end of the world:

         a. Was actually a week ago.

         b. Will probably involve frightening invaders from beyond the stars, such as Christopher Walken.

         c. Will still not see the end of cockroaches and Keith Richards.

         d. Is none of my business. I’m just a visitor here myself.

     9. May in Indianapolis means:

         a. It’s also May everywhere else.

         b. A mulch sale at Farm and Fleet.

         c. Time to get out of town.

         d. Someone named Andretti is going to be in a bad mood before the month is over.

     10. All you really need to know about life is:

         a. It’s easier if you remember to breathe.

         b. Is best if you’re a participant rather than a spectator.

         c. Is way better than the alternative, life with no chance of parole.

         d. Is lived, quite happily, by people who don’t have the tiniest fraction of the so-called success that is giving you ulcers, making your spouse crazy, alienating your children and making you old before your time.


That’s it. If you want to know the answers, don’t ask me. They’re all to be found in yourselves. Now excuse me while I go make a sandwich. You know what kind.



© 2010 Mike Redmond. All Rights Reserved.